how to decorate around a water fountain

How to Decorate Around a Water Fountain in 6 Ways

A water fountain in your backyard or front yard adds just the right amount of vitality and ambiance to your property. Its visual appeal is enhanced by the birds, bees, and butterflies it attracts. Furthermore, the sound of rushing water creates a relaxing ambiance.

My customized fountain, which transformed my backyard into a lovely haven, was completed. It was very stunning. However, even the most beautiful fountain will require a little assistance to stand out even more. I had to do a lot of study on how to decorate around a water fountain.

I realized that there are various methods to dress up your water fountain to make it more vibrant and match your preferred style. The techniques listed below are the most basic ways to beautify your water fountain.

How to Decorate Around a Water Fountain

1. Add some colorful flowers

Nothing says “welcome,” like the sight of fresh flowers. Flowers will draw attention to your fountain and set it apart from the rest of your landscape.

Choose flowers that are hardy and will not wither. When choosing flowering plants, choose flowers that are the same shape as your fountain. For example, if your fountain is round, get circular flowers to complement it even more.

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2. Marble figurines

Marble figurines are widely recognized for their resistance to the elements, making them ideal for outdoor use. What a sight it would be to have a marble figurine at the base of your fountain.

The marble figures are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, providing you with a diverse range of design options

You can even find figurines that fit in your fountain, making this strategy quite versatile. To add some character to your fountain, try employing figurines.

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3. Add some lighting

The Lighting water feature allows you to enjoy your feature at any time of day or night. When selecting a light fixture, choose one that is both long-lasting and weatherproof. Lights can be placed around the fountain or within it.

When it comes to lighting, there are various color options to select from. There are white lights, single-color lights, and even multi-colored lights. Some can also be controlled remotely to change colors.

Lighting enhances the aesthetic value of your fountain throughout the night, but you need to consider how you will power your light. I would propose solar or battery-powered lighting. They are a reliable and inexpensive source of energy.

The main disadvantage of this method is that the lights attract a lot of insects, which can be annoying, especially during the summer.

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4. Add some greenery

The greenery around your fountain gives a natural element to your lovely water feature placed in the front garden. If you opt to employ this strategy, choose drought-tolerant plants. Because you don’t want plants that will wilt and make your lovely water fountain look unkempt.

Vine vegetation is the finest option if you want to camouflage your fountain. For me, I chose the black-eyed Susan vine, which grows well in zones 10-11 and produces a bright yellow blossom with a black center, which adds a romantic touch to my backyard fountain.

Plants like the Sliver nickel vine can be used as a ground cover to spice up your fountain. Their circular silver leaves will draw attention to your fountain. However, consult with your local agriculture department for the best plant to utilize.

5. Surround it

Laying some gravel or colorful river stones around the base of your water fountain is one of the most attractive methods to spice it up. Stones offer a friendly atmosphere that will blend in nicely, particularly with a modern landscape.

Using stones to embellish your fountain is a very adaptable method; you can select from a wide range of stones to fit your preferences. You can select the color, texture, and size that will give your fountain the greatest appearance.

Alternatively, artificial boulders might be stacked around the fountain.

Try some crushed seashells if you want a beach feel in your yard. But no matter what material you use to surround the base of your fountain, make sure there is some edging around the material to keep it from spilling.

6. Include mosaic art

Some art around your fountain will make it stand out, and the style and vibrant color of the art make this one of the best decorative ideas.

Mosaic art is a simple do-it-yourself enjoyable method to decorate your fountain. All you need is adhesive and pieces of tile, and we’re ready to get as creative as our crazy imaginations can lead us.

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FAQs About Water Fountain

How do you power a garden water feature?

You have the option of using solar power, a battery charge, or an electric wire. The electric cord is a mess, and it will be pricey. Solar electricity, I believe, is the ideal alternative because it is both environmentally beneficial and inexpensive.

Can we keep Waterfall in houses?

To some, Waterfall is a symbol of happiness, love, and wealth, so if you have enough space in your house, there is no problem setting up one to attract positivity.

How do you hide the cord on a water fountain?

The best and effortless way to hide an electric cord is to bury it underground to remove any unsightly appearance of electric wires.

How do you put stones around my fountains?

Choose a stone that will complement your outside setting and carefully position it around the fountain’s base, then add some edging with metal or concrete to keep the stones from spilling.

A well-decorated fountain will instantly change the vibe on your property. Aside from the visual value they provide to your outdoor space, the fountains are also incredibly beneficial to animals.

This post has shown you the best way on how to decorate around a water fountain to make it the star of your outdoor space. However, when selecting from the ideas presented above, keep in mind that the one that works best for your space should be chosen.

Don’t let your fountain stand out like a sore thumb in your landscape; instead, let’s dress it up.


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