How to Clean Chicken Poop from Grass in 4 Simple Ways

Raising chickens can be a dirty task sometimes. They are not intelligent enough to be trained to use a potty. They poop anywhere. Worse is messing your lawn, making it ugly and stinky. Fortunately, we have listed tips on how to clean chicken poop from grass.

There are many ways you can clean chicken poop on the grass. Here are various ways to achieve this:

How to Clean Chicken Poop from Grass

1. Picking and Raking

If the poop hasn’t penetrated too deep in the lawn, pick it up using gloves or rake it off. A fresh poop is better to pick since it’s large and well-formed.

Check out these gloves:

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If the manure has dried up, use a rake instead.

Check out this rake:

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2. Dilution

Dilution is the best way to solve pollution. Manure can have too dense layers to pick it up. The best way is to spray it with water until it dissolves.

Chicken poop contains nitrogen, and dilution washes it away. You can be lucky if the spring rains dilute it first, but the light rains can’t save you the task.

3. Scooping and Scraping

Probably you have some straws as beddings for the birds. Therefore, to get rid of the poop, you have to remove and replace the grass. Beddings foster bacteria, even if it is dirt soil.

Dirty bedding is also a home for parasites. After the clean-up, use a scraper to get rid of the remaining material and dispose of it in the compost site.

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4. Compost Anything Left

After raking and scooping all the manure, dispose of it in the compost site. Besides the poop, there is some grass collected which makes rich compost manure

Don’t mix the manure if you are raising various animals. For instance, cats’ and dogs’ manure is not appropriate to use as kitchen garden manure.

Can Chicken Poop Kill My Grass?

Chicken manure is among the best organic fertilizers your lawn can get. This is because they consume food rich in nutrients, such as pests. Therefore, it is unlikely to damage your grass.

However, chicken poop has a high concentration of nitrogen. Therefore, if the manure builds up in one area of your grass, it will burn up. Fresh manure is notorious for this!

Additionally, chicken poop fosters pathogens. Be cautious, especially if you are raising children and other pets besides chicken. That is why the experts don’t recommend the application of fresh manure for veggies either.

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How to Protect Your Grass from Chicken Poop

Chicken keepers often receive discouraging criticism. First, chickens will always ruin your beautiful lawn. Second, as most people believe, chickens are dirty birds. Surprisingly, the comments mostly come from people raised with chickens but still find it best to complain about raising chickens.

There is no harm in putting some rural sensation on your yard. And unlike in the past, we call them pets. But if not careful, chickens can finish off your grass with just a poop!

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Fortunately, you can keep both the flock and green grass, and here is how:

1. Avoid the Poop from Building Up

Some chickens eat grass, but not the entire yard. However, that’s not the case; it’s the poop from it. The highly nitrogen-concentrated manure can damage your grass if not well disposed of. The build-up gives your grass a chemical burn in just a week.

However, a small amount of manure is good for your lawn. If you evenly distribute the mess, it can be the cleanest and non-toxic way of raising your chickens. But it would be best if you still cleaned it regularly to avoid chemical burns.

2. Avoid pollution

The clean-up option doesn’t mean we can raise more chicken. Congesting your yard with more chicken will give you brown grass patches and sometimes bare. It is similar to having a farm shade as a yard. Therefore, keep the right number of chickens to have the same green view.

Some towns and cities have ordinances that allow a certain number of chickens and space to raise them. Most regulations specify that raising chicken should be done in confinements. This is to ensure that the chicken owners observe hygiene.

Unfortunately, chicken poop builds up in one area, however spacious the living area is. If you don’t clean the places regularly, it will kill both your grass and chicken.

Find out how many chicken you wish to raise and safe for your grass. Start with a little amount to know how you can manage cleaning the grass and the entire yard. This will help you protect your grass.

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3. Allow your Grass to Grow

Though the chicken manure is highly concentrated in nitrogen, it is not much effective on long grass. Contrarily, short grasses have higher chances of drying up and are more liable to manure destruction.

When mowing the grass, mulch the area rather than get rid of the scraps. Chicken love scratching just anywhere-it’s their favorite hobby! So when they scratch the mulch, they won’t reach the roots.

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How to Prevent your Chicken from Pooping on your Grass

So you shoo your chickens from your grass the entire day? These solutions will save you the energy and automatically keep off the chickens for you:

1. Chicken Fences

You can keep off the chicken from your lawn by building chicken fences. If you prefer natural and cheap chicken fences, consider wattle materials.

How to Prevent your Chicken from Pooping on your Grass

2. Chicken Wire

If you invest in a good chicken wire, consider your grass safe. This option is not attractive, but you can set it up in various ways.

3. Install Scarecrows and Predator Decoys

Chickens are like any other birds, and a scarecrow is a good way to keep them off.

ALLADINBOX Thanksgiving Decoration Metal Scarecrow

Chickens also fear large predators such as owls and hawks. Use similar predator decoys near your lawn to keep them off.

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4. Motion Sensor Sprinkler

A motion sensor sprinkler will spray water on your chickens whenever they get close to your grass. The problem’s that it senses the motion of any pet, adult, or child when they trigger the sprinkler.

FAQs About Cleaning Chicken Poop from Grass

How to keep chicken from killing grass

Plant strapping grass type put wheat and barley sprouts around the lawn, provide your chicken with dust bath or use chicken tractors.

What to do with chicken poop and straw

Straw is common for chicken bedding. Dispose of the poop mixed with straw in a compost bin for organic manure.

How to clean chicken poop off concrete

Scrap off the manure and spray it with a cleaning solution to clean the stains.

Chickens poop anywhere, especially where you don’t want to be messed with. Keeping them from pooping on your grass can be a challenging task.

However, this article will guide you on how to clean chicken poop from grass to satisfy both you and your birds.


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