How To Collect Leaves From Lawn

How To Collect Leaves From Lawn

Fall is usually one of the most magnificent times of the year –the summer heat has faded away, football matches and other sports activities are in full swing, plus the turkey feasting holiday (thanksgiving) and Halloween are just around the corner.

However, there is one major downside to this magical season: – Most people usually spend most of their time, especially the weekends cleaning up the vast volumes of leaves that drop on your lawn.

Autumn leaves are stunning at the beginning of the season – all the beautiful colors scattered all over your lawn – so mesmerizing! But it’s only for a short while. The leave quickly piles up and becomes a mess on your lawn, leaving you with a demanding job ahead. 

Leaves clean-up is one task most lawn owners don’t like doing. Some even question whether raking up the leaves is really necessary – won’t they dry up and decompose naturally on the lawn?

Why you need to collect leaves from your lawn?

Yes, they will dry up. If your lawn has a few leaves, you are better off letting them dry up and turn to compost and fertilizer.

But in cases where your lawn is packed with thousands of leaves, far too many that you can’t see the grass beneath. The leaves will suffocate and destroy the lawn long before they dry up and turn to manure.

If you are caught up in such a scenario, one way or another, you have to pick up the leaves, and frankly speaking, you don’t have any other option. Thankfully, there are numerous methods you can use to collect leaves from your lawn without stressing your grass lawns.

And with the right mindset and correct tools, you won’t even know when the work is done! Here are some of the best ways to collect leaves from your lawn.

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How to collect leaves from lawn

Picking up leaves from your lawn may seem like an uphill task, but it really shouldn’t be. Chances are, you probably have the tools needed to collect the leaves, and if you don’t have them, you can quickly get them from your local store.

A rake is probably one of the tools that come to mind whenever you think about leaf collecting. And yes, it’s an important tool, but it’s not the only one you will need. Keep reading to know more about which tools and methods to use to collect leaves from your lawn.

Let’s get started:-

–         Raking Up And Bagging The Leaves

Raking up leaves into piles and bagging them up or dumping them elsewhere is one of the most tested and proven ways of collecting leaves. If you have a small lawn with a few trees, raking it will be the most suitable option for you.

However, if you happen to have a large lawn that’s full of leaf shading trees, raking can be a bit tedious. It might take hours to rake it up thoroughly – you might end up with a severe backache.

If you have a large lawn and you feel it is not practical to use a rake. Don’t worry! You can always use the below methods to collect leaves from your grass lawn.

–         Mulch The Leaves With Your Lawn Mower

One of the best ways to collect leaves from your lawn is not to collect them in the first place. – ok, this sounds crazy! But rather, mulch the leaves using a mowing machine. If you have patches of leaves scattering on your grass lawn, the simplest way to get rid of them is to mulch them using your lawnmower.

Attach a mulch plug and shut the side outlet used to dispense grass chippings. While running the mower over the leaves, it will slice the leaves into tiny bits. The shredded leaves will fall on the ground, and the soil micro-organism will have a feast.  – Now you get why the best way is not to remove them!

Mulching is one of the best ways to collect leaves from your lawn because it is time-conscious and adds manure to your lawn.

–         Mowing and bagging the leaves

This method is similar to mulching. The only distinction is that rather than appending a mulch plug, you attach a mowing bag.

When rolling the machine across the lawn, the mower will slice the leaves into tiny chips and stuff them into the attached bag instead of dumping them out onto the lawn soil. When the mowing bag fills up, you can easily dispose of th chopped leaves.

Make sure you set your mower to its maximum level to avoid chopping up your grass lawn. Otherwise, your bag will be filling up every 20 feet.

–         Blowing The Leaves Into A Pile

While using a leaf blower, don’t blow all the leaves in a straight line but rather do it in a semi-circular motion. This way, you will blow the leaves towards one point. Once you have a proper pile, you can easily collect it for dumping.

Be sure to blow in the same direction as the wind because if you blow towards the wind, the leaves will fly right back to your face.

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Best Way To Clean Up Leaves In a Large Yard

This question usually pops up whenever people are talking about raking up leaves in their lawns. To be practical, it’s not an easy task raking up half an acre or even one acre.

The most suitable option is to use a tractor lawnmower. With a tractor lawnmower, you will cover the whole acre with ease. You can either bag the shredded chips and dump them later or mulch them back to the soil.

 If you opt for blowing the leaves, it is advisable to follow the wind’s direction.

If you happen to have trees on your lawn, you will most likely be scooping up leaves all fall. Picking up the leaves from your lawn is a tough thing, and it requires a lot of dedication and patience.

Besides that, you also need the right tool for the task ahead. Otherwise, you will end up with a sore back and aching muscles.

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