Decorative drain covers for patios

4 Best Decorative Drain Covers for Patios

Drain covers are simple designs constructed of reinforced concrete, cast iron, or a mix of the two, and they are an eyesore on your patio. As a result, as people’s artistic tastes evolved and their desire for a beautiful patio grew, they attempted to vary the pattern, shape, and color of the drain cover.

Drain covers are essential because they keep your dogs and children from falling into the drain hole. Consider getting a permit to modify the drain cover on your patio before you decorate it. This will save you bucks from the water utility company. This article will concentrate on some of the best decorative drain covers for patios.

Decorative Drain Covers for Patios 

1. Using plants to disguise the cover

Plants are the most effective approach to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Plants provide an infinite number of decorative options.

Plain pot plants are the finest alternative because they are simply mobile in case the water utility provider comes to open the lid. Plants with large hanging leaves are ideal since they will conceal the location. Plant pots are ideal since they allow you to rearrange them regularly, resulting in a new design.

A grass lid can also be used. If your patio is surrounded by grass, this is an excellent way to conceal a drain cover. In this ornamental idea, there are two options: actual grass or artificial grass. This is entirely your decision.

However, I would recommend using genuine grass because it merges in wonderfully. To accomplish this, you must replace the cover with a tray-style cover. Add dirt and grass to the mix, and you’ve got a drain cover hidden.

Potted trees for patio

2. Include mosaic art.

Garden art can be used to add a variety of decorative concepts to your preference. These styles and colors will ensure that your drain cover is the beauty queen by shouting its presence rather than hiding it.

This can be accomplished by either replacing the complete lid with an artistic cover or by adding a larger decorated lid on top of the basic one. Always check with water utility companies to see if this is permitted.

3. Hide the drain under fountains and birdbath

One of the most visually appealing and attractive ways to conceal your drain cover. This is the atomic bomb of stylish solutions to cover your drain, especially if you enjoy bird watching. These feathered visitors, joined by their sweet singing, might help you forget about the unsightly location.

If the distraction isn’t enough, hide the whole lid at the base with potted plants, particularly trellises with climbing plants.

Kante weathered concrete birdbath is heavy, nicely painted and survives harsh weather, and will blend in wonderfully with your patio. Covering the drain in this magnificent way will enhance the appearance of your patio.

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4. Use artificial stone

An ingenious method to embellish your drain cover. The fake rocks look so real that you won’t realize until you try to lift them.

These imitation pebbles completely conceal the unattractive drain cover. These appear to be natural boulders; however, they are hollow and light.

They serve as an excellent disguise for the environment. They are easily moveable, allowing for drain repairs and maintenance.

Outdoor rock sculptures

Frequently Asked Questions on Drain Covers for Patios

How do you cover drainage?

Cover it with plants. Before planting, cover the container’s drainage hole with a material that allows water to drain freely while keeping the potting soil in place. A broken piece of pottery or a little square of fine mesh screen are two examples.

Cut a little mesh screen to fit inside the pot’s bottom. Metal mesh can rust, however plastic mesh does not. You may also use old plastic fly screens. Large irregular-shaped pebbles will cover the opening but not prevent water from draining.

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Can you cover a drain in your garden?

Drain covers can detract from the appearance of a landscape. It can be decorated with paintings, plants, and garden accessories such as birdbaths and ponds.

Before you begin, make sure you have the authorization to change the cover. Because the water utility provider demands access to all drains, any modification cannot be permanent.

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Can I put gravel over a manhole cover?

Yes, you can, if you’re paving over a drain inspection chamber, you can conceal it by making a recessed cover over it. You might either fill a manhole cover with gravel or buy one that can be covered with turf.

Can I pave over a manhole cover?

Recessed manhole cover

To be more specific, you will require a recessed manhole cover, which will provide you with a depth within the cover itself, allowing you to pave inside. While the majority of manhole covers are rectangular (600x450mm), you may have a square 600x600mm drain cover.

How do you find a manhole cover?

Covered manholes can be frustrating to locate. Manholes are often shallow and easy to locate with a metal detector.

What are drain covers made from

Drain covers used to be made of cast iron, concrete, or a combination of the two, which made them hefty. However, they are now produced from a range of materials, including polypropylene, one of the lightest and most durable materials

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When it comes to making your patio look like Eden, there are a few things to consider. It is critical to consider even the smallest element to improve the overall appearance.

As a result, you should not leave anything to chance. Use a decorated drain cover instead of an unsightly drain cover, or repurpose an old drain cover by painting it.

A decorative patio drain allows you to properly complement the patio’s environment while maintaining a high level of aesthetic appeal. Allow a fashionable drain cover to be your diamond, just as diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

When it comes to outdoor drain covers decoration, there are many possibilities. Let this buddy aid you in beautifying your patio; the best decorative drain covers for patios bring out the best in your patio.

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