How to Get Rid of Cheat Grass in Lawn

How to Get Rid of Cheat Grass in Lawn

Cheatgrass is a noxious weed found in many yards and home gardens. It grows quickly, can produce viable seeds, and thrives in all conditions. Cheatgrass can quickly overtake your lawn when given the opportunity.

Luckily for you, there are a few steps you can take to get rid of cheatgrass from your lawn. Follow these tips below if you want to keep your lawn healthy and green.

How to Get Rid of Cheat Grass in Lawn

Your lawn is like your sanctuary. It is the place you come to relax. As well as a source of pride for your family and friends. So how do you keep it that way?

1. Hand Pulling the Cheatgrass

This is a great way to eliminate cheatgrass in a small area. All you need to do is find the cheatgrass and pull it out of the ground. But first, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Ideally, this method should be done in the spring, when it is just starting to grow.

Ensure that you do not break the root when pulling it out. If the cheatgrass is grown and already seeding, you can still use this method. However, it may take more than one attempt to eliminate the grass. Remember to always put on garden gloves before you begin.

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2. Soil Solarization

Soil solarization has for a long time been used to kill weeds, bacteria and other harmful organisms. It is a simple process that involves using the sun’s power to kill weeds and other microorganisms.

To work, you need to eliminate any plant matter that is already growing in the area you are targeting, including your good grass. Then place plastic over the area (preferably tarp.) You will then want to secure the plastic with rocks or bricks to not move or blow away in a storm.

The plastic will trap enough heat to eliminate the grass and any other living organisms in the soil. Ensure that you keep an eye on your area throughout this time to ensure no damage to surrounding plants. The process may take a while, but it will be worth it because you get to reclaim your lawn.

3. Using Chemicals

If you have a larger area of cheatgrass to get rid of, using chemicals may be your best bet. When using this method, you need to be careful because these chemicals are often harsh and can damage other plants around them.

Herbicides prescribed for cheatgrass are often applied in the fall after the seeds have been produced to better avoid disturbing other plant life. This will be your best option if you are unable to pull the cheatgrass yourself or have a large area that needs a lot of removing and you do not want to wait for solarization.

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4. Prescribed Fire

Probably not the best bet, but if you have a lot of cheatgrass and your lawn is made up of dead plants, you can always get a hold of some matches. Burn off the cheatgrass, so only green grass remains.

The fire won’t hurt anything else around it but be careful not to burn your house down in the process.

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5. Tillage Reseed Strategy

For this method, you will want to wait until fall or early winter. Till the area, you are trying to get rid of cheatgrass. Then reseed the area with grass that is resistant to cheatgrass.

This prevents any seeds from growing and will eventually eliminate them from your lawn. However, you may need to repeat the process a few times to entirely eliminate the cheatgrass because any weak areas will start growing again.

Best Way to Get Rid of Cheatgrass

The best way to get rid of cheatgrass is to fight it at the root. When you do this, it will not spread throughout your yard and eventually it will die off. Using herbicides when only small amounts of grass are present in your lawn is a good idea. If you can time it properly, then it will damage only the cheatgrass plants and nothing else.

However, if your lawn has a lot of cheatgrass growing in it, you may want to target the entire thing at once.

Conclusively, solarization is a better option for killing weeds and any other harmful microorganisms in your lawn. It will eliminate most of the weed growth and give your lawn a chance for new and healthy growth to take place

If all else fails, don’t give up! You have tried everything you could, and still no signs of improvement? Perhaps weeding your lawn manually is the best way to go.

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How to Get Rid of Cheatgrass (FAQs)

What Kills Cheatgrass But Not Grass?

It is crucial you understand that cheatgrass is Just another type of grass invading your lawn. Targeting it alone with the hope of getting rid of it is like going after the worm on your fish hook. Essentially, it is not possible. You need to target all of the grass growing in your lawn at once.

In particular, in instances when the cheatgrass hasn’t spread much in your lawn, you can try to only target it without killing the rest of the grass. However, this is extremely unlikely because cheatgrass seeds are highly mobile. They will easily spread throughout your yard and eventually overtake your entire lawn.

But it doesn’t harm to try out a few tricks. Does it? This way, you can use a potent weed killer or highly concentrated vinegar and specifically target only the cheatgrass. But be prepared for some damage to your other grass.

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Will Vinegar Kill Cheatgrass?

Vinegar may kill cheatgrass in the short term. However, to completely get rid of it, you need to ensure that all the roots are eliminated from your lawn and surrounding areas. This is not very likely if you only use vinegar because it will not penetrate deep into the soil like herbicides.

Thus, you may need to look into other methods if you are looking to get rid of cheatgrass for good.

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Either way, you will need to use highly concentrated white vinegar. You will want to spray it on the cheatgrass, especially around the roots and wait for about a week.

During that time, you should not let your lawn get watered so that the roots begin to die. When this happens, you can turn on your sprinklers and water them normally again.

Does burning kill cheatgrass?

Yes, but only if you do it correctly. You will need to burn the cheatgrass until all that remains is ashes and charred pieces of plant material. That way, you can ensure the cheatgrass doesn’t re-grow in your lawn. You will need to keep using this method of killing the cheatgrass every spring when it starts to grow.

Can you mow cheatgrass?

Mowing cheatgrass will not kill it. However, if it is the type of grass you want to keep in your lawn, then it will be best to use the mower you have to cut off about an inch or more from the top of the blades. This way, you won’t damage the lawn grass, and it will still grow.

Do you spray cheatgrass?

Spraying is a fairly inefficient way to combat cheatgrass when compared to other methods. It will do the trick because you spray with weed killer, but it is not the most efficient method.

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Cheatgrass is a problem for many homeowners in the United States. Understanding how to get rid of cheatgrass in lawn is crucial. Some methods work better than others, depending on your situation and preferences, but it’s important to find what works best for you.

Whether you choose tillage reseeding or solarization, we hope these tips help make life easier by providing information about each method so you can decide which one will be most effective.

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