how to get armadillos out of your yard

How to Get Armadillos Out of Your Yard

If there are creatures that can give you a hard time shifting them from your yard, are the armadillos. This type of animal can destroy the borders of your lawn, so knowing how to get armadillos out of your yard is important.

If you are tired of these notorious creatures damaging your yard every night, our tips will come in handy to help you deal with the armadillo menace. Let’s get straight to our main discussion.

Steps on How to Get Armadillos Out of Your Yard

Step 1. Identification

The first step is to identify these creatures if you wish to get rid of them successfully. These creatures exhibit unique features that make them easily identifiable.

The following features will help you to identify them:

  1. They originated over 3 million years ago in South America. Today, the only species found in the US is the nine-banded armadillo, the scientific name Dasypus novemcinctus.
  2. They are greyish-brown barrel-shaped animals with natural armor to protect them against predators.
  3. They are solitary animals that like to be left alone. They spend most of their lives sleeping and foraging on their own,
  4. They have an excellent sense of smell.
  5. When startled, the nine-banded armadillo can leap vertically in the air, sometimes as high as 4 feet!

Step 2. Inspecting Your Property

At this point, you will have to stroll around your home to locate where the armadillos are active. This will help you decide on the best treatment and assist your efforts in capturing them.

Step 3. Getting rid of them

Once you have pinpointed the exact locations where the armadillo is active in your yard, it is time to begin the eradication exercise.

The pest control method is ideal for locations challenging to reach with repellents or if you can locate the armadillo burrow. Note that you will find trapping an armadillo to be an easy task, thanks to its predictable habits.

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Step 4. Sanitizing the Yard

This step involves cleaning up your lawn. The whole exercise of getting rid of armadillos will come at a small cost; your lawn will no doubt get destroyed in the process, and you must fix any damages caused.

Ensure you seal loopholes that may bring these creatures back to your lawn; the cleaning exercise should also be able to clear any form of pests that may be left behind.

Step 5. Prevention measures

You would be forgiven for thinking that even after trapping the armadillo and sanitizing your yard, the armadillos will never come back. It would be better to put measures in place to ensure the creature does not crawl back to your lawn in the future if you live in an area inhabited by these animals.

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Homemade Armadillo Repellent

Readily available household products can be used as repellants for armadillos. The most popular homemade armadillo repellents involve a mixture of cayenne pepper and water.

The cayenne pepper is offensive to their senses, and the liquid will help the cayenne stick to the surface where you’re applying it. Strongly scented products such as vinegar and ammonia or good old pine cleaner can stop armadillos in their tracks, driving them from their borrows and your backyard.

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When do Armadillos Come out?

Armadillos are nocturnal creatures; they sleep about 16 hours each day and come out to forage around dusk and dawn. Occasionally, the armadillos will come out during the daytime to become active.

Armadillos usually sleep during the day, deep inside their caves. Learning their sleeping habits will help you plan effectively on the most suitable method to flush them out of their barrows.

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How to get rid of Armadillos Naturally

If you want to spare a few coins from making any purchases to get rid of armadillos from your lawn, you can opt for natural ways to stop armadillos from entering your yard. Natural methods are comparatively cheap to use.

First, you can decide to erect a stout fence with no spaces big enough for the creatures to crawl through.

The second method is to make your yard stink! Scented, eye-stinging scents like those of vinegar, ammonia, or good old pine cleaner can stop armadillos in their tracks, driving them from their borrows and your yard for good. Lastly, you capitalize on traps to eradicate the menace of armadillos in your lawn.

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How to Get Rid of Armadillos in Your Yard

Gardeners have every reason why they would want to get rid of the armadillo menace. There are no specific repellents meant to deal with the armadillos. Therefore, you should endeavor to come with an adequate remedy.

Homemade repellants are pretty effective at getting rid of armadillos in your yard. Another method you can count on to get your armadillo problem sorted is the use of traps.

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How to Get Armadillos Out of Your Yard (FAQs)

1. What smells do armadillos hate?

Armadillos particularly hate ammonium gas; vinegar and mothballs are incredibly unpleasant to the armadillos, so you can easily flush armadillos from their caves by using these gases. Using any of these items regularly will keep off armadillos.

2. Will dog poop keep armadillos away?

Dog poop is strongly scented, and since armadillos have a keen sense of smell, suing dog poop near their barrows will flush them out. Pet owners could also try burying some dog hair or dog poop next to the armadillo’s burrow.

3. Can you flood out armadillos?

Yes. You will direct a hosepipe into the barrow and turn the water on. If you are lucky, the armadillo will be flushed out in the process.

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The above steps on how to get rid of armadillos out of your yard not only treat your pest problem but also prevents these habitual wanderers from returning.

Remember that armadillos are attracted to backyards with ample amounts of insects. So strangely, they are a positive sign of the health of your land.

We recommend using a large cage trap to remove the animal as the most effective and humane treatment of armadillos in your backyard.

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