How to Get Rid of Crows in My Backyard in 8 Effective Ways

Crows are not the lovely songbirds you’re used to seeing in your yard. Crows are enormous and are generally regarded as a bad omen. Their destructive tendency has led you to this article; how to get rid of crows in my backyard, where you will learn effective tricks.

My grandmother’s house was a thing of beauty; the cedar shingles on the roof were breathtaking. Even though cedar roofing is renowned for being sturdy, time caught up with it, and it began to develop molds, mildew, and moss, which attracted a lot of crows.

The crows were irritating, regularly pecking at my grandmother’s roof. Over the holidays, shooing them away became a full-time job for me. The wild flock of crows was an annoyance; they swarmed everything, from the roof to the garden.

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How to Get Rid of Crows in my Backyard

1. Tidy up your backyard

Scavengers make no boundaries; even rotten bread is a decent meal for them. Crows are fierce scavengers who will merely rip a plastic trash bag to get food.

Keeping your backyard tidy is the most effective approach to keeping them away. Crows enjoy cluttered areas because they can easily find food.

To keep them at bay, firmly close your trash can lid, cover your compost pile in the yard and cover your garden with a wire mesh. They will have no motive to stay if their food source is removed.

2. Use a decoy

The most straightforward approach to get rid of the crows in my grandmother’s yard was to use a decoy. It worked pretty well. Crows can be scared away with several decoys. For instance, a fake owl with a wobbling head can fool the crow into thinking it is real.

Crows are highly wise, and if you don’t change your decoy, they’ll shortly figure out it’s a fake and continue to flock around your yard.

You can also use a fake dead crow, hang it by its feet in your yard, and spread its wings to maximize its impact. The crows will associate the fake dead crow with danger.

3. Shine them away

Crows dislike shiny objects; they perceive them as dangerous weapons. Shiny objects are the cheapest means to deter birds; you don’t have to go to the store to get a shiny object. Therefore you can use that gleaming pan in your kitchen.

These unattractive blackbirds will get nervous when they see these shiny objects hanging around your yard.

4. Install larger bird spikes

Crows, unlike ravens, flap their wings more frequently, causing them to become exhausted and in need of a resting place.

I recall installing spikes on our roofs and neighboring trees to keep the birds at bay. The spikes were unsightly, but they accomplished the job of keeping birds away from my grandmother’s backyard.

Place the spikes in spots where crows like to patch. The tips will irritate the crow’s feet, causing them to move.

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5. Use wind chime

Using wind chime is a decorative way of getting rid of crows in your backyard; they come in different designs. They rattle and clang when there is wind, making them an audio deterrent.

Place the wind chime in spots where the crows love to patch, and the sudden sounds produced by the chimes will scare the crows.

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6. Use a feeder for smaller birds.

If you have a crow problem, it can be challenging to attract sweet songbirds while having the thought of getting rid of crows in your backyard. The crows will want to have a share of your songbird’s food.

This should not worry you, as you can quickly get a smaller feeder that will only allow a smaller bird. The smaller feeders will repel the crows, making them feel uneasy and causing them to flee.

Remember to secure the feeder and clean the spillage after your lovely birds are gone.

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7. Motion-activated pest deterrent

Motion-activated deterrents are the best way to have a peaceful backyard free of crows cawing without even breaking a sweat.

These devices can turn on when the crows are present a few meters away. The devices produce an inaudible sound to the human ears but very loud to the birds.

This method is too effective; it even got rid of the songbirds we tried hard to attract Check out this pest repellant device that is resistant to elements, easy to install, and solar charged.

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8. Trimming trees

Crows like to build their nests in towering trees in your yard. Crows are attracted to them in large numbers.

When the crows multiplied in number, we secured a permit to cut down the tall trees surrounding my grandmother’s backyard, and they never came back.

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FAQs : How to stop crows from destroying my lawn

What does it mean when there are a lot of crows around?

A large group of crows is known as ” murder crow”. Crows are brilliant birds, and a group of crows majorly consist of young crows without their territory.

They gather to exchange information about food sources and newly suitable areas to settle

What smell do crows hate?

Like other birds, crows hate the smell of essential oils, mostly so peppermint oil. The scent is spicy and irritating to birds. Others like garlic and cayenne pepper are also offensive to birds.

Can I shoot a crow in my yard?

Shooting crows are only allowed if they are in the act of destroying your property; this is according to US federal law.

The regulations also enable crow hunting season that will only last for approximately 120 days. Crows also are protected by the migratory bird treaty act worldwide.

Do crows bite humans?

Because they are territorial, they attack humans, especially during the breeding season. They attack with swoop dive assaults.

Crows’ droppings are smelly and will ruin up your yard, in addition to their endless cawing disturbing your tranquil backyard. Using your hands to shoo them away won’t work.

Crows can be both beneficial and harmful, especially in big groups. Regardless, this post has provided answers to how to get rid of crows in my backyard using the most humane and practical approaches.

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