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How to avoid snakes in your backyard

How to Avoid Snakes in your Backyard in 7 Ways

Snakes are not creatures you want to have around, but when they slither across your backyard, it means they have a good reason to be there. They are shy, vicious predators, whether venomous or not, and learning how to avoid snakes in your backyard will save you from the terror of encountering one.

Summer has arrived, and the scorching heat will drive the majority of these terrifying scaly creatures into your well-watered backyard, and whether you live in the suburbs or the city, there is a good chance you will come across one.

These simple, clever methods I’m about to share will help keep snakes out of your backyard.

How to Avoid Snakes in your Backyard

1. Get rid of the rodents

Snakes despise confrontation, especially with humans, and they would despise being disturbed in their natural habitat. They, too, are compelled to enter our yard, primarily searching for food.

Rodents are their favorite food, and if there are mice around, the snakes are likely to be lying around somewhere. It’s like walking into a McDonald’s and ordering your favorite bugger in the same way that snakes will let themselves into your yard.

Get rid of any pet food and anything edible for rodents, and the snakes will have no reason to visit.

2. Avoid overwatering your backyard.

Overwatering your yard will make it a good home for snakes. The excess water will attract prey such as frogs and lizards while providing a cool environment, especially during the hot seasons.

3. Changing your landscape

If you have a serious snake problem, you will be forced to change your landscaping. It is simple to make your property unsuitable for these creatures. By removing boulders and discontinuing mulching, you can alter the landscape. These locations offer adequate sun protection for snakes.

Mulching saves you time while tending to your garden, making it the best gardener’s friend. They are moist and dark, providing perfect cover for snakes from predators. They are also an excellent food source for snakes.

Even though mulching and rocks add aesthetic value to your backyard, they attract snakes.

4. Mow your grass

Snakes will use your grass as cover, knowing that their predators will not be able to see them.

I once saw a snake slithering through my backyard. My grass had grown tall while I was away for the holidays. I never saw the snake after mowing my lawn a few days later. Mowing your lawn at least once a week eliminates the snake’s hiding place.

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5. Install a perch pole

The best way to keep snakes away from your backyard is to welcome their predators. Owls and eagles will appreciate a perch pole as a safe landing spot.

Frequent visits from snake predators is a biological method that will work perfectly.

Snakes recognize that they are not at the top of the food chain and will flee if their life is threatened.

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6. Fence your backyard

Because most snakes are not good climbers, erecting a barrier around your backyard will keep snakes out. The fence can be made of steel mesh or a catch net, but it must be narrow enough to prevent any size snake from passing through it.

The snake-proof fence should be tall enough to keep them from climbing. Using this method with a combination of lemongrass around the fence while I was in California was very effective without changing the beautiful landscape of my yard.

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7. Move your bird feeder.

Rodents are attracted to messy areas, and because birds are messy eaters, they tend to scatter the feed around the feeder, attracting rodents, and where rodents get food, a snake is not far behind.

Furthermore, the constant songbird melodies will attract these frightening creatures, as they also relish birds as a meal.

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FAQs About Snakes

What keeps snakes away from your yard

There are numerous methods for keeping snakes out of your yard, but using ammonia or planting lemongrass is the most effective. If you decide to use ammonia, soak some in a rug, scatter it around your yard, or plant lemongrass.

Will cinnamon keep snakes away?

Snakes dislike the smell of cinnamon because they have a strong sense of smell; some people claim that they can taste the cinnamon scent with their tongue. Furthermore, cinnamon is one of the repellants approved by Animal and Plant Control for repelling snakes.

What does putting soap in your garden do?

Some insects can be eliminated by shaving soap in your garden. It’s a cheap way to make your pesticide, but it’s ineffective for getting rid of snakes in your yard.

Do snakes make holes in your yard?

Snakes cannot burrow a hole in your backyard, but they will happily live in one. Snakes will make themselves at home in rodent-dug holes.

Do snakes return to the same place?

Snakes are extremely familiar with their surroundings; they know where to find food and water, where to hide if startled, and where to avoid. They become at ease in these environments and may decide to make it their permanent home. As a result, if you relocate them nearby, they will eventually return to their original location.

What month do snakes come out?

In fact, snakes are more active in late autumn than at any other time of year. There are a lot of newborn snakes during this season. Because of their terrible parenting skills, their children frequently leave the house searching for food.

What should I do if I see a snake in my yard?

If you come across a snake and are unsure whether it is venomous or not, contact a pest control company. Meanwhile, make every effort to ensure that no one is harmed.

Despite their fearsome reputation, snakes perform a crucial part in our ecology; nonetheless, unless you want to keep them as pets, avoiding them in your backyard is less expensive than hiring a pest control company.

If you’ve ever visited California, you know that snakes are a prevalent concern in homes, but these tactics for how to avoid snakes in your backyard work effectively. Try a few or combine them all, and you won’t regret it. Please don’t give them a chance

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