How To Dry Wet Patio Cushions

Patio furniture cushions can easily soak up water from rain or sprinklers, especially if they’re made from natural materials.

In order to dry them out, you’ll need a few items and a little know-how. This blog post will show you how to dry wet patio cushions:

Patio cushions are an important component of any patio furniture set. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also add color and style to the space.

Unfortunately,  they can also quickly soak up water when they’re exposed to rain or sprinklers. This leaves them wet and makes it difficult for you and your guests to use the furniture until they dry out completely. 

If not dried properly, wet patio cushions emit an unappealing odor. Mildew and molds can also start to grow, leading to stains and other problems.

Luckily for you, there are several simple steps that can be taken in order to dry wet patio cushions -Fast:

How To Dry Wet Patio Cushions

how to dry outdoor cushions

The process is fairly simple but requires some time and patience on your part.

This how-to will show you how to dry wet outdoor cushions so that they’re fresh, clean, and ready for use again within a few hours.

Patio Cushion Drying Process

Step 1: Remove The Wet Cushions From Your Patio Furniture

Take each cushion off of the furniture and place them on a clean, dry surface. Shake or brush the cushions in order to get rid of any water droplets. You can also use towels to dab at wet spots and blot out excess moisture.

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Step 2: Lay Out the Cushions in A Warm, Dry Area

Lay out each cushion in an open space that is free from moisture. You can use your porch or garage for this purpose.

It’s important only to lay the wet cushions side by side and not stack them up vertically because they might get moldy if you do so.

Be sure to check how much sun there is where you plan to leave the cushions outside.

If it doesn’t receive enough sunlight throughout the day, then drying time will be prolonged even further than expected – which could lead to mildew growths, among other problems with your patio furniture set.

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Step 3: Flip Over Every Single Cushion

Flipping over cushions will allow you to air out all sides of the material.

They’ll dry more quickly this way, especially if they’re made from natural fibers such as cotton or wool.

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Step: Set A Fan Near Your Outdoor Furniture Set

A box fan can be used to speed up the drying process and prevent mildew growths on wet patio cushion surfaces.

Just make sure that it’s placed at least six inches away from them so there isn’t any chance for damage due to heat exposure – which could lead to fire hazards, among other problems with your patio furniture set.

Depending on how much water was absorbed into each cushion, full drying time may vary between one day and several days before all moisture is gone. Patience is key when waiting for your cushions to dry out completely.

Note: If you find that odors are still present or stains have started to form, then a cleaning solution can be used to remove them from the fabric.

Simply use some mild soap and water on dampened cloths – just make sure not to scrub too hard as this could lead to further damage to your patio cushions as well as an unsightly appearance due to excess scratches being left behind. 

Once dried, place each cushion into its designated spot on your outdoor furniture set so you and your guests can continue enjoying it before the weather becomes cold again!

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How to Keep Patio Cushions Dry

How to Keep Patio Cushions Dry

To prevent this from happening again, you should take steps to keep your patio cushions dry. There are several things that  can be done to do so:

  • Place the cushions inside when it’s not being used
  • Cover them with a tarp or blanket if they’re left outside overnight
  • Use furniture covers whenever possible
  • Use an umbrella over tables and chairs during periods of rain/water exposure

Note: You may need to use more than one method at once. For example, using both covers and tarps will provide better protection against water damage.

However, make sure that any covering is breathable as well; otherwise, moisture won’t be able to leave the cushions, and they’ll have a high chance of getting mildewed.

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FAQ’s How To Dry Wet Patio Cushions

Can You Put Outdoor Cushions In Dryer?

No, it is not recommended.

High heat can damage cushion covers, towel drying and then hanging them up is probably the best way to dry and keep them safe.

If this is not possible, set the dryer to the lowest heat cycle possible.

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How Long Does It Take For Wet Cushions To Dry?

It depends on how much water is absorbed into the cushion and how humid or rainy it is outside.

A fan can speed up the process, but full drying time may vary between one day and several days before all moisture is gone.

Patience and consistency is key.

Does Rain Ruin Outdoor Furniture?

Yes, if they are left outside during a downpour.

Water will soak into the cushion covers and padding, which can lead to mildew growths and patio furniture set being damaged due to excess water exposure over time unless steps are taken to prevent this from happening, air-drying them, or how to keep patio cushions dry.

How Do You Remove Mildew From Cushions?

There are several options, but the best way is to use a brush or soft cloth with soap and water.

However, make sure not to scrub too hard as this could lead to further damage. 

How Long Does It Take For Wet Cushions To Dry?

Did you forget to remove your patio cushions and pillows during a rainstorm?

Don’t worry; by following the above steps on how to dry wet patio cushions, you can rest assured that your how patio furniture set will be clean and dry once again!

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