How to Clean Aluminum Patio Enclosures in 7 Simple Steps

Aluminum patio enclosures are a great way to add outdoor living space to your home. But how do you keep them clean? It’s not as hard as it seems!

This blog post will give you some tips on how to clean aluminum patio enclosures and the best products for the job so that you can have a beautiful outdoor space all year long.

Aluminum patio enclosures create a beautiful, sleek look that can add to the exterior beauty of your home. They also provide a level of protection from bugs, rodents, and other elements. They do, however, require regular upkeep and cleaning.

Over time, aluminum patio enclosures can become dirty and damaged. While you can fix these problems by repainting the aluminum patio enclosure or replacing the screen, a thorough cleaning is always a good idea.

Here are some tips on how to keep your aluminum patio enclosure looking good for years to come.

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How to Clean Aluminum Patio Enclosures

Like all aluminum structures, aluminum patio enclosures need to be maintained. The good news is it’s not that hard! You can keep your aluminum patio enclosure looking new by following these simple steps every few months.

Before cleaning your aluminum patio enclosure, make sure it is turned off, the lights are unplugged, and that no one will be using it.

Chances are this step is already done, but it’s better safe than sorry!

Step 1. Sweep off the Debris

Use a broom to sweep away leaves, cobwebs, and other debris. You can also use a damp, soft cloth to wipe away any easily removable debris.

Step 2. Power Wash

Use a pressure washer with a soft brush attachment to wash the aluminum patio enclosure clean. Don’t forget to check understructure for any dirt or other items that may have gathered over time. Use a hose if you don’t have access to a power washer.

Power washing your aluminum patio enclosure will help remove grime from those hard-to-reach areas as well as the rest of your patio enclosure’s exterior surfaces. 

Remember: Pressure Washers are dangerous! Make sure you read and follow safety instructions.

Once you have finished power washing your aluminum patio enclosure, it is time to scrub the screens.

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Step 3. Scrub the Screen

Mix some dishwashing detergent in warm water and use a soft cloth to scrub the screen.

You can also use a handheld brush if you find that method more effective for removing debris from your screen mesh or screening panels. Wipe dry with a towel, microfiber cloth, or squeegee.

Ensure your cleaning solution is safe for aluminum screens before using it on your patio enclosure’s surfaces!

Some people prefer to use vinegar for this step but be cautious when spraying acidic solutions directly onto aluminum surfaces.

They can damage the metal if allowed to sit too long or at extremely high concentrations.

how to clean aluminum patio enclosures

Step 4. Wipe Down the Frame

Use a soft cloth to wipe down the aluminum frame of your patio enclosure, removing any debris that may have gathered on or near it. You can also use a power washer for this step but be careful not to damage the finish on your structure!

Also, remember that using compressed air will cause dirt and other particles in your surrounding to become airborne, so don’t do it indoors if possible!

Make sure there is ample ventilation when doing this step.

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Step 5. Prevent Fading

Sunlight can greatly fade both screens and metal surfaces over time if they are not properly maintained.

To prevent fading apply an auto wax formulated explicitly for aluminum surfaces to the metal parts of your patio enclosure.

Regular car wax is not strong enough and may ruin both the finish and look of your structure.

You can also apply a water-repelling agent, such as 303 High Tech Fabric Guard, which can help prevent fading. Water-Repelling Agents are a liquid that you spray on your screen mesh or panels (NOT aluminum) to make them stay clean for long.

These types of products are usually very effective but require re-application every several months to maintain maximum protection.

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Step 6. Slow the Wear of Metal Surfaces

If small scratches are already worn into our metal surfaces, you can polish them away using an automotive rubbing compound.

Apply a small amount of the product to a soft cloth and rub in circles over the scratched area.

Buff off any excess once you’re finished and follow up by applying an automotive wax to protect your metal surfaces for even longer!

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Step 7. Make sure everything is Dry

Use a soft towel or squeegee to dry your aluminum patio enclosure after you finish cleaning it.

If standing water is on the structure, use compressed air (with caution!) or a wet/dry vacuum to force out remaining moisture before drying the surface with towels, microfiber cloths, or squeegees.

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FAQ’s on Cleaning Aluminum Patio Enclosures

1. How Often Should I Clean My Aluminum Patio Enclosure?

As with any structure, it is essential to routinely maintain your patio enclosure to keep it looking great and performing well.

How often you’ll need to clean your structure will depend on how much time it spends outside, which areas are most exposed to debris, the quality of the screens/panels themselves, etc.

2. Is It Okay To Use Bleach On My Aluminum Patios?

Bleach is a relatively harsh chemical that can cause permanent damage to certain types of metal substrates, so you would not want to put it directly onto your screens!

If your screens are in good shape, pre-soaking them with a diluted bleach mixture may remove tougher stains.

However, it is always better to err on the side of caution and use a safer product with less potential for damaging your aluminum patio enclosure.
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3. How  Can I Remove Green Algae From Screen Enclosure?

This is a tough one to answer because the main ingredient that makes algae grow is sunlight, which also keeps screen enclosures clean.

If your enclosure screens are still relatively new and you don’t have other algae sources other than sunlight present (for example, pools), it should be easy to wipe away excess growth with soapy water and a squeegee or other tool.

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Keeping your Aluminum Patio Enclosure clean is very important. Without proper cleaning, you risk damage to both functional and cosmetic components of your structure.

Following the above steps on how to clean aluminum patio enclosures will not only keep your structure clean but also help prevent serious problems like corrosion!


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