How to Get Rid of Wild Strawberries in Lawn

We all love to eat strawberries. However, strawberries can become a menace and create all sorts of obstructions in your lawn. Wild strawberries are particularly stubborn, and getting rid of them can be such a nightmare.

Keep reading to learn how to get rid of wild strawberries in lawn.

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Tips on How to Get Rid of Wild Strawberries in Lawn

1. Using physical means

Perhaps this is one of the most straightforward techniques of getting rid of wild strawberries. With this method, you will have to remove all strawberries that you see growing physically.

Although It is a bit time-consuming, it is worth giving it a shot. It would be better if you set aside enough time to walk through the lawn while spotting wild strawberries and removing them.

Be sure to get rid of younger strawberries in your lawn because they have not taken root and therefore are easy to uproot. Matured strawberries have their roots deep underground, and uprooting them might not be an easy task.

Ensure you remove all roots to minimize the chances of the weed ever-growing back from the roots that may be left behind while uprooting. It would be better to understand the root system of wild strawberries to help you know how to handle them upon removal from the ground.

2. Using Herbicides

None of us has the time to uproot weeds in the lawn, plus uprooting weeds is such a tedious and time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are many other ways you can deal with the menace of wild strawberries in your lawn, and one such way is to use herbicides.

It would be wise to conduct a simple research of determining the product that does not augur well with wild strawberries. Herbicides and products like glyphosate or vinegar are pretty effective in dealing with wild strawberries.

These are readily available products; Note that you can find most of them on your kitchen shelves; therefore, you do not have to break the bank to obtain them. I would advise you to go for herbicides if the wild strawberries grow adjacent to the plants you value.

It would be better for you to use a piece of cloth to apply the herbicide onto the surface of the wild strawberries and be sure to shield your hands in the process, by wearing protective gloves. If your lawn is primarily affected, using vinegar or glyphosate will get your work done much more effortlessly.

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Best Herbicides to Use

1. Lucy’s Family Owned Natural Distilled Vinegar

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2. Southern Ag Amine Weed Killer

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3. General Plant Protection

General protection is one of the effective methods of dealing with wild strawberries. It would help if you were aware of the problem brought about by wild strawberries in your lawn or garden and employed preventative measures earlier enough.

Weeds, and in this case, wild strawberries, will compete for the available nutrients in your garden, and your valued plants might not get enough; this may lead to withering and all sorts of problems that are associated with weeds, will eventually crop up.

So, knowing how best to protect valued plants in the lawn or garden is a good starting point to eradicate this menace of wild strawberries.

As time progresses, wild strawberries will encroach on the whole of your garden. We all know how expensive it will be to get rid of them.

So you would want to protect your lawn against the infestation of wild strawberries by using any means possible to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Mock Strawberry

wild strawberries in grass

To get rid of mock strawberries, you can use a granular product (Preen Lawn Weed Control) that effectively kills strawberries and mock strawberries that grow in lawns.

Be sure to use the product immediately after the rains or in the morning to enable the granules to stick to the weed surface.

It would be better to establish good fences around your lawn once you are confident that all weed has been killed to deter any growth of wild strawberries. Note that weeds such as mock strawberries love bare soils, so be sure to cover all exposed areas in your lawn. 

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Best Preen Lawn Weed Control

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Wild Strawberries in Grass

Wild strawberries are commonly found in grassy areas; they grow in grassy areas or along the edge of wooded areas. For most of us, if your grass isn’t in its original condition (and this is what most lawns look like), the chances are, wild strawberries will find it easy to thrive in such a lawn.

Getting Rid Of Wild Strawberries in Lawn (FAQs)

1. What is an effective method to get rid of wild strawberries on my lawn?

Spot treatments of wild strawberry herbicide have shown a lot of efficacy in getting rid of wild strawberries.

Most herbicides are pretty effective on broad-leafed weeds such as wild strawberries.

They can destroy weeds without harming the grass, making it a good option for lawns.

2. Is there a difference between wild strawberries and strawberries?

Wild strawberries grow naturally, and they stand out as a pure species without any cross-breeding.

They grow naturally without the help of humans; they are comparatively sweet. However, they have a short shelf-life after picking, which makes them rarer.

3. What is the appearance of wild strawberries?

Their leaves are broad and toothed at the edges. Plus, the underside of the leaves is hairy.

They grow white flowers with five petals and a golden color at the center; additionally, they feature a distinctive red fruit that looks like cultivated strawberries with tiny seeds on the outside.

Wild strawberries can become too stubborn to deal with if they invade your lawn.

However, most broad-leaf weed killers are pretty effective in destroying several weeds, including wild strawberries, without harming the grass in your lawn.

So if you want to know how to get rid of wild strawberries in lawn, this post is for you.

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