How to Get Rid of Moles in Yard with Boric Acid in 3 Effective Ways

Most of us go to great lengths to keep our yards in good condition. When I observed a volcanic-shaped mass of soil while mowing, I understood there were moles in my yard. Moles are tunneling creatures that are valuable to the ecology, but you don’t want them in your yard.

Every time I mowed my lawn, clouds of dust erupted, and the mass of soil they dug out was unsightly. These expert diggers spend more than half of their time underground, but they do not harm our plants.

Getting rid of them is frequently a frustrating and time-consuming process. One of the greatest treatments for this problem is to use boric acid. Learn how to get rid of moles in yard with boric acid.

How to Get Rid of Moles in Yard with Boric Acid

1. Using boron fertilizers

Boron is an acidic mineral salt. The moles came to look for food, which is why they showed up in the first place. Moles consume earthworms, grubs, and insects. I must admit that my yard supplied a well-balanced feed for these creatures.

I recently applied organic fertilizer to my lawn, which is why I was inundated with insects. I could have added borax, which would have been a huge error that I deeply regret. The moles would never have entered my yard.

You must exercise caution not to misuse the boron fertilizer, as this can be damaging to the beautiful blooms in your yard. Even a modest quantity will have a favorable impact.

Mix one part boron with ten parts water to make an effective liquid fertilizer. Because moles are burrowers, they will perish if the soil becomes contaminated with boric acid.

The borax fertilizer will also kill the insects, and without food, the annoying pests will have no motive to attack your beautiful yard. Considering boron is hazardous, it should always be handled with caution.

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2. Pour a boric acid solution into their holes

This is the simplest, yet most intimidating, strategy to employ.

If there is a crisscrossing of tunnels, you will have to put in the effort to get rid of them, but because a small amount of borax is effective, it is still a cost-efficient approach to utilize.

Since moles spend the majority of their time underground, this strategy will be quite effective.

 Although flooding the tunnels with water alone is impossible, a mixture of borax and water will work perfectly. Because they have evolved a high sense of smell, borax will be absorbed in the soil. Therefore, Borax’s sting is enough to keep them away.

 The method works best if the infestation is mild.

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3. Bait

The oldest stick in the book is baiting. Don’t bait with chewing gum; it’s a common misunderstanding that chewing gum can jam a mole’s internal organs and cause him to burst. It’s quite amusing. 

But keep in mind that these creatures are not stupid. When an earthworm delicacy is present, no mole in his right mind will eat a piece of chewing gum.

Take the insect’s bait and soak it in a borax solution. Make certain that the solution is not too concentrated, as this will raise suspicion. Then, insert it into the mole hole. Wait until the mole is deceased and the rest will flee away from your yard

FAQs- How to Get Rid of Moles in Yard with Boric Acid

What is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of castor oil to make a paste. Now, put this paste directly on your mole and leave it alone for a few hours.

You can even leave it on for an overnight period before washing it off.

Do mothballs get rid of moles in your yard?

Mothballs will not control the mole population in your yard. Mothballs must be stored in sealed containers to emit enough fumes to be harmful to insects.

Placing mothballs in mole tunnels may not result in fume concentrations high enough to kill moles.

Do lime pellets get rid of moles?

If the moles remain, the grubs are still living comfortably beneath the soil.

Repeat the liming process to further increase your soil’s alkalinity and rid your yard of grub worms and, subsequently, moles.

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How do golf courses get rid of moles?

Aluminium phosphide, gas cartridges, and strychnine-laced grain baits are all used to exterminate moles.

However, as proven by researchers, trapping has been demonstrated to be the most successful means of getting rid of moles.

Do coffee grounds get rid of moles?

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Surprisingly, many homeowners claim that coffee grounds may be used as a natural mole repellent.

Simply distribute your old coffee grounds over their holes and cover them with soil, or dump your brewed coffee grounds into the garden after preparing your morning cup of coffee.

The smell of coffee will irritate your yard-destroying varmints.

What smell do moles hate?

Castor oil, cayenne pepper, garlic, and red pepper or flowers such as daffodils and marigolds, which are natural mole deterrents are natural home treatments to use throughout your yard and in molehills.

The smell of their blood has also proven to make them flee

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Your beautiful yard is a source of pride for you, and nothing, not even these obnoxious creatures, has the right to detract from its attractiveness.

Even though they do not harm your plants, the tunnels they dig and the volcanic-shaped swellings they leave behind in your yard are unsightly. They also wreak havoc on the roots of your plants.

Boric acid, sometimes known as Borax, is a popular laundry detergent that has shown to be a useful ally in the fight against these burrowing insectivores. You can use several methods to get rid of moles, but using boric acid is the best.

Don’t go the expensive approach; instead, use borax as this site has disclosed the best ways of how to get rid of moles in the yard with boric acid.

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  1. I put borax on fresh new mounds and the next morning saw 2 fresh mounds toward the street. My objective was to chase them in that direction. Later in the morning I saw the critter popping his head up from another new mound. I grabbed a chunk of borax and tossed it in the hole…hopeful he goes away! I have “I’m Alright” looping through my head. This critter has become my latest obsession!

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