How Close to Property Line Can I Build a Shed?

A shed is a nice addition to the yard. Although you may have a large garage, don’t be convinced that the space will be abundant at all times.

As a homeowner, you store small items, and with time you discover you have no space left, it’s time to build a shed!

However, shed placement along the yard can be an issue. Local authorities are keen on the building of structures. And if they fail to spot you, your neighbor may be alert to report you.

So, how close to property line can I build a shed? Well, the distance from the property line may be determined by several factors. First, you have to consider the purpose of building a shed.

Do you want to store items, use it as a living room, or make it an office? To my surprise, I learned a friend had turned her shed into an entertainment room_ quite amazing.

Read on to learn various regulations on placing a shed near property line.

How Close to Property Line Can I Build a Shed

Every city, municipality, or state has its regulations on building sheds. However, most municipalities recommend placing a shed 10 feet from the rear property line and 15 feet from the side property line.

A rear property line refers to the furthest and opposite sides of the front property line. Usually, we use the front side as an entrance and a playing area for kids.

For that reason, authorities recommend building sheds at the rear and side property lines.

On the other hand, the side property lines connect the rear and front property lines. Most of the time, they are the borders to our neighbors. But in another case, they may also border a private road that connects to the neighborhood.

how far from property line can i build a shed

Reasons for Observing Rear and Side Property Lines Regulations

The municipality and the Home Owners Associations may have set these rules for various reasons. And besides the authorities, you also need to maintain peace with the neighbors.

Here are some of the reasons;

1. Privacy

A shed that is close to the property line may tamper with the neighbor’s privacy. Working or relaxing in the shed within the neighbors’ fence may create a feeling of privacy lacking by your neighbors.

You will easily hear the neighbor’s communications, especially if they have guests. Other times, some domestic quarrels also need to be private.

2. Blocking the view

At times, the area around the property line needs to be free because of the view. People love sitting on the balcony to enjoy the sun and the breeze, especially during afternoon hours.

If your shed is too close and tall, you may block the view and end up in chaos with the neighbors.

3. Leaves and rain falling on the neighbor’s compound

A shed roof can cause trouble with the neighbors. The water may flow from the roofing and drop on the neighbor’s compound when it rains.

On the other hand, the wind can also blow leaves on the shed roof and litter the neighbor’s yard.

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4. The Back Side May Turn Damp

Usually, when the shed is too close to the fence, the back area may lack sunlight or fresh air. With time, it gets damp, and as a result, inside the shed may be uncomfortable to relax.

Additionally, the damp smell may cross to the neighbor’s compound and cause discomfort.

5. Damage to the Fence

During the building and painting of the shed, you may damage the fence or stain it with paints. This can lead to an ugly look in your yard and the neighbors.

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Legal Actions Your Neighbours May Take

If you put up your shed too close to the property line, you may be lucky to have neighbors who speak up. And once the neighbors speak to you about shed placement rules, it’s wise to visit the zoning departments and obtain a copy of the regulations.

However, the neighbors may report you to the authority if you fail to make corrections. In many cities, they allow the neighbors to report within 21 days.

Afterward, the municipality takes another 21 days to investigate and examine if you have observed the regulations.

Unfortunately, if the shed doesn’t meet the standards, you will have to rebuild it after facing charges.

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The Good Action You Can Take Before Building the Shed

Mostly, homeowners reserve the central part to swap it with grass despite the small space. This is the area kids mostly use as a playing zone.

The best step is to communicate with your neighbors if you have to build closer to the boundary.

If they are comfortable with you building the shed, you can get a written agreement from them. Note that this will happen after several considerations like;

  • They are comfortable with their privacy.
  • They have an optional side for their view from their home.
  • They are aware of the mess the shed roof may cause by littering their compound. At this point, you can make changes to the roofing plan to ensure you don’t collide with them.

Afterward, visit the local municipality’s office and present the document for consideration. You will also have to get the permit to build the shed, which is charged.

Also, visit the Home Owners Association to notify them of the agreement.

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Other factors to consider when building a shed near the property line

If the fence and tree branches touch the shed, they can scratch the paint and block air circulation. This factor is essential if you intend to store cereals inside or use it as a living house.

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Also, check for drainage to avoid floods during rainy seasons.

FAQs About How Close to Property Line Can I Build a Shed

How Close Can a Shed be to a boundary?

Build the shed 10 feet from the rear and 15 feet from the side property lines. But note that rules vary depending on municipalities.

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How Close Can I Build to My Neighbour’s Boundary?

Consider a spacing of 15 feet from the boundary or agree with the neighbor if otherwise.

Do I Need Permission to Build a Shed?

You need a permit from local authorities to build a shed.

How close to property line can I build a shed? At least 15 feet is recommendable. But consult with your local authority to avoid future problems.

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