How to Get Rid of Mushrooms with Bleach

The one thing that no lawn owner wants to see is mushrooms growing in their yard. The sight of mushrooms popping up your yard can be rather unpleasant to the eye, especially if you have a beautiful lawn or garden.

The good thing, though, is that you don’t need to be a gardener or an expert on fungi to get rid of them. Ordinary kitchen bleach can do the trick! Read on for more information and instructions on killing mushrooms with bleach.

Mushrooms are not only unattractive, but they also pose a major threat to your lawn. The fungus will spread and can quickly destroy the grass leaving brown patches all over. It will also make it hard for any new plants or grasses to grow back.

It’s important that you take care of mushrooms as soon as possible before they start spreading even further. And make your lawn look like dirt with some green patches here and there.

So why should you use bleach? – Killing mushrooms with bleach is one of the best solutions to mushroom problems. Bleach has been used for many years, and it’s one of the most effective ways to kill them. Not only will you get rid of them but also make sure that they don’t return in a few month’s time.

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Reasons Why Bleach Is Considered One Of The Best Remedy For Mushroom Problems

There are several reasons why bleach is the best option for many people. let’s have a look at some of them

  • It’s affordable and does not require too much effort
  • It’s not toxic to humans, pets, or plants. However, you should ensure that the mixture doesn’t touch your skin, leading to severe skin irritation due to chemical burns.
  • It’s a tried and tested option, which is why killing mushrooms with bleach has been used for a long time now.
  • It’s an easy task that anyone can do. All you need is to mix bleach and water in equal parts, pour it on the mushrooms, let them stand for around half an hour before rinsing with clean water; this will ensure killing all mushroom spores. And the best part is you don’t need any professional help.
  • It’s readily available in any household.

Now, killing mushrooms with bleach may sound like a straightforward task, but you need to make sure that it is done correctly, or else the results will be very different from what you expect.

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Practical Steps To Follow While Killing Mushrooms With Bleach

Here are some steps to follow when killing mushrooms with bleach

  • Step one- Before killing mushrooms with bleach, you need to make sure that the grass around them is dry. If not, then it will affect your results as spores can remain hidden in the moist soil.
  • Step two – While killing mushrooms, wear clothing or gear that covers your arms and legs. This is important because if bleach gets on the skin, it may lead to skin irritation.
  • Step three- Make sure that the bleach and water mixture is in equal parts. You don’t want to have a very concentrated solution. You can use a spray bottle for this task if you have one. 
  • Step four – Pour the mixture on top of mushrooms and let them stand for around half an hour before rinsing them thoroughly. This will ensure killing all spores that may be present there.
  • Step five – Also, make sure you don’t use too much bleach as it can lead to killing your grass or garden plants surrounding the area where mushrooms are growing out of control.
  • Last but not least- Do not pour bleach solutions near your house foundations because bleach kills everything, including good organisms like earthworms which help keep soil healthy by aerating and moistening the soil.  The best option would be about 50 feet away from the home’s foundation when using this method.

Note: Mushrooms need moisture to grow, so make sure the killing process does not occur when it’s raining outside as spores may remain hidden under wet soil, resulting in regrowth leading to the same problem again.

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FAQ’s on How to Get Rid of Mushrooms with Bleach

Q: How often should we use bleach to kill mushrooms?

A: As a general rule, you can use this method once or twice every month during the rainy season as spores may hide under wet soil, leading to regrowth.

When using this method, you need not worry about killing good organisms like earthworms because they stay away from areas where fungi are present.

However, if your home foundation is too close, then consider asking professionals for help due to safety issues involved while using bleach.

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Q: Is bleach harmful to pets?

A-: killing Mushrooms with Bleach is very effective, but it can be harmful to pets if they drink bleach.

If you have a cat or any other pet living at home, then make sure they are not around to avoid killing them by accident when using this method.

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Q: How long should we let the bleach mixture soak?

A: make sure the killing process takes place within half an hour so that spores cannot spread around again, which will cause the problem again.

The killing mixture can be left to soak for long hours; however, in some cases, it may damage the grass and other plants around if not rinsed off thoroughly.

Q: Can killing Mushrooms with Bleach Kill Other Vegetation?

A:  yes, bleach can kill other vegetation like grass and plants because the killing process uses a high concentration of chlorine which is poisonous for all types of vegetation.

However, do not worry about killing good organisms like earthworms when using this method, as they stay away from areas where there are fungi present.

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killing mushrooms with bleach is not only easy but also simple. It’s effective, affordable, and requires very little effort from your end compared to other more expensive and complicated options.

So why waste time? Just follow those steps above on how to get rid of mushrooms with bleach carefully.


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