How To Attract Deers To Your Yard

If you’ve ever seen deer in your yard, then you know how majestic they can be. However, if you want to attract them and keep them coming back for more, it’s essential to understand what attracts deer and why they come into yards in the first place.  By understanding how deer behave and communicate, you can use this information to your advantage.

Deer will come into a yard for many reasons. They may be hungry or looking for food, attracted by the smell of humans or pets, curious about new things in their environment, want a safe place to rest during the day when predators are out hunting, or just passing through. Since each reason for coming into a yard is different, so are the best ways to attract them and keep them interested in your property.

This blog post will tell you everything that you need to know about how to attract deer to your yard.

How To Attract Deers To Your Yard

There are various ways of attracting these beautiful creatures to your property. Let’s have a look at some of these ways.

1. Try Using Deer Attractants and Lures

Deer will be naturally attracted to their species, so using deer scents and lures is a great way of attracting them to your property. These can come in the form of natural smells like breath or urine from other animals. Plus, you can use synthetic lures designed for this purpose alone.

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The best time to apply these scents is during the rutting season or mating period. This is when deer are looking for a mate and will be more easily drawn to smells they recognize from other animals of their own species.

You can either apply these scents by either spraying them downwind from your yard, placing them in areas where you have seen signs of deer activity such as tracks, droppings, etc., or hanging them up high enough so that winding current can carry the scent into all corners of your property.

2. Planting Food Sources

Another great way to attract deer is by planting food sources that they like in your yard. This can include plants and flowers, as well as grains and nuts.

Of course, you will need a large yard with plenty of space for these types of plants if you want to keep the deer coming back on a regular basis.

Also, make sure that any trees or bushes provide enough shade so that it’s comfortable for them to sit under during the day without being too exposed where predators might spot them easily.

If there are no hiding places nearby, this may discourage their visit altogether since they won’t feel safe at such an open location overnight or throughout the daytime hours when hunters aren’t actively searching for prey. Keep this in mind when designing your yard.

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3. Creating a Water Source

Deer need to drink water just like we do, and they will travel far and wide for this purpose. If there is no natural source of clean drinking water nearby, deer may be attracted to your yard if you create an artificial one.

This could include something as simple as filling up the bird-bath with fresh water each day or installing a watering hole in your backyard right next to their favorite food sources.

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4. Use Salt Blocks to Attract deer

If you have ample space, you can also create salt blocks for deer to lick on.

This is especially beneficial if your yard isn’t near the natural minerals and nutrients that the deer need to stay healthy or attract a mate during mating season.

These types of blocks are usually placed into a holder so that they don’t get knocked over by other animals when they’re trying to access it at night.

Also, make sure these mineral licks aren’t too far from where the deer rest throughout the day.

This will discourage them from regularly visiting due to how cumbersome it would be getting there each time their body needs replenishing with salts and minerals.

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FAQ’s on How To Attract Deer To Your Yard

Q: Is Feeding Deer a Good Idea?

A:   If you’re already providing your yard with salt blocks and food sources, then it is a good idea to feed deer.

However, this should be done in moderation because it can cause the animals to become spoiled and unafraid of humans.

Q: How do I know when Deer are Attracted?

A: If there’s one thing that deer aren’t afraid of, it’s human contact!

So if they start coming around while you’re still outside or don’t run away as soon as they see you walking up to them during mating season (which happens from late fall through early spring), then chances are they like what they see at your house.

They may want more than just some fruit-bearing trees or plants; perhaps now is the time to try introducing them to salt licks or mineral blocks.

Q: How do I Keep Other Animals Away?

A: You can do a few things if you don’t want other animals coming around your yard.

For instance, deer won’t eat certain types of flowers and plants because they’re either poisonous or taste bad, so if you plant these in your garden, it will help keep some predators at bay (as well as the local rabbits) such as foxes and coyotes.

You could also put up motion-sensitive sprinklers alongside any edible food sources like fruit trees; this would scare off most smaller mammals who prefer not to get wet when eating their favorite foods!

Another option is putting out mothballs; these are known to deter many types of animals who find the scent unpleasant, but make sure you don’t place them too close to where deer like to eat or rest.

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Hopefully, now you’re better prepared for how to attract deer to your yard! By planting common food sources native to your area or creating salt blocks and watering holes just outside their normal habitat, it’s easy to bring these beautiful animals closer so they can be enjoyed up close.

Now all there is left to do is sit back with a glass of wine in the shade of an apple tree as you watch them feed or play among themselves.

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