Golf Statues for the Yard

4 Best Golf Statues for the Yard

I’ve loved to watch golf games from when I was 16. And while I’ve never participated in an actual game, I find the sport intriguing, inspiring, informative, and entertaining. That’s why I have some of the best golf statues on my TV stand as well as in my yard.

If you’re anything like me, you just might want to spruce up your yard with some of the well-made golf sculptures. These idols can add some coziness to your yard, making a more inviting space for you and your loved ones.

Beyond making your yard a beautiful space to behold, golf statues for the yard are an emblem of a challenging course, a tribute to your favorite player, or a historical moment in the sport’s history. It may also represent a theme that means something personal to you, with the bottom line being that it adds some clearly visible value to your yard.

With that said, here are some of the best golf statues that are worth adding to your yard:

Napco Bronze Man Golfer Resin Stone Statue
HAUCOZE Golf Figurine Statue Golfer Decoration Sculpture Polyresin Arts Gifts Black 9.6 inch
Twig & Flower The Great Golfing Gnome 9" Gnomes Decor The Mini Gnomes Hand Painted Garden Gnome -...
Napco Bronze Man Golfer Resin Stone Statue
HAUCOZE Golf Figurine Statue Golfer Decoration Sculpture Polyresin Arts Gifts Black 9.6 inch
Twig & Flower The Great Golfing Gnome 9" Gnomes Decor The Mini Gnomes Hand Painted Garden Gnome -...
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Amazon Prime
Napco Bronze Man Golfer Resin Stone Statue
Napco Bronze Man Golfer Resin Stone Statue
Amazon Prime
HAUCOZE Golf Figurine Statue Golfer Decoration Sculpture Polyresin Arts Gifts Black 9.6 inch
HAUCOZE Golf Figurine Statue Golfer Decoration Sculpture Polyresin Arts Gifts Black 9.6 inch
Amazon Prime
Twig & Flower The Great Golfing Gnome 9" Gnomes Decor The Mini Gnomes Hand Painted Garden Gnome -...
Twig & Flower The Great Golfing Gnome 9" Gnomes Decor The Mini Gnomes Hand Painted Garden Gnome -...

Best Golf Statues for the Yard Reviews

1. Napco Bronze Man Golfer Resin Stone Statue

Napco Man Golfer is a piece of creative art for those who love golf sports as well as those who would like to add a little charm to their yard.

Featuring a male golfer ready to take their tee short, the Napco statue is a perfect sculpture that you use as a representative figure of your favorite golf player.

Napco Imports designers have done a great job on the design of this sculpture. To begin with, the sculpture is made of high quality resin, a material often used to make some of the most durable sculptures for gardens and yards.

And the addition of intricate details makes it a true representation of a male golfer doing their thing. Add to this the rustic bronze finish, and what’s for the price is a statue that can stand up to elements quite well.

At 9 inches tall, Napco isn’t the biggest stone statue out there. Still, it can be such a huge attractive figure if you place it where it’s fully visible.


  • Good for including in a yard with furniture
  • Made of high quality resin for strength and durability
  • A gift for golf lovers who want to keep some symbol that represent their favorite players
  • Ideal for small yards
  • You can also add it to your patio furniture to spruce up the décor


  • Some people may find the color to be too dull
  • It’s too small to include in a large yard

2. VELIHOME Golfer Figurine Vintage Figure Statue

Here’s a more laidback golf statue that you can use to add some figurative decoration to the outdoor furniture pieces in your yard.

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VELIHOME isn’t the most colorful statue that you’ll come across, but it’s a creative golf ornament that can add a great tone to your space.

It features a figurative player swinging a golf club, signaling that they’ve already taken their tee short and watching to see where the ball lands. In addition to a creative blend of the player and their golf club, VELIHOME makes this sculpture in such a way that it doesn’t easily fade and can therefore survive the outdoor environment.

VELIGHOME Golfer Vintage Figure Statue for the yard features a durable, high quality hand-made construction. Ideally, the material used for the design is eco-friendly resin. There are even beautiful lines on the statue, which add a detailed expression of uniqueness and creativity.

The surface of this golf statue for the yard is smooth and soft to the touch. It’s best when placed on an outdoor table, although you can also have it indoors on a desk or place it on a TV stand.

Overall, we do think that enough workmanship has gone into the project to make this one of the best statues that you can buy.

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  • A beautiful sculpture that makes a perfect gift for golf lovers
  • Made of eco-friendly durable resin for strength and durability
  • It’s affordable enough for its size


  • It may be too small for some people 

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3. HAUCOZE Figurine Statue Golf

Are you someone who loves the game of golf so much that you wouldn’t mind including such sculptures in your yard? You might want to consider investing in the HAUCOZE Figurine Statue Golf.

Albeit small in size, it looks charmingly beautiful and more inviting. Plus it goes only for under $40, making it one of the cheapest yet thoughtfully crafted golf statues to buy.

Different golf statues mean different things to different people. For example, HAUCOZE designed this to symbolize friendship, sunshine, and green.

You can add to your yard to mean something completely different, like health or a positive mindset. Or you can just include it as a decoration that reminds you of the value of the sports.

Great for adding a little extra scenic spot, this golf statue can make a good addition to your outdoor furniture or you can place it anywhere in your yard provided it’s clearly visible.

It’s actually made of high-grade polyresin and features a golf club made of iron. The two materials make this golf statue strong and durable, not to mention element resistant.

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  • It’s 24 cm long, so it should be clearly visible from a great distance
  • Made of polyresin and iron for strength and durability
  • Bright and colorful – can add some scenic tone to your yard
  • Lead free and also perfect for outdoor use even when the weather get uglier 


  • Doesn’t have a wide base
  • Limited color options available

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4. Great Golfing Gnome Golf Statues

The Great Golfing Gnome Golf Statue looks absolutely stunning from a distance. And it’s good enough for adding some colorful tone to your yard.

It’s a sculpture that represents an old golfer who has been in the game for a long time. The great simplicity of the sculpture is so inviting that the statue makes a great gift that makes your yard a space you want to spend more time in.

Speaking of design, everything, from the charming face all the way down to the plaid of the shoes, is handcrafted. Because the statue is made of high quality polyresin, you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

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Given that the material is element resistant, you never have to bring it indoors from the yard during the extremely cold, icy, and snowy seasons. 

This gentleman statue is a little over nine inches tall. Why isn’t the greatest height we’ve seen of a golf statue? This sculpture is big and beautiful enough to notice even from a distance.

Even the golf and the club do match quite well. Place it on the green grass in your yard and see just how beautiful it looks.

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  • Weather resistant
  • Colorful work of art
  • Matches with green grass quite well
  • It’s easily noticeable from a distance

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More expensive than the other options in this list

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While there are many golf statues for the yard that you can buy for cheap, these are the best ones that you should consider first. Their artists are no doubt creative.

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And given that they have spent months and years to perfect their creative art, all you have to do is enjoy their creativity rather than re-inventing the wheels.

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