3 Heavy Outdoor Furniture for Windy Areas

We fancy beautiful, lightweight furniture so much so that they have become a common place in our homes. But when it comes to setting up a cozy and comfortable patio in a windy area, weight is such a huge factor that you simply can’t ignore it.

If you walk into a workshop, identify a piece of furniture, and hoist it with ease, move on.

You need furniture type designed to stand against the wind, not a piece that will blow away over the edge of your fence or scatter all over the place leaving your patio looking messy and completely out of place.

And the best patio furniture of windy areas shouldn’t just be heavy-duty to stand against the force of a blowing storm. The set should also be rustproof to stand up to the elements that would otherwise rust.

In this guide, we look at some of the heavy outdoor furniture for windy areas that you can bring home for a perfect patio setup.

3 Types of Heavy Outdoor Furniture for Windy Areas

The following are the three types of outdoor furniture to consider if you have your patio set up in a windy area:

1. Fire Tables with Wide Margins

Instead of adding just a heavy-duty table to your outdoor patio, why not consider a fire table instead.

A fire table is a good furniture piece that features a combination of a dining table and a fire pit. While it’s not necessarily a must-have, it can transform the look of your patio and make it such a cozy space to spend time, especially if you want to keep enjoying the glory of the outdoors in winter.

To be clear:

You can’t go for just any fire table if you live in a windy region. It’s best to go for an option with wider lips and large platforms. The wide margins will keep the flame away from people if the wind ever shifts the flame in any direction.

The Benefits of a Fire Table

There’s more to a fire table than just the enhancement of the patio ambiance. Beyond making the space look great, the unit also provides warmth in the outdoor space the same way a patio heater does. And that makes it possible for you and your loved ones to spend time outdoors even in the cold season.

Fire tables are better than traditional fireplaces. If anything, they are not only easy to maintain but also their flame intensity is easy to control.

Because they use natural gas from the household line, you won’t need to burn propane to get this to work. And that means you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes heating the air and making people in the patio area uncomfortable.

Example of the Best Fire Table to Buy

Outland Living Series 403-Slate Fire Table

Outland Living 403 fire table provides enough heat to warm up the patio space to keep everyone psyched up for drinks and bites on the patio.

Its stainless steel burner can provide heat capacity as high as 50,000 BTU, which is sufficient to provide warmth to the patio and its surrounding. 

2. Barstools

From a distance, barstools look like the kind of furniture piece that wind can easily blow away. It’s only until you look at the design structure closely that you realize how significant the pieces can be in an outdoor patio often subject to wind blows.

Designers build them in such a way that they don’t include a back for the wind to catch on. And given that these outdoor stools are easy to store away, you can stow them under a counter or backyard shed, especially if the wind is likely to turn into a storm.

Because they’re made of wrought iron and steel, with legs that spread out evenly for maximum stability, barstools tend to be sturdier than chairs with lattice back, making them an option to add to the outdoor patio space.

What is a Barstool Exactly?

A barstool is a tall chair with a footrest. They are taller and narrower than standard chairs. And it’s common to find them in bars and pubs.

Since a barstool is a versatile piece of furniture, you can even include it in your outdoor patio, especially if you have a high table set in place.

From a construction standpoint, barstools are no doubt one piece of art with a solid build. Made of either metal or wood, they can come with or without armrests, and the ones without padded backs are the best for windy patios.

Floor mounted and swivel barstools are quite common in commercial settings. You, too, can bring a similar concept to your outdoor space, but keep in mind that floor mounting the stool makes it immovable.

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The Benefits of Barstools

A barstool without armrests allows you to move, perch, and sit as you enjoy the breathtaking outdoor space.

Designed to encourage active sitting, a barstool can strengthen your back muscles and core, which goes a long way to enhance comfort.

For what it’s worth, a barstool adds a unique piece of furniture to the space, giving you the flexibility to sit in style. Plus, they add that color tone that nicely blends into your current décor, making the space look breathtakingly outstanding.

Speaking of standing up to strong wind, barstools don’t have the back for wind to blow, so they won’t fall in the event of wind. 

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The Problem with Barstools

As good as these furniture pieces are, they’re obviously the worst idea for a home that has elderly people.

That’s because their height is a huge problem for seniors struggling with mobility. Even kids will find them too difficult to climb and will find them less valuable for the most part. 

Barstools with armrests don’t make the best furniture piece to add to your outdoor patio. Keep in mind that they’re narrow.

And while having the armrests can seem like a good thing, it makes moving in and out of the stool far more difficult than it should. 

Example of Barstools to Buy Right Now

KATDANS Bar Stools Set of 2-Swivel Bar Stools 

KATDANS Bar Stools feature 24 to 30 inches seating height and a leather padded seat. The set is common in bar and pub spaces, but you can also add it to your outdoor patio as one of the heavy outdoor furniture for windy areas.

The retro and vintage look is definitely outstanding. They’ve embellished the pattern of the backrest with a solid bar.

And while it’s not nearly as colorful as some chairs out there, the ornate details add some nice touch to the existing outdoor décor.

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3. Outdoor Chairs with Lattice Back

The number one rule when choosing a furniture piece for the outdoor is to keep in mind that if the piece can catch in the wind, it will definitely blow away. So instead of looking for furniture that is just aesthetic décor to your outdoor patio, consider something that doesn’t budget easily.

We recommend choosing chairs that have decorative cutout and lattice surfaces. Even if you think they somewhat look like low-profile types of seats, they don’t have the surface for the wind to blow away.

Think about a sail on a ship for a moment. What exactly happens if it’s torn? It simply won’t catch the wind, making it impossible for the wind to blow the ship in a given direction.

It’s the same concept with outdoor chairs with lattice back. Since there are many cutouts, the wind doesn’t have a sturdy surface to land on. As such, the chair can’t catch in the wind and fly off.

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What is a Lattice Chair?

A lattice chair is a furniture piece inspired by the waterfall design model. In a way, the lattice patterns symbolize the magnificence of the combination of bamboo and wood.

It brings back to life the fusion of Western and Eastern culture, adding something a lot more extravagant that would have otherwise disappeared long after furniture architecture evolved.

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The intertwining of wood and bamboo delivers a firmness that’s foreign to many furniture pieces. With their weight toned down to 8.8 pounds, outdoor chairs with lattice back are some of the most lightweight furniture pieces you’ll come by.

Despite such a significantly lower weight, the chairs are strong enough to carry more than 260 pounds of user weight.

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The Best Lattice Chair Brand

Stakmore Lattice Back Folding Chair Finish

Stakmore designs some of the best outdoor chairs with lattice back. They feature solid wood construction with enough lattice cutouts on the back to allow as much wind to flow.

Some of the models fold down to the size as small as 7.5 inches, making them easy to store away when not in use. 

Large outdoor Wolf statues

It’s common to look for the same characteristic that you value in indoor furniture when selecting pieces for your outdoor patio or space.

While that’s a perfect approach, you also have to determine whether the furniture pieces you wish to buy can endure the exposure to the cruel outdoor weather.

Of course, there’s no 100% weatherproof patio furniture pieces, but the models made in such a way to stand against harsh, windy condition can be quite useful for the outdoor space. 

Personal preference is also an essential consideration to make when looking for heavy outdoor furniture for windy areas. You don’t want to buy a furniture piece simply because it can stand up to the blowing wind.

You also should consider whether the color would blend well into each other to create a space you would want to spend most of your time.

Even if you don’t care about décor decoration that much, at least make sure every furniture piece that you buy is so heavy enough that even a strong wind can’t easily blow it away or cause it to tip over.


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