How to Block Wind on Patio

You are relaxed on your patio, sipping coffee as you watch the sunset. And suddenly, strong winds blow, and you get into a battle of protecting utensils, furniture covers, and keeping your hair out of your face. To avoid such disaster in the future, get yourself ready to learn how to block wind on patio.

Wind can be the worst disrupter on the patio. Enjoying the fresh air is always impossible once the strong cold wind blows against you.

However, covering the patio isn’t embraced by many homeowners because they want to feel free and enjoy the view.

But what can one opt for to keep the patio safe and enjoyable? We got you covered. You will learn several patio wind block ideas that you can apply and not obstruct the view on this page.

With that said, note that the wind-blocking method you would use will depend on the kind of home you live in.

It isn’t wise to invest in a large permanent project if you live in a rented home. But if you have a permanent home, you’re good to make big investments.

Well, read on to learn how to block wind on patio. Some are DIY wind blockers.

How to Block Wind On Patio: Simple and Less Costly Ideas

1. Wooden Fence

A wooden fence can be very stylish to give your home an appealing look. You may decide to install timber slats in horizontal or vertical design to block the wind.

Luckily, timbers have a broad surface; therefore, they form a solid barrier if many slats are joined together.

Additionally, they will enhance privacy if you have nosy neighbors.

2. Install Patio Screens

Patio screens form a clear wind blocker for patio that leaves your view clear. In fact, they only obstruct a small percentage of the view.

Patio screens are a barrier between the patio interior and exterior to block wind, excessive heat, and other elements.

As such, patio screens get dirty with time but cleaning porch screens is just a simple do-it-yourself task.

3. Artificial Hedge Walls

It’s always discouraging to learn that you would wait for the shrub fence to grow and protect you from the wind. Some shrubs take several years to reach the desired height.

Thankfully, artificial hedge walls have foliage erected to act as a wind blocker and a decoration.

These walls are easy to maintain and durable for long-term outdoor use. Additionally, they have a thickened stainless steel planter box that is simple to install.

In summary, if you have been figuring out an easy way on how to block wind on deck, artificial hedge walls are the best choice.

4. Potted Plants

Investing in outdoor potted plants is the easiest way to fix the wind issue on your patio. Arrange the potted plants or shrubs appropriately, considering the wind direction.

On the other hand, go for concrete pots when sourcing the plants. Concrete pots are sturdy enough to resist even the strongest winds.

Further, go for plants with the appropriate height to cover the patio to the top.

5. Protect the Whole Yard With Windscreen Fence

A windscreen fence is another easy and cheaper method to protect your whole yard. Usually, they have a strong knitted design and are made of strong materials like polyethylene.

Further, the installation is easier along the fence, especially if you have planted shrubs fence that are yet to grow.

Ideally, buy a fence around 8 feet in height to effectively block the wind.

6. Go for Wind Blocking Patio Furniture

In most furniture shops, you will find specially-designed patio furniture that protects you from the wind.

Usually, they are heavy, and the back height is extended above the human head. As such, the back surface will act as a wind blocker if you arrange them in a circular order and set the tables at the center.

Patio sofas are the most common wind-blocking furniture. However, note that they may be costly to maintain compared to other types. 

7. Build a Concrete or Bricks Fence

A concrete or brick fence is durable and very strong for wind blockage. Unfortunately, building them can be a bit costly.

But if you live in regions that experience strong winds, a concrete or brick fence is the best investment for your home.

How to Block Wind on Patio

8. Plant Trees around the Patio and have a Shrub Fence

Shrubs or tall plants are a natural way to create a fence around your homestead or patio. On the other hand, you may decide to have trellises with climbing plants.

You will block the wind and give your home privacy with all the above methods. Ideally, plant some trees around the patio in addition. They, too, obstruct the wind.

9. Build a Bamboo Fence

Bamboos are unique plants that can create a good look on your patio. You can install a wooden frame rail and add some bamboo around the patio.

Luckily, when bamboo dries, they shrink to form gaps that can allow a little air and allow you to view the surroundings.

patio wind block

10. Install Roller Shades

You can install roller shades around the patio to protect your furniture from the elements. Secondly, they will protect you from wind during windy seasons.

Roller shades are easily raised or lowered with pulleys. You can also opt for electric controls to raise or lower them.

11. Install Clear Vinyl Canopies

Clear vinyl canopies are common among bars and restaurants for outdoor seating. They are just like large tarps that are waterproof and protect against UV lights.

As such, you can buy the idea and install them on your patio to block the wind. Luckily, they will never obstruct your view since they are clear.

12. Opt for Patio Blinds

Also known as roller awnings, you can use them if your region has mild winds. They are installed along the roof for easy adjustments.

FAQs About How to Block Wind on Patio

How Do I Protect My Patio From Wind and Rain?

The best way to protect the patio from rain and wind is to install patio shade and screens on the sides.

Does Lattice Stop Wind?

Lattice has small holes that allow little air in and block the strong winds with the whole material surface.

Do Patio Screens Block Wind?

Patio screens block wind and direct it to the roof if installed correctly. Also, they are clear hence a better view of the surrounding.

Use the above tips on how to block wind on patio and enhance your home’s safety and privacy.


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