How To Clean Moss From Brick Patio

It’s not uncommon to see moss grow on brick patios. It can be frustrating, but don’t worry – it’s an easy problem to solve! 

This post will show you how to clean the moss from your patio without any chemicals or harsh scrubbing.

With the changing of the seasons, you might start to notice that your brick patio is covered with green moss. It’s not an uncommon sight, but it’s still frustrating. But how do you clean it?

Moss is often challenging to remove from a brick patio as it will only grow back from the tiny fragments left behind.  So how do you get rid of it?

This article will disclose how to clean moss from a brick patio without harsh chemicals or scrubbing that will scratch the surface. It’s an easy, chemical-free way to remove this pesky problem!

Is Moss Harmful or Dangerous in Any Way?

different methods of getting rid of moss

Before learning different methods of getting rid of moss, it’s essential to understand a few things about moss!  Many times one is always left wondering whether moss is harmful or dangerous to human health.

Most people assume that moss is dangerous, but it’s actually quite the opposite.  It won’t hurt you or your pets, and it isn’t toxic to humans in any way!

It will never be poisonous, carcinogenic, mutagenic (causing mutations), teratogenic (the cause of birth defects), or otherwise harmful to humans unless you eat it – which is very unlikely.

Moss can be a little bit messy as it will often spread onto surfaces such as the surrounding brickwork of your patio;

however, this doesn’t mean that there are direct consequences from having moss on a surface. Moss won’t damage your stone paving slabs either, so don’t worry about how to clean them.

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How To Clean Moss From Brick Patio?

remove moss from their brick patios

There are multiple ways that one could use to remove moss from their brick patios. Some methods may seem more effective than others, but they will also be more harmful to the brickwork.

1) Prevent Moss from Growing in the First Place

Its true prevention is often the best cure!  One way to prevent moss from growing on your patio is by using salt.

Coat bricks with rock or sea salts and water them down- this will create an environment that won’t allow moss to grow as it’ll be too acidic for life (Moss needs a pH of between ~or= to~ neutral).

This method has been used by many gardeners, landscapers, and property owners due to its effectiveness.

Another advantage is how cheap it can be; many people will simply add some table salt into their garden sprayer and then apply it directly onto brickwork which they want to clean.

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 use a pressure washer to clean off the moss

2) Clean using a Pressure Washer

You can also opt to use a pressure washer to clean off the moss. Blast off the moss with a strong jet of water, and the problem will soon disappear!

It’s important to note how strong your stream should be as well – too much power can cause problems, so ensure that your nozzle is set on a reasonably low setting before trying this method out.

Be careful not to blast away too hard, though, as there isn’t anything worse than breaking up old mortar joints and making matters worse for yourself in the long run!

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3) Sprinkle Some Baking Soda

Another method that you can use is to sprinkle some baking soda onto the surface of your brick patio.

Baking soda has alkalizing properties, which, along with its abrasive nature, will help remove moss from any green patches on your brickwork.

Be sure not to be too rough when using this solution, as it could damage softer bricks or mortar joints!

This shouldn’t affect how strong the acidity levels are, though, if applied correctly – even soft limestone blocks should gain a similar effect in how they’re cleaned off.

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4)Appy a Vineger Solution

If you want to use a more natural solution to clean moss from your brick patio with chemicals that won’t cause any harm, then vinegar is the answer!

Mix up some water and white or cider vinegar in equal parts (40% liquid concentration) and spray it onto your dirty green surface.

This will help lift dirt off bricks, but be careful as this might affect how the paintwork looks on top, so ensure that no more than 40% acidity is used at once. Once dried, rinse away using a hosepipe.

This method works well for removing moss without causing damage or discoloration to the surrounding surfaces such as walkways, patios, walls, etc.; just make sure not to overdo it by applying too much!

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5) Bleach Also Does the Job

If you want to try a stronger solution, you can try using bleach. Just dissolve up some household bleach and use it as an alternative solution to remove mold and algae.

Mix up some water, chlorine bleach (a mixture of sodium hypochlorite), and salt -spray it on your dirty green surface, wait until it dried off (don’t let it dry completely, though),

and rinse away using a hosepipe once more to make sure that all traces are removed before applying any paintwork or re-sealing such as those found in linings.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Cleaning Brick Patios off Moss

1. Should Moss Be Removed From Brick?

Yes, moss can be very damaging to brickwork. Moss also encourages the growth of weeds, which will eventually damage mortar joints and cause bricks to fall out!

2. Will Bleach Damage My Patio Brickwork?

Bleach can cause damage to brickwork, so it’s important not to overdo how much you apply. Ensure that there is no more than 40% acidity being used at once!

3. How often should I clean my patio bricks?

It depends on how dirty your brickwork gets, but if moss or mold grows, then you need to give the whole surface a good scrub with either salt solution or bleach and water mix, depending on how strong of an effect you want.

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If you are looking for a way of How to clean moss from brick patio, then there are several options that you can choose from.

But ensure not to damage the surrounding surface by using too much! A strong stream of water or power washer might be enough, so don’t go overboard.

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