6 Tips on How to Grow Grass Quickly In Summer

Summer season is not the right time to establish a new lawn because of the high temperatures, diseases pressure, and weed competition. The best season for new grass establishment is in the spring and early fall, when the temperatures are mild.

However, it is possible to develop a new lawn during the hottest season if you understand how to grow grass quickly in summer. Remember, the summer season can lead to an extended drying period, making it challenging to balance the soil moisture between too dry and too wet.

Also, weeds such as crabgrass and goosegrass can take over if special care is not taken. But the good thing is that you can implement easy tips to bring life to a healthy lawn in summer.

Here Is How to Grow Grass Quickly In Summer

1. Choose the best grass seed to plant in summer

Many grass varieties do not perform well in hot, humid summer months. Species such as cool-season grass can result in a dead lawn when planted in summer.

But you have a good chance to establish a healthy lawn during the summer season by using warm-season grass. This type of grass actively grows in the hottest months and returns to dormancy in the winter season.

There is a variety of summer grass seeds in the market. Therefore, you can choose one depending on your soil PH, mowing height, turf density, and leaf texture. The best fast-growing warm-season grasses include:

1. Bermuda grass seed: 

This grass seed germinates between 10 to 30 days and forms a dark green lawn within 6-11 weeks.

2. Centipede grass seed: 

It germinates between 14-21 days and matures into a dense lawn with light green blades.

3. Buffalo grass seed:

It requires 14-30 days to germinate and grows into a thin and blue-green established turf.

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2. Focus on watering your yard

You can choose the best warm-season grass, but without proper care, the seed cannot germinate. Remember, seeds require water to grow.

In this case, it is good to ensure that the top inch of the soil is moist. You can water the seeded area once a day, but you can mist it more frequently if the weather is hot.

Here Is How to Grow Grass Quickly In Summer

3. Ensure that the planting area has a proper drainage system

Excess moisture is stressful for grass seeds and seedlings. Brown patches and damping off are some of the signs of excess water. This occurs when water-logged soil combines with warm temperatures, which reduces soil oxygen.

This makes it challenging for the roots to breathe. Thus, they cannot absorb water and nutrients, which can result in death.

In this case, it is good to have a proper drainage system in your yard. With this, you will prevent water accumulation and flooding.

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4. Control weeds

Weed control is another way of growing grass quickly. As you are aware, weeds can compete for nutrients and water with your grass, which can inhibit the growth of your lawn.

And because the annual summer weeds germinate quickly in hot seasons, it is good to look for effective weed control methods.

If weeds have already grown in your yard, you can use post-emergent weed control or pull the visible weeds. Besides, watering and fertilizing your lawn can help to control the summer weeds.

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5. Apply fertilizer

Having a healthy lawn is more than just planting grass seeds and waiting for them to grow. You need to treat the soil before turning it into an environment for nurturing young plants. And the best way to achieve this is by fertilizing your yard before sowing.

This process will give your grass seed proper soil conditions to help them germinate quickly. Because of this, it is vital to fertilize the area to be seeded to make the soil rich and fertile to allow the grass seed to access the nutrients needed for growth.

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6. Apply mulches

As you know, a good way to make your grass grow quickly is by ensuring that your yard remains moist. This involves watering your yard more frequently. But do you know that you can keep your yard moist by mulching?

Mulching helps in water retention. With this, you’ll not need to water the site frequently. All you need is a good mulch cover that does not contain perennial weed seeds.

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FAQs about Ways to Grow Grass Quickly In Summer

Is it advisable to grow grass in summer?

Many people believe that the right time to grow grass is during the winter season. But the truth is that there is no best time to grow grass. If you want to establish a lawn quickly, it is good to ensure that the planting season aligns with the seed species. For instance, cool-season grasses do well when there are temperatures fluctuations.
But warm-season grass grows quickly in hot temperatures. In this case, you can grow grass in summer and still get a healthy and full lawn. All you need is to select the best summer grass seeds and perform lawn care practices.

Which grass seed grows best in summer?

Warm-season grass grows best during the summer season when the temperatures are 75-90°F. During winter and late fall, they go dormant and turn brown until warm weather returns.

Some of the summer grass seed involves:

Bermuda grass
Centipede grass
Zoysia grass
St. Augustine grass

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Is it good to soak grass seed before planting?

Pre-germination or soaking the grass seed before planting allows the seeds to sprout quickly. With this, it is less likely to be eaten by birds, washed by heavy rain, or blown by the wind before taking root.

Also, it helps in water conservation. Watering grass seeds scattered on the soil requires much water. In this case, performing a pre-germination procedure is vital.

Establishing a new lawn in hot, dry weather is not easy. The seed may take time to germinate, and you may need to apply a lot of water to keep the seeded area moist.

But if you implement tips on how to grow grass quickly in summer, you will own a thick and green lawn without much hustle.

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