How to Dig Up Weeds from Lawn in Easy Steps

Weeds are a pain in the neck. They grow and spread like wildfire, and they’re difficult to get rid of for good. But we can learn from their persistence to beat them once and for all! The first thing you need is a plan.

What type of weed do you have? Is it broad-leafed or grassy? Make sure you know what kind of weed is before attacking with weeding tools or by hand. Once that’s settled, time to strategize!

This article will give more insight into how to dig up weeds from lawn, but first, let’s explore some of the tools you can use.

Tools for Pulling Weeds in Lawn

1. Cobrahead Original Hand Weeder

With a tempered steelhead and a dual-tine design, this tool can easily dig up weeds with minimal effort. It’s great for tough or thick grasses, and because of its lightweight design, you can easily maneuver it to the root.

Use caution as this tool can also tear up your lawn if you get too aggressive.

If you really want to remove pesky weeds, check out the Cobrahead original hand weeder – it works great for tough ground cover and more.

2. Nisaku Hori Hori

Among the most reviewed weeding tools is the Nisaku Horihori. It’s a relatively inexpensive tool that you can use to dig weeds from your lawn without damaging the roots.

The two blades are serrated, so they easily grip the soil and the weeds for easy removal.

There are some concerns about its durability, but it does last long and is effective for digging weeds based on reviews.

3. Edward Tools Weeding tool

This tool’s deep V nose design allows you to comfortably grip and pull out weeds from your lawn without damaging the roots.

The Edward Tools Weeding Tool is also available with a cushioned handle for extra grip and comfort. The curved metal base also allows you to scrape up the earth easily with minimal effort.

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4. Ohuhu Stand-up Weeder and Root Removal Tool

Enjoy the convenience of standing up while at the same time profoundly digging out weeds and their roots.

The long handle and lightweight design give you better leverage to dig out weeds easily.

Strike a balance between being gentle yet effective.

The tool is also highly rated for its compatibility with different soil types, from hard to soft and more.

5. Worth Garden Stand-up Weeder and Root Removal Tool

The pointed five claw design of the tool is perfect for digging up tough weeds from the soil. It also has a leveraged system that provides ergonomic assistance to dig out hard-to-reach weeds.

The handle of the Worth Garden Stand-up Weeder and Root Removal Tool is made of durable steel so that it can withstand regular use.

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How to Remove Weeds from Lawn by Hand

Hand weed removal entails getting down and dirty (literally) with your weeds. It’s not as high-tech or sophisticated, but it can effectively eliminate stubborn weeds from your lawn.

However, this method requires a lot of effort and elbow grease to remove the entire root structure.

The best time to remove weeds by hand is when the seeds are starting to sprout.

You can easily pull out the entire plant by turning up the soil around it, making sure to get as close to the root structure as possible.

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Steps in Hand Weed Removal

  1. Rake up the grass where you want to remove weeds.
  2. Wait until the ground is soft and moist before you attack your weeds with your hands. It will be easier to grasp roots this way, as they lay on top of the soil instead of being buried deep beneath the surface.
  3. Dig up the weed with your hands, careful not to get bitten or cut by its strong roots.
  4. Pull out the entire root structure of the weed from the ground. Be mindful that you should pull it straight to avoid splitting any of its roots. When pulling weeds in this way, try using a trowel to extract the entire root. This will help keep your lawn healthy because it leaves little room for the weed to grow back.

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How to Get Rid of Deep Rooted Weeds

Deep-rooted weeds need a little more effort to eliminate. You need to go beyond simply pulling them out or scraping off their leaves.

It’s difficult because the seeds tend to be embedded deeply in the soil, making it tedious to dig them out.

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However, there are some practical ways you can use to eliminate the weeds.

1. Use a Corkscrew Weeder

A corkscrew weeder is a tool that specializes in pulling out deep-rooted weeds from the soil, even when they’re buried 2 to 4 inches beneath the surface.

It works with a corkscrew-like action that effectively digs up weeds without damaging the roots of your grass.

2. Manual Digging

Weed removal might be difficult, but manual digging has some advantages over other methods.

Some tools can make this easier on the hands and back– such as a shovel or a digging fork.

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3. Using Chemical

 Another alternative is to kill the weeds with weed killers or herbicides. However, applying these on your lawn can lead to the spread of harmful chemicals into the soil.

Some of them may also affect the growth of nearby plants, so you need to be extra careful about the active ingredients contained in herbicides.

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4. Using Home Remedies

You can also try using home remedies to eliminate the weeds right at the roots.

An example is vinegar, which is believed to kill and eliminate weeds such as oxalis corniculata from your lawn effectively.

However, you should test this on a small area of your lawn before applying it to your entire garden or lawn as a precautionary measure.

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How to Dig Up Weeds

As we mentioned before, weeds grow out of seeds or roots from the soil. If you pull off their leaves, they will likely grow back, especially if their roots are still intact.

The key to removing all traces of weeds is digging up as much of their root structure as possible. This should kill them for good!

Here’s how to dig up weeds from your lawn.

Tools you will need:

  • Stand up weed removal tool (or any other weed removal tool)
  • Gloves

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Steps in Digging up Weeds

  1. Remove all traces of grass and soil that might be around the weed stem. This will make it easier to pull out the weed’s root without damaging your lawn.
  2. Pull out as much of the weed’s root structure from the ground. If not all of it, you need to get most, if not all of it, to ensure that the weed will never grow back.
  3. Place the weeder tool over the base of your weed, making sure it fits snugly into the center of its root system.
  4. Slowly start turning the tool. This will cause the prongs to dig into the soil, loosening and extracting it simultaneously.
  5. Once the weed’s root system has been completely dug out, remove the weeder tool and pull out all the remaining roots on its stem.
  6. If you’re sure there are no roots left, cover the area with grass seed or sod.

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How to Dig Up Weeds from Lawn (FAQs)

What is the best way to remove weeds from the lawn?

The best way to remove weeds from the lawn is to dig up the root with its entire root structure.

This will help prevent the grass from getting damaged, and it will also eliminate the weeds for good.

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How can I kill weeds in my lawn?

One of the most effective ways to eliminate weeds is by digging them out. There are also some home remedies that you can try, such as vinegar or baking soda.

Should you pull weeds from lawn?

Pulling out weeds is actually more effective than just cutting them off at their stem. You need to get rid of the entire root structure for the weed not to grow back

Weeds can be a nuisance in any garden or lawn, especially when they grow deep into the soil and are hard to remove.

The good news is that there are many ways you can get rid of them for good. In this article, we’ve discussed how to dig up weeds from your lawn and some home remedies such as vinegar which may also work on your yard (though it’s best if you try these out first).

No matter what method works for you, make sure not to leave any roots intact because then the weed will come back even stronger next time.

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