How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture

How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture

Today is your lucky day if you’ve been wondering how to clean powder coated aluminum patio furniture. Cleaning powder-coated aluminum patio furniture may appear to be a simple chore, but it is not since chemical cleaning agents can ruin the powder coatings.

Owing to its durability and low weight, powder-coated aluminum is the finest choice for patio furniture. The powder coating provides patio furniture with a rustic character while also protecting it from the elements. As a result, maintaining it is critical.

Cleaning and refinishing powder-coated aluminum patio furniture with the technique described in this article, on the other hand, will make the task a breeze.

How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture

Dirt and dust accumulate on our powder-coated metal patio furniture, making it appear grubby and nasty.

The key to cleaning powder-coated aluminum patio furniture is to avoid harsh chemicals; the rule of thumb is that if you have to use a glove when cleaning, don’t use it. A basic dishwashing detergent will do the trick.

To begin, rinse the patio furniture with a garden hose and then fill a pail with lukewarm water. Pour liquid detergent into the pail of water. Keep in mind that the goal is to clean without destroying the powder coating.

Next, use a sponge or a soft brush to clean the powder-coated surface, making sure to clean all cracks and grooves to ensure all discolorations are eliminated.

If the discoloration remains, dilute the liquid detergent with white vinegar. After you’ve finished scrubbing, rinse and dry your patio furniture.

Maintaining your powder-coated aluminum patio furniture and cleaning it every season will ensure that you have fresh, clean patio furniture all year.

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How to Restore Powder Coated Patio Furniture

You have now cleaned the powder-coated patio furniture.

However, although being hailed for its durability, scratch resistance, and exceptional ability to maintain the surface of your patio furniture a gleaming beauty, powder coats typically wear out owing to continuous exposure to elements.

Follow these easy methods to repair your powder-coated patio furniture before it deteriorates completely.

Step 1- Inspection

It is advised that you properly inspect your powder-coated patio furniture before beginning the repair process. This will assist you in determining whether you need to strip the powder or apply a fresh powder coating over the existing powder coating.

A thorough inspection will also allow you to remove any rust and restore any damage to the furnishings.

Step 2-Prep

This is the most important step in recovering your powder-coated aluminum patio furniture.

Applying the powder to a filthy surface will result in flaws and limit the coating powder’s adhesion. If the finish is in good condition and there are no rust stains.

Then sand all the nooks and crannies on the surface to eliminate the dirt and debris.

However, if the finish is compromised, you will need to remove all of the previous powder coatings. The powder dust should then be rinsed away.

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Step 3-Strip and Sandblast

It may be tough to remove the chipped old powder coating in some cases. There are, however, chemicals that can make the stripping process considerably easier and faster.

Consider employing a commercial chemical stripper capable of removing up to nine layers of coatings.

Remember always to read and follow the manufacturer’s directions. Scrape and sandblast the residue to eliminate any rust residue.

Keep in mind that sandblasting generates heat, which can cause any leftover powder coating to melt, resulting in a sticky mess that can be difficult to remove if you wait too long.

Step 4-Apply primer

Apply a self-etching primer to the surface once you’ve stripped your patio furniture down to its bare aluminum.

Dealing with oxidation on aluminum patio furniture

To apply the primer, you can use a brush or a roller. However, I would recommend a sprayer because it works faster than a painting brush.

Spray two or three passes over the aluminum patio furniture, making sure there is no priming accumulation for a beautiful finish. If any buildup occurs, sand it to get a smooth final finish. Allow the primer to dry while you prepare for the next step.

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Step 5-Painting

The first coat is now ready to be applied. Applying high-quality paint to a surface with a sprayer. To avoid runs and buildups, move the sprayer in a steady motion.

Apply two to three light coats, wait for them to dry, and then lightly sand them. After that, apply a second coat.

Allow the second coat to thoroughly dry before assembling your lovely rustic aluminum patio furniture. If you don’t like the rustic style, you can polish your patio furniture to make it look shiny.

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FAQs About Cleaning Aluminum powder coated Patio

How do you remove oxidation from aluminum powder coating

If your powder-coated aluminum chair has started to oxidize, use a soft cloth to rub away the oxidation.

Then to prevent further oxidation apply car wax to the furniture, sit for a few minutes then wipe the dried wax residue with a sponge

How do you make powder coating look new

Rejuvenate a powder coating by applying a polishing compound that is designated for powder coatings.

But before you do so, wipe the powder-coated surface with a wet piece of cloth until it is clean.

Is powder coating waterproof?

Powder-coated metal is impregnable, and it keeps moisture at bay, making it corrosion resistant.

So yes, a powder coating is waterproof.

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How to remove rust from patio furniture

Powder coating has been around since the 1960s, and we have seen it deliver on its promises of being rust-resistant, heat resistant, and antifade to our outdoor furniture pretty successfully.

However, the continuous exposure has caused some discoloration in powder-coated metal furnishings.

Although powder coating is tougher than paint and will resist scratches, you will notice rough places from debris striking it, making it critical to learn how to repair powder coated patio furniture.

As a result, knowing how to clean powder coated aluminum patio furniture comes in handy if you want to keep your powder-coated aluminum patio furniture in good condition year after year.

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