How to Hide Extension Cords on Patio- 5 Awesome Ways

Extension cords are an inevitable part of our life, but no one wants to see them lying around all the time especially on your patio.

Luckily, there are many ways to creatively hide them so you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about how it looks. This blog post will discuss several ways on how to hide extension cords on patio!

Hiding extension cords on your patio is a great way to make the space more inviting and less cluttered. It is important to note that it’s best not to just wrap the cords up and then lay them on top of your patio.

Not only does this leave a tangled and untidy mess, but direct sunlight will actually damage any exposed cords as they can get hot to even cause a fire!

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to hide your cords without making them look bad.

This blog post will give you some great ideas on making the best of your situation and still having a lovely-looking patio while hiding those pesky extension cords!

Why Hide Extension Cords in Your Patio

There are several reasons why you should hide your extension cords on your patio. Let’s check them out!

  • Extension cords can be a tripping hazard and cause accidents.
  • The last thing you want is for your outdoor space to look messy, cluttered, or uninviting because of an unsightly setup. 
  • You can actually increase how long your cords last by keeping them out of the sun.

How to Hide Extension Cords on Patio

There are several ways on how to hide extension cords on patio wires without making them look bad or uninviting.

Some may require a bit more work than others, but once everything has been set up, you won’t even notice the mess anymore! Here’s how:

1. Tape them up

This option is incredibly easy and doesn’t require any work. All you need to do is roll out your cord along the ground, then tape it up against a floor or other vertical surface using masking, duct, electrical, plumbing, or even painter’s tape.

The advantage of this method is that you can use whatever color of tape that best matches your outdoor space’s design, so everything feels cohesive!

Another great benefit is that if there are gaps between where one piece of tape ends and another begins underneath something like an umbrella stand, etc., no one ever notices because they will be too distracted by how nice and neat everything looks!

2. Using Planter Plants

People love how lush and green their planters look, so why not utilize this for your benefit? Make sure that the cord is completely hidden inside the pot.

If there are any openings in between where it can be seen, you should cover these up with rocks or other decorative items to keep everything looking nice!

This method works best if you have a large potted plant because no one will ever see what’s underneath. 

You can even make a hole in the top of your pot and put your cords there, so it looks like they sprout out from growing plants!

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Ways to Hide Outdoor Extension Cords

3. Utilize a Cable Ramp

This option is a bit more costly, but it’s really going to make your cords look professionally hidden!

Basically, you need to get a piece of plastic or rubber material that has been cut out to fit under your patio furniture legs.

These usually have slits where you simply slide in your cords, and they won’t be seen at all!

Check out this Floor Cable Cover

Floor Cable Cover, 6.5 Ft Floor Cord Protector 3 Channels

These practical cable management tools are simple to operate. They may be readily installed on any surface using hooks or pins.

Using this easy yet long-lasting remedy, tack away your extension cord. These cable hiding tracks not only assist to create an attractive appearance on your patio but also save you money by preventing you from having to buy new extension cords due to damage.

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4. Utilize Your Space Wisely

This is another option that doesn’t require much work at all. Just simply keep the cords out of the way by creating designated areas around your outdoor space where you can easily store them away.

Some ideas for this include: underneath a wooden plant stand, inside an umbrella stand, tucked under a table’s skirt or on top of it, etc.

You can also use some simple hooks to hang up your cord, so they never lay on the ground!

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5. Bury them Underground using P.V.C. Pipes

If you have enough space underneath your outdoor space to fit a P.V.C. pipe, you can easily hide all your cords inside of it!

This method works the best if you have a lot of cords because then they are all easy to access and won’t tangle with each other.

You simply need to pick up some two-way P.V.C. elbows that can be joined together by cement or glue, then cut them down into smaller sections, so they are easier for you to handle.

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6. Cord boxes

Cord boxes are attractive boxes that aid in the organization of extension cords. These cable tidy boxes aid in the concealment of extension cords and the elimination of tripping hazards.

To improve uniformity, cord boxes can be easily painted to blend in with your outdoors décor.

These cord boxes will not safeguard your extension cord, but they will ensure that you have a cable-free outdoor space.

Protect your family from the risks of electrical cords while also having a less messy patio.

Check out this cord box:

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FAQ’s on Hiding Extension Cords

1. What is the Best Way I Can Hide my Cords?

It really depends on your personal preference and what kind of outdoor space you have.

Some people might like having their cords hidden entirely inside plant pots, while others may not have any plans to do that with, so they would just opt for either taping them up or perhaps burying them underground instead.

2. How can I hide my cords without having to go out and buy anything?

You can make your own cable ramp by cutting down a piece of two-way PVC pipe and making some cuts on the sides so it’s easier for you to run your cords through!

3. Is it safe to bury an outdoor extension cord?

Cables for interior use are not approved to be buried. Instead, appropriate outdoor cable, such as direct burial UF cable, can be permanently buried for outdoor use. The buried cord that runs underground and crosses above ground should be covered by a conduit.

4. How do you waterproof outdoor extension cords?

Even though the cords are covered in sleeves that keep them dry. Wrapping it in a plastic bag will suffice to keep moisture at bay.

When purchasing an outside extension cord, make certain that it is rated for moist weather conditions

5. Do extension cords reduce power?

It is determined by the length of the cord. Long power connections might result in significant power loss. When anything presses on the cord, the voltage drops.

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Now that you know just about everything, there is to know about how to hide electrical cords on patio; hopefully, you will experience much greater outdoor living!

If you’re not quite sure which option is right for your space, then it’s best if you try covering up your cords with tape first and see how you like it.

If anything starts looking cluttered or disorganized, then go ahead and try out the other suggestions, so everything looks nice and tidy again.

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