How to Get Rid Of Torpedo Grass in 3 Effective Methods

Torpedo grass can find its way into your yard via long rhizomes and can spread for hundred feet under the driveways and streets.

It can also be spread by birds or lawn equipment. Once this grassy weed establishes, it can be challenging to control. But you can eliminate it with time.

This guide contains information on how to get rid of torpedo grass.

You will learn both chemical and mechanical control methods of removing torpedo grass without much hustle.

3 Methods on How to Get Rid of Torpedo Grass in Your Yard

1. Mechanical methods

Torpedo grass loves wet areas. Thus, you will find it thriving during the rainy season. Also, it is likely to occur in recently burned or heavily mowed areas. That’s why it is advisable to establish proper lawn management control methods for torpedo grass.

Techniques such as proper mowing, watering, and fertilization will keep your lawn healthy, thus controlling the invasive torpedo grass. If you mow your grass at the right height, you will be preventing the weed from going to seed.

However, this method will not prevent torpedo grass from spreading since it can creep by rhizomes. In this case, you can consider other techniques such as:

Pulling and digging

If you want to ensure that your existing grass is not damaged, you can consider pulling or digging the torpedo grass. You may require some tools and proper timing to take out the whole plant.

The best time to dig torpedo grass is after rain when the soil is wet and soft. This will help you perform the entire task effectively.

Nevertheless, digging or pulling is not an effective method of getting rid of torpedo grass. If you leave any part of the rhizome behind, the weed will sprout and thrive.

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Controlling Torpedo Grass from Your Yard


The burning of torpedo grass is a safe and effective way of having a weed-free yard. Rather than wasting time and money pulling the weeds, you can use a weed burner to get rid of tender seedlings in early summer and spring.

This method works by heating the weed cell, which causes them to burst. By destroying the stem, you will make the weed unable to ingest nutrients and water, causing it to die.

2. Chemical control

The use of herbicides is a more effective method of getting rid of torpedo grass in your yard.

When you decide to use herbicide, it is good to follow the instructions and focus on safety warnings.

With this, you will be sure of its effectiveness and your family’s safety.

You can use Glyphosate herbicides such as Roundup or Celcius WG herbicides if you want to eliminate torpedo grass completely. However, Glyphosate is a non-selective weed killer. Thus, it can destroy any green plant it comes into contact with.

But you can use a fan nozzle setting to spot treat the weed. This will help you kill patches of the grassy weed. When the weed turns brown, remove the entire plant and cover the whole with desirable grass.

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3. Solarization method

Do you want to clear weeds on a large area of your lawn? Then, the Solarization method can be a good option. This approach is effective, but it kills all plants and bacteria in the soil.

Thus, this method might not be effective if you want your existing grass to remain in the yard after eliminating the torpedo grass.

However, if you don’t want to use chemicals or pulling methods, you can solarize the soil and develop a lawn from scratch after you finish the whole process.

Here are 6 steps of soil solarization

  • Start by forecasting the weather. The best time to use soil solarization is during the hottest summer months.
  • Remove all vegetation from the soil
  • Level your yard
  • Irrigate the soil
  • Use a transparent plastic sheet to cover the soil
  • Leave the plastic for a month or two

This process will allow the sun to kill the torpedo grass and other weeds. After destroying everything, you need to re-plant immediately to prevent torpedo from invading your yard again.

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FAQs about Controlling Torpedo Grass from Your Yard

Can you kill torpedo grass naturally?

Yes, you can use soil solarization method to kill torpedo grass naturally.

This method involves covering the soil with transparent polythene to trap the solar energy. But if your yard has sandy soil, this method might not be effective.

Sandy soil produces little steam and drains faster, making the process unsuccessful.

Soil solarization will work best if your property contains heavy soil such as loam and clay. These soil types hold a lot of water and produce the steam needed to kill torpedo grass.
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How can you get rid of torpedo grass in Zoysia lawns?

Torpedo grass can create a non-uniform appearance on your lawn. Therefore, you need to eliminate it before it matures.

You may decide to use the hand pulling method, but it can be challenging because of the high labor cost and time wastage.

Also, soil solarization might not be effective in this case because you will need to eliminate your grass. So, which is the best method of getting rid of torpedo grass in Zoysia grass?

For Zoysia grass, you can use a selective herbicide such as Quinclorac 75 DF to harm torpedo grass but not your lawn.

Because of its long rhizomes, torpedo grass will start dying at the top, but the root system will still be pushing new growth back.

Thus, it is good to add fertilizer to your lawn so that Zoysia can fill and grow healthy to help in choking the weed. 
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Can baking soda kill torpedo grass?

Yes, baking soda kills torpedo grass. It is effective when applied in the spring when the weed is actively growing.

But this product can damage your lawn. Therefore, you need to be careful during the application. 

The procedure of baking soda application 

1. Start by watching the weather forecast. It can be best if you apply baking soda after rain when the plant is wet. Alternatively, you can water the weeds if there is no rain.
2. Sprinkle baking soda on top of torpedo grass, making sure the product does not get into contact with your grass.
3. Sweep the spilled baking soda into the cracks where torpedo grass grows to damage the roots.

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Torpedo grass is likely to invade regions with poor drainage or those that have been disturbed. But you can discourage its infestation by following the guide on how to get rid of torpedo grass.

The best method of controlling torpedo grass will depend on the nature of your land, availability of resources, and weather condition.

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