Incredible Tips on How to Find Crystals in your Backyard

When it comes to gemstones, we often assume that they can only be found in mountains. It appears that we can only find them in such locations.

But did you know you can also find them in your own backyard?

Many people are unaware of this because gems are difficult to identify. Even if it is discovered, the individual may not recognize it as a crystal.

If you’re wondering how to find crystals in your backyard, keep reading because we’ll show you how in this article.

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How to Find Crystals in your Backyard

Tools you’ll need

Before you begin your journey of discovering crystals in your own backyard, you must arm yourself with the best tools.

You’ll need a shovel, a pickaxe, and a sieve, as well as an archaeological kit. You can also use a magnet to identify iron materials. A trowel will also be helpful.

The equipment you’ll need also varies greatly depending on the type of soil in your backyard, such as sand, clay, or rocks (granite). If your backyard is rocky, you’ll require a chisel and hammer to break the rocks into smaller chunks that can be sifted through.

You’ll also need a classifier system to sort the crystals according to their size.

Common Crystals or Gemstones you can find in your Backyard

When it comes to crystals, quartz is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, you may be surprised at how many types of crystal gems you can find in your own backyard.

  • Quartz can be either clear or cloudy white.
  • Turquoise is a green-blue-to-black stone that is opaque.
  • Chalcedony is a white to gray stone with bands or stripes.
  • Jade is a green gemstone with black stripes.
  • Agate is banded in layers of different colors.
  • Opal ranges from translucent to opaque, with no color at times.
  • Garnet can be any red, pink, or orange color.
  • As the name implies, tourmaline is a combination is of any color and green.
  • Amethyst is a purple to pink stone.

Where to Look in your Backyard

Now that you know what to look for and have the necessary tools, it’s time to go crystal hunting in the backyard.

  • You can find crystals in a rocky area. This is an ideal location because this type of soil contains a higher concentration of crystals. Gems can also be discovered in rock beds.
  • You can find them in your backyard, beneath the roots of trees, in gravel or sand. Be aware that crystals can be very small, so you’ll need a magnifying glass to see what you’re looking at in greater detail.
  • A river, creek, or lake is another great place to look. You can look for crystals while relaxing in the water and admiring nature. You should exercise caution when searching in tree roots or holes made by animals that may have burrowed in the ground.

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What to do if you Find Crystals in the Backyard

If you happen to find crystals in your backyard:

  • Pick them up carefully and avoid touching the stones with your bare hands. This will damage the stone’s surface and leave a smudge.
  • The next step is to clean them to remove any impurities. Place the gemstones in a bowl of warm water with some mild detergent.
  • Then you’ll look at the crystals and identify them.
  • Place the gemstones on a flat surface and examine them with a magnifying glass to see if they are genuine crystals (if not, you may have found imitations).
  • After you’ve discovered your gemstones, keep them in a non-paper box or envelope. The paper absorbs ink over time, which can harm your stones. You can safely store crystals in cotton, silk, or cloth.

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FAQs- How to Find Crystals in your Backyard

Can you find a crystal in your backyard?

Yes, if you know where to look, you can find gems in your backyard. You can find them in soil or rocky areas.

Another excellent location is on gravel soil, particularly if you have a stream, lake, or river in your backyard.
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How do I know where to dig for crystals?

Locate a rocky area. You can find crystals hidden beneath rocks or in rocks and break them into smaller rocks.

A gravel bed is another good option, especially if you have a running river, stream, creek, or lake in your backyard.

Look for areas on the surface with fault lines and uplifts as well.

Are crystals hard to find?

No. You simply need to know where and how to look for them. If you have a rocky area in your backyard with many trees, you’ll likely find stones under the roots of those trees.

You can also look for gravel beds near running water or streams, which is another likely source.

What is the easiest gemstone to find?

Rose Quartz

Quartz is one of the simplest gemstones to cut. It’s a common mineral in various colors, including clear, white, smoky, and purple. You can find quartz on the beach or by the side of a river.

Is Jade difficult to find?

Jade is not difficult to find, but you must be patient when looking for it because it may be hidden beneath rocks.

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Although finding crystals in your backyard is unusual, you can find them if you know where to look.

And, while it may appear to be a difficult task, the rewards are well worth it. So, take out your magnifying glass and start looking for crystals in your backyard.

If you find a genuine gem, keep it safe to preserve its beauty.

Look for rocks or stones beneath strong-rooted trees; this is one of the best places to look for crystals. Look for gravel beds near running water or streams, as this is another location with a higher likelihood.

It is now time to enjoy your crystals. Hang them somewhere where everyone can see them, or place them somewhere that will reflect their beauty.


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