How to Hang Patio Curtains

Patios are supposed to be peaceful and attractive. We attempt to make our patios as appealing as possible, and hanging outdoor curtains is a simple method to transform your outdoor space into a paradise.

Hanging outdoor curtains is a quick way to give your patio a flowing feel.

Additionally, the outdoor curtains will keep your patio pleasant and comfy while shielding you from your boisterous neighbors. It’s also an excellent technique to keep bugs at bay.

Whether you choose a bright or light curtain for your patio, the way you hang it will make all the difference.

So, let’s learn how to hang patio curtains and what to look for when purchasing outdoor curtains.

What to Look for When Picking a Patio Curtain

It is not difficult to hang an outdoor curtain; nevertheless, purchasing a patio curtain might be challenging. Curtains add color and personality to our spaces, but there are several qualities to look for while buying an outdoor curtain.

Look for a waterproof fabric; you don’t want a fabric that fades quickly, becoming an eyesore rather than a thing of beauty on your patio. If you live in a wet region, choose mildew-resistant drapes.

Remember to consider the length of the curtain while shopping for a curtain at your local fabric store. A lengthy drape will make your outside space a tripping danger, and because it pools on the ground, it will get dirty faster.

Instead, choose curtains that are “Float” length, meaning they will fall a few inches short of the ground.

Choosing drapes that have all of these elements will help you hang them correctly on your outdoor space, giving you the beautiful patio, you’ve always wanted.

How to Hang Patio Curtains

Finding a suitable location to hang a patio curtain is the first step. You’ll need to look around your patio for a substantial structure to hang the curtain from.

If you don’t have any, you can use posts to support your curtain rods or curtain wire. You’ll also need to gather the materials you’ll need to hang the curtains correctly.

Supplies you will need

You’ll need the following once you’ve found a suitable curtain for your patio.

  • A pencil and a measuring tape. You will have to get the correct measurement of your space so that you can perfectly hang your curtains.
  • Ladder
  • Drill (without the cord)
  • Level

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1. Hanging using curtain rods

Once your post is in place, utilizing a curtain rod is the most convenient way to hang your patio curtain. They are also the most flexible option because you may drill or avoid drilling holes using tension rods.

Tension curtain rods are ideal for patios with stone columns because they eliminate the need to drill holes through the walls. The sole disadvantage of tension rods is that they are only suitable for lightweight curtains.

However, if you have wooden posts in which to drill holes, regular curtain rods may be appropriate.

When purchasing curtain rods, choose those that are intended for outdoor usage as they’re more robust than indoor curtain rods. Also, look out for outdoor curtain rods that are fade and rust-resistant.

If you want a unified design for your patio, purchase one that matches the color of your patio furniture.

Drill curtain rod clips or brackets into the supporting structure to install your curtain rods. Ensure that the clips or brackets are properly positioned.

The only challenging element is mounting the rods in corners, but corner joints make this simple, allowing you to have a continuous flow of draperies.

To finish off the fresh look of your patio, thread your drape through the rod.

For this low-cost solution, all you’ll need are heavy-gauge steel wire rope and screw hooks. This approach is faster to install than using rods, and some curtain cables may appear to be undetectable, producing a magical effect.

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2. Hanging using curtains wire

Once you have your certified outdoor curtain wire, measure and mark each solid anchor where your screw hooks will be attached, then drill pilot holes. Make sure you have heavy-duty screw hooks to withstand the weight of your curtains.

Install the screw hooks and connect the precut wire to it. If it is too long, you can easily shorten it. If you don’t want a droopy curtain, make sure the wire is tight. However, before you tie the wire to the opposite solid anchor thread in the curtain grommets,

Curtain wire is fantastic, but if you want to cover a larger patio, you will need to add curtain support to keep them from drooping.

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Hanging Patio Curtains

FAQs About Hanging Patio Curtains

Can you hang indoor curtains outside?

Drapes meant for indoor use are not appropriate for outdoor use since they are not meant to be element resistant.

But if you prefer using an indoor curtain outside, using a curtain rod is the easiest way to go.

How far off the ground should outdoor curtains be?

Pooling curtains are prone to dirt and can become a trip hazard. On the other hand, they will offer a little resistance to wind.

So, if you want a curtain that rests on the ground, an extra 8 or 2 inches will be best. For a hanging curtain, subtract 1 or 2 inches of the curtain.

Which side of the outdoor curtain faces outside

The fabric side should face outside because they are meant to be resistant to elements. So, you will have to determine the right side of the lining.

Smart ways to heat outdoor patio

Adding a curtain to your outside space is the finishing touch your patio need. The outdoor curtain will enhance your outside environment, making it feel homier while sheltering you from the sun’s glare.

Now you see, hanging a patio curtain is not a surgical procedure, and you do not need the assistance of a specialist.

Outdoor curtains can serve various purposes, but only if you know how to hang patio curtains correctly and get a curtain with the appropriate attributes.

This guide has already supplied you with an excellent guideline on how to do so.

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