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St Augustine

St. Augustine grass is one of the most popular turf grasses in the southern United States. Its coarse texture and deep green color make it a favorite for home and commercial landscapes.

But what exactly is St. Augustine grass? Here are five things you should know about this versatile turfgrass:

  • St. Augustine grass is coarse-textured with a very thick grass blade that rounds at the top and becomes more compacted towards the soil.
  • St. Augustine is a stoloniferous species that roots at the nodes. It produces above-ground runners (stolons) that can quickly spread to form a dense lawn.
  • It is tolerant of high summer temperatures and keeps its color at temperatures as much as 10 degrees lower than Bermuda grass. This makes it a great choice for hot, sunny climates.
  • One of the most shade-tolerant grasses, St. Augustine, will still thrive in areas that receive less than six hours of direct sunlight per day.
  • Highly tolerant of soil salinity—salty soils—in comparison to zoysia or bermudagrass, St. Augustine is a good choice for coastal regions or areas with high water tables.

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