how to fix a yard destroyed by dogs

How to fix a yard destroyed by dogs

Does your dog love to dig? If so, you have a problem. A big problem! He’s digging up all of the dirt in your yard and leaving holes everywhere. This article will show you how to fix a yard destroyed by dog.

Dog owners that they can’t fully trust their pets to stay on the porch or away from the yard. One of the most common problems is that dogs will dig and create holes on your yard. Fixing these holes can be challenging and very time consuming.

There are many reasons why a dog may dig holes in your yard. Some dogs like to bury their bones, some do it to get attention, and other dogs literally just can’t help themselves!

Whatever the reason for digging, there’s usually one solution: fill up the hole with dirt. The problem is that you don’t always have enough dirt on hand, or maybe you’re out of time before your guests arrive and need something quick.

This article will give you some helpful tips on how to fill holes in yard from dogs!

How to Fill Holes Dug by Dogs in Your Yard

Let’s take a look at one of the easiest ways of repairing dog-damaged lawn!

Step #  One – Pick the Right Dirt

One of the most important things you can do before repairing dog-damaged lawns is to ensure you have enough dirt on hand.

If your yard has a lot of holes, it may be difficult or impossible for you to find all that much dirt in one place. You can opt to buy the dirt, but that’s often very expensive.

Another option is to get it from somewhere nearby, which can also be quite costly or time-consuming depending on where you live and how much dirt you need for this project.

Step # Two – Fill up Holes Quickly!

Once you’ve got some good dirt picked out, fill those holes as quickly as possible, so they don’t get any deeper during that time! You should also try using a little bit of water to make the dirt stick.

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Step #  Three – Apply Grass Seed and Mulch!

Once you’ve filled up those holes, it’s time for some grass seed. You want to apply enough seeds on top of your patch so that it can start growing as soon as possible!

If needed, you may also try laying down mulch over the top once more dirt has been added. This will help keep soil from washing away after heavy rains or watering outside with sprinklers.

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Step# Four – Water and Wait!

It’s important that you keep the patch wet until it starts to grow. You may think this is a nuisance, but just remember how much work you’ve put into repairing dog-damaged lawns so far and be sure not to forget your furry friend is probably eager for their playtime with you again!

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What Causes Dogs to  Dig Holes On Your Yard?

If you’re curious about what might cause dogs to dig holes in your yard, here is why

  1. Getting Attention- Some dogs will dig up dirt because they like getting some type of reaction from their owner or any other visitors at home.
  2. Burying Bones- Some dogs love to bury their bones, especially puppies or younger dogs still learning to behave well at home.
  3. Playing and Boredom- Some pups just have too much energy that it’s difficult for them to stay calm when there isn’t enough room indoors to run around safely.
  4. Searching for a prey- If your dog likes to sniff around and find dirt that smells like animals, they might be trying to catch a prey in their own yard.

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How To Stop A Dog From Digging Holes In The Yard

There are many ways to stop a dog from digging holes in the yard.

  • Place a fence around any garden areas or places where you don’t want your dog digging up the soil if they’re determined diggers.
  • Use a motion activation sprinkler to scare away the dog anytime it goes to your lawn.
  • Please keep your dog busy with a range of toys or games at home, so they don’t have time to dig up the yard.
  • Bury bones or toys inside an open container, such as a plastic storage bin with holes cut into it for ventilation. This will keep them occupied while simultaneously discouraging them from digging in.
  • If you have time, teach your pup to play fetch indoors instead of outdoors, where they might try to dig up some dirt before their next toy is thrown! That way, they won’t want to risk damaging anything outside when there’s plenty of room on carpet or tile flooring at home.

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FAQ’s How to Fix a Yard Destroyed by Dogs

Q:  Where to buy dirt to fill holes in yard?

A:  You can buy dirt at a local home improvement store, or you can get it from somewhere nearby. Talk to some friends who don’t mind giving you some of their extra soil if they have any!

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If that isn’t an option for you, ask neighbors in the area whether they are willing to give away or sell you some dirt. Be sure not to forget about Craigslist and Amazon! 

Q:  How to fix a muddy backyard dog trail?

A: Fill them up with as much water as possible until there’s barely anything left inside the hole itself before adding more dirt on top and applying grass seed over the top of everything.

From there, continue watering daily so that your patch is kept while waiting for seeds to grow. If you’re not quite happy with the outcome, keep watering every few days until it grows to your liking.
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Q:  Why is my dog digging holes all of a sudden?

A:  There are several reasons why your dog might have started digging up the yard all of a sudden.

They could be getting attention from you, they may want to bury something in the ground or play with it before burying it for safekeeping, or maybe they’re just bored and need more room indoors where there isn’t any dirt at home!   

If you follow the above steps, your yard will be back to normal in no time. Fixing damaged lawns is never easy, but following the right steps above on how to fix a yard destroyed by dogs makes it possible for anyone out there with some patience and determination! 

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