7 Amazing Ideas on How to Hide Neighbors Ugly Fence

Are you sick of staring at your neighbor’s ugly fence and wondering how you can hide it? Continue reading because this article will show you how.

Although your neighbor may think their fence is lovely, that doesn’t mean you have to agree. We have different preferences.

But how can you successfully conceal your neighbor’s unattractive fence and avoid having to stare at it every time you step out to enjoy your lovely yard?

We’ve put together this quick guide to show you how to hide neighbors ugly fence, whether it’s missing a slat, has horrible tall wood, has some slightly torn areas, or the entire fence is wide open.

7 Ideas to Cover Neighbours Fence

1. Plants tall trees or hedges 

Planting tall trees, plants, or flowers is one of the best ways to hide your neighbor’s ugly fence.

Similarly, you can plant beautiful vines around the fence to create a lovely sight. Tall plants are the best way to hide an unappealing fence.

You can use both above-ground and underground planters to plant flowers that complement the surrounding area around the neighbor’s ugly fence.

Planting trees or flowers is a cheap and creative way to hide your neighbor’s unsightly fence. The best part is that tall potted plants are inexpensive.

Bamboo, lemongrass, and dracaena are some plants you can plant to improve the appearance of your fence.

2. Trellis

You can also use trellis to hide the area around your neighbor’s ugly fence.

A trellis is a framework for supporting climbing trees, vines, and fruits.

You can improve the appearance of your trellis by growing vines or flowers on it.

Trellis is a low-cost way to improve the appearance of your yard. However, you should be extremely careful about the type of trellis you plant because some can quickly take over your lawn. Here’s the best trellis:

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3. Wooden lattice panels

Installing wooden lattice panels is another low-cost way to conceal an ugly-looking fence. The best thing about wooden lattice panels is that you can cut them to fit any fence style.

You can get your wooden lattice panels in any size you want, but the width is usually 4 feet, and both ends are mitered for a neat appearance. You can also paint them in bright colors to blend in with the surroundings. Check out this wooden lattice panel.

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4. Plant climbing plants

Climbing plants are another excellent way to hide your neighbor’s ugly fence.

Plant vines or climbers that will reach the top of the fence and cover it all up while growing.

Vines and climbers, like trellis, require regular maintenance because they can take over your lawn if not controlled. Some examples of climbing plants include:

  • Passionflower.
  • Star jasmine.
  • Ivy.
  • Wisteria
  • Hops.
  • Honeysuckle.

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Wisteria Covered Fence

5. Living wall cover

If you have a low-hanging fence, a living wall cover may be the best option for you. Living walls are simple to build and can enhance the appearance of a fence during the summer months.

You can also buy lush green ivy ferns to add charm to your home while hiding your neighbor’s fence. Make sure to construct a sturdy frame for your living wall.

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6. Vertical garden 

A vertical garden is another excellent way to conceal your neighbors’ ugly fences.

Although it is similar to a living wall, a vertical garden means that you literally build your garden vertically. You can make a vertical garden by buying a pre-made wall or by doing it yourself.

You can also use flowerpots if you want. You should plant a variety of plant species to improve the aesthetics of the fence.

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7. Build a new fence

If the damage is severe and the ugly fence covers a large surface area, the best option is to construct a new fence over your neighbor’s ugly fence.

Although this method is quite costly, it is well worth it. You should check with your local zoning board to determine the height regulations for constructing a fence before installing the new fence.

In my neighborhood, a residential fence should not exceed 6 feet in height.

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FAQs- How to Hide Neighbors Ugly Fence

How do you hide an ugly shared fence?

Depending on your circumstances, you have a few options to choose from.

Planting vines or flowers on trellis can hide an unattractive fence. Another option is to build a new fence around the shared fence.

Trellis, living wall covers, and hanging plants are some other options for hiding an unsightly wall.

What can I use to hide a fence?

If you want to hide an ugly fence, installing wooden lattice panels is one of the most practical options.

You can buy any size lattice panel and cut it to fit any type of fence, depending on your needs.

You can also paint or stain them in bright colors to blend in with the surroundings.

How can I make my fence taller for privacy?

A tall fence can provide you with additional privacy. If your next-door neighbor’s ugly fence is tall, your tall fence will be the ideal solution to their problem.

Based on your fence’s height and cost requirements, you can choose vinyl, wood, or wrought iron fencing materials.

Use a trellis or a fence topper if you want a tall fence but don’t have enough money.

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It is critical to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to aesthetics.

Depending on what you’re dealing with, the best way to deal with your neighbor’s ugly fence may differ.

However, we hope that the suggestions we’ve shared have given you some new ideas and inspired some creativity. You can create a vertical garden, a new fence, or plant climbing plants, among other things.

You can also use a trellis, a living wall, a wooden lattice panel, or tall plant trees. You now know how to hide your neighbors ugly fence.

Let us know which of these methods piqued your interest the most, and which one you’re most likely to try first.

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