5 Key Steps on How to Find Lost Keys in Grass

Losing keys, especially in the grass, can be frustrating. They are tiny objects, so they are prone to get lost for eternity.

Here, we will give tips on how to find lost keys in grass and how to prevent losing them again in the future.

Steps on How to Find Lost Keys in Grass

1. Stop panicking and relax

Losing your keys is enough to make you freak out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make things work! This is the time you need to focus on what to do next.

But if you don’t concentrate, you will recklessly and randomly look for the keys. Panic may make your visual unclear. You might not see the keys even if they were right in front of you.

2. Trace your steps

Go back to the last time you saw your keys. Try remembering the last place you were before losing your keys. It is essential since you might think you lost them in the grass, but it’s in the house or the parking area.

Imagination is the central part of this step. If possible, form images in your mind of the events that happened last you saw the keys.

Note that every recall is vital for your key search. Fill the images with as many details as you can.

3. Clutter is the target

Search in a littered and messy grass area. If it was in a cleaner space, you could have found the keys long when you started searching. Surprisingly, we need to search in cleaner places even when we know it can’t be there.

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4. Use a Metal Detector

Keys can be so tiny hence challenging to search with your naked eye. It is more of metal for metal. This is where a metal detector comes in. It’s easier than a manual search. You need to drop the tool at your target location.

You can acquire one in three ways; buy, rent or hire a detectorist to relieve you of the task. It is your decision on which way suits you, but I’ll explain each of them to weigh the better one.

Buying the Tool

Fortunately, metal detectors are cheap. Any reliable shop has one. To find the keys, especially in grass, a Bounty Hunter is better.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

One disadvantage is that you will only use it once. Unless you prefer to become one of the detectorists and hunt jewelry, coins, and keys in your community, you will have to bear storing it. Alternatively, you can gift it to someone or sell it.

Another con is the need to have some knowledge on using the tool. Metal detectors aren’t automatic robots that you will relax and watch them find the keys for you. But don’t worry! Learning only takes a few minutes.

The final con is that it is rare to find a local shop or store selling a metal detector. And if you opt for an online purchase, it will still take some time before package delivery.

Suppose it’s the key to the main entrance; I am thinking of how weird it can be to wait outside and depend on the arrival of the package.


This option can be the cheapest but time-consuming. It’s rare to find someone renting metal detectors. You might find stores with shipping options that will get it to your location.

Similar to buying, it will take long before you get your keys.

Hire a Pro

The third choice is hiring a professional. It is easier to find a metal detectorist near you or contact ring finders and find a specialist near you.

5. First get the keys!

When searching, you have to be systematic. It doesn’t matter which option you choose.

First, you have to take your time, trace your steps, search for the possible areas, and systematically scan using the metal detector.

Don’t move to the next location if you still doubt your search in the previous one.

White powder on my grass

Prevention Measures

It is better to prevent the loss from happening again than be sorry in the future.

Follow these preventive measures to avoid the key loss frustrations and the damage repairs after that:

1. Keep the Environment Clean

Clean up the environment by making grass shorter and getting rid of the clutters. Long grasses can be a home of many lost items since they get thick and close themselves in.

A clean environment will also cheer you up and minimize the frustrations.

Best Way to Find Keys Lost in Grass

2. Have one place for your stuff

For the keys, lock them on your pants. It will also be easier to retrieve them when needed since they will be right there with you.

It can be pretty challenging but try and make it a habit. Studies state that a habit develops in just two months. There is no harm in giving it a try.

3. Duplicate the Keys

This option can be expensive, especially if duplicating safe locks, car keys, and anti-theft door locks.

Sometimes you may need to produce proof of ownership before copying any of these. However, duplicating basic keys isn’t complicated or expensive.

Before duplicating, measure potential key losses and the duplicating costs. If copying is way easier, ensure you place the replacements somewhere easy to remember.

You don’t want to end up searching for the originals and the replacements as well.

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4. Make it unique

There are a variety of colorful keychains you can choose from. Just go for a unique one and a popping one if possible.

Check out this keychain:

Hephis Heavy Duty Key Chain

5. Install Trackers

Install a tracking device to your keys. Try this Bluetooth Tracker for your keys and stuff you don’t want to lose.

Tile Pro (2022) Powerful Bluetooth Tracker

My yard is full of rocks

Keys and other tiny stuff easily get lost, especially in the grass, which gets glitchy sometimes.

Follow the above steps on how to find lost keys in grass.


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