How Many Sheds Can I Have on My Property

A shed adds an aesthetic look to the yard. But wait! The primary purpose of building a shed in the yard is to store items.

But how many sheds can I have on my property? The only thing many homeowners have in mind is that you can build a shed on the homestead. However, note that the authorities set rules and regulations regarding the number of sheds in a yard.

As that’s the case, we will focus on the number and the sizes of sheds you can build on your homestead. But note that the only way to remain safe is by confirming with your city’s relevant department because these rules vary depending on cities and states.

This writing will point out the most common factors that can affect the number of sheds in a yard.

So, how many sheds can one have on property? Read to the end.

multiple sheds in backyard

How Many Sheds Can I Have On My Property

In some cities, you can build only one shed in the yard. Whereas in some states like California, a maximum of two sheds is allowed.

If living in rural areas, you may be lucky to have as many sheds as you can, provided you observe the spacing rules.

Usually, urban areas have strict regulations and zoning rules due to the high population.

Although there are no global rules for shed placement, you can look at some of the key factors that may affect the number of sheds in your yard.

So, let’s dive in;

1. The Home Owners Association

Home Owners Associations (HOAs) are private organizations that enforce rules and regulations in a certain neighborhood.

Different regions have HOAs with their set of rules and regulations that the residents should follow. Normally, they have a hard book with written rules and regulations regarding shed building.

To avoid penalties and future problems, visit the department’s office and get clear information before proceeding with your project.

2. The backyard

Where can I place the shed on my property? It’s advisable to build your shed in the backyard. So, your backyard may determine the number of sheds you can build.

If you have a small backyard, you will have to look for an alternative because zoning rules may not allow you to set up structures closely.

See, you need some space to move around the yard and for air circulation.

3. The property line

Besides putting up the shed in the backyard, you should leave a space of ten (10) feet from the rear and fifteen (15) feet from the side property lines.

With that said, you can learn that this spacing reduces even more space. However, if you have a bigger yard, you may be safe, provided the local authorities don’t limit you.

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How Many Sheds Can I Have On My Property

4. Spacing from other buildings

Here we go! You have observed the property line and the backyard rules. But a 10 feet spacing from other buildings is also required.

So, if your local authorities allow you to observe the spacing and build as many sheds as possible, you may be lucky.

5. The condition of the yard

If the yard is slopy, putting up many sheds may not be safe because the foundations may not be firm enough.

On the other hand, at the bottom of a slopy yard is not an area to put up many sheds. You may end up tampering with the drainage.

What to do to Comply With the Rules

The safest step is to apply for a permit when you need to build a shed. You will learn all the regulations in the zoning department offices before getting the permit.

That aside, the department will send an inspector who will visit and guide you on the HOA and the municipality rules.

Depending on your area zoning rules, the inspector may advise on the sizes and the numbers of the sheds you can build.

What if Your Shed Doesn’t Require a Permit?

The maximum shed size you can build without a permit is 100 square feet in many states. However, you can build without a permit if it’s the first shed in the yard. When you plan on building the second shed, you will have to apply for a permit.

To remain safe, you can visit the offices or consult them online during the construction of the first shed. That way, it will be easy to plan and budget for the second shed.

Other Factors that Determine Shed Permit Application

The Intended Purpose

If you plan to convert the shed into your living house or business house, you must have a permit.

That aside, if you intend to install plumbing and electricals, you also need a permit from the relevant department.

The Weather

If you live in a sensitive area, such as a snow area, you will have to apply for the permit and build a firm foundation for the shed.

FAQs On How Many Sheds Can One Have on Property

How Many Sheds Can I Have on My Property in California?

In California, you are allowed to build only two sheds per yard. Further, the sheds should not be more than 120 square feet. Also, they should be spaced at least 3 feet from each other.

What’s the Biggest Shed I Can Have Without Planning?

One hundred square feet is the maximum shed size you can build without a permit. However, if it’s the second shed in your yard, you need a permit.

Can I Build a Shed Next to My Neighbours Fence?

You aren’t allowed to place a shed less than 10 feet from the fence.

So, how many sheds can one have on the property? Visit your local zoning department office and request the shed regulations hard book.

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