Does Thermacell Patio Shield Work

Does Thermacell Patio Shield Work

Mosquitoes can make your life a living misery. They’ve been the bane of my existence this summer, I swear. Last summer, it was nearly hard to take in the splendor of the sunset. I kept smacking myself. Until I thought I’d found an answer.

It turns out that slathering mosquito repellant on my skin wasn’t the greatest remedy after all. It was a mess. I got bug spray, but it was ineffective. Desperate for a solution, I also tried citronella candles, which performed wonderfully but required many of them.

Thermacell shield, on the other hand, was a lifesaver; it was both effective and efficient. For those skeptical, let us attempt to answer the question, “Does Thermacell patio shield work?”

Does Thermacell Patio Shield Work

How does it work

The patio thermacell shield is usually a sleek cylindrical design, and if you’ve seen one before, you’ll know what it’s for. However, if you are unfamiliar with thermacell technology, please let me explain. Thermacell technology is classified into two types: fuel-powered technology and battery-powered technology.

The thermacell mosquito repellent gadget is powered by a fuel cartridge containing liquid butane, which ignites for 12 hours and heats a repellant mat that lasts up to 4 hours. The flame is contained, so you don’t have to worry about blowing away or burning yourself. It repels mosquitoes without the need for electricity. Furthermore, it provides a 15-by-15-foot invisible, odor-free shield.

The tiny, safe flame warms the allethrin-soaked repellant pad. The pad takes around 15 minutes to warm up and actively release the repellent. The device is about the size of a Coke can and has slots around it to hold extra repellent mats.

Once the repellent has been used up, the blue mat repellant will turn white, and you will need to replenish it after four hours. It also contains a little lamp that signals when the shield is active, so you can confidently put on your shorts and sandals and sit on your patio.

This small harmless glow will cease to produce a pulsing glow and instead emit a solid glow, indicating that the shield is activated.

The shield created will paralyze these small flying vampires even before they get a chance to come close to you.

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How to use

Using this device is simple. You will have to unwrap the mosquito repellent mat from the wrapper. Then insert the mat under between the grill and the heating area. The grill secures it in place until it’s time to change.

Pop the bottom cap of the cylinder and then screw in the fuel cartridge into the device. And with a simple turn of its base, you are ready to cast away the mosquitoes like a demon. Once there is an orange light under the grill, you will know the device is starting to work its magic.

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1. Simple to use

What most pleased me about the Thermacell shield is that I don’t need to plug it in or charge it to use it. It is simple to use; twist it on and let it work its charm.

2. Safe for humans

I used to sneeze when I used the mosquito’s repellant spray. So, I was initially skeptical of using this device, thinking it would have the same effect as the spray. I was surprised I couldn’t even notice that the repellant mat was burning. It is completely safe for humans.

3. Secure tiny flame

Furthermore, I didn’t have to be concerned about the dangers of an open flame. You don’t have to keep an eye on it because the tiny flame is secure. It also works faster and lasts longer than conventional mosquito repellents.

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1. Not safe for pets

It’s a perfect device, yet it has a few flaws. For pet owners, the Thermacell shield is hazardous to their pets. As a result, you will need to segregate your pets when using the device. It, on the other hand, causes no harm to humans.

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2. Ineffective in windy conditions

On windy days, the thermacell shield will also be rendered ineffective. Even these bloodthirsty aerial monsters won’t stand a chance in the wind.

The main drawback to the Thermacell is the need to replace the mats regularly.

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FAQs About Thermacell Shield

Is thermacell safe for dogs

When your outdoor space is not enclosed, it is okay to use thermacell around your pets; however, in an enclosed space, thermacell can cause harm to your pet, and you will have to keep your pets away from the thermacell range, especially cats and fish.

How long does a thermacell shield last?

Thermacell shield will be up as long as there is fuel in the thermacell fuel cartridges, which usually lasts up to 12hour of continuous use.

Is thermacell safe to breathe

Thermacell is non-toxic and scent-free, and you wouldn’t even notice it’s on. It uses allethrin instead of DEET, which is likely to cause allergic reactions in some people.

Can you eat around a thermacell?

Thermacell is an excellent mosquito repellant. You can enjoy a nice meal on your patio without being bothered by mosquitoes. However, thermacell can’t be used too close to your meal or drink.

What is the active ingredient in thermacell?

The active ingredient in thermacell is allethrin, it’s a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers that is odor-free, and it’s better than sprays and lotion repellants that use pyrethrin.

Does Thermacell patio shield work? Try it out, grab one, and boldly put on your shorts and sandals to enjoy the evening on your patio. You’re ready to see if it works with a simple turn at the base. Offer yourself as a snack and watch to see if any of these vexing bloodthirsty insects show up.

Many people are curious about the effectiveness of the Thermacell shield. All I can say is that if you want to spend your summer on your patio without smacking yourself or engaging in other nasty activities that hinder you from enjoying your dinner outside, this is the way to go. Then a Thermacell shield might be a good option.

There will be no more irritating sprays or expensive fast-burning candles. A mosquito repellent that has no odor and lasts for a long time. What could possibly be better?


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