Cheapest Way to Fence a Yard for Dogs

Did you know that close to 10 million dogs and cats disappear every year? Dogs are great pets, but they can also be a bit of a nuisance. Whether you have one or two dogs, you will need to develop some barrier that prevents them from wandering off into the street or digging holes in your garden.

If you are looking for a way to keep your dog within the yard, it is time to invest in a fence. Yard fencing can be expensive, but some cheaper options will still work well enough to prevent the dogs from wandering off.

In this post, we talk about cheapest way to fence a yard for dogs.

5 Cheapest Ways to Fence a Yard for Dogs

PVC netting Dog Fences

PVC netting is an inexpensive option that will keep your dog in the yard. The great thing about this fencing material is that it is easily customizable, so you can make sure to create any fence size to suit your needs.

The rigid material offers two-way visibility while maintaining its structural integrity, making it possible for pets on either side to see through but not penetrate the fence perimeter.

Although it does not provide a complete enclosure, it will keep your dog safe in the backyard.

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Chicken Wire Dog Fencing

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to fence your yard for dogs is with chicken wire. You can install this type of fencing by stapling it along the top, bottom, and sides of poles hammered into place around your yard.

Chicken wire fencing is ideal for smaller yards. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to protect small gardens like flowers or vegetable patches from roaming dogs, chicken wire can be helpful.

Caveat: it does not protect against stray dogs or other bigger animals that could jump over it.

Chain Link Fence for Yard

A chain-link fence is a brilliant option for affordable dog fencing. The cost of materials for this type of fence is cheaper than other types, and the installation can be done independently without hiring a contractor or installing company.

You can also modify this fence to fit any particular need. Not only is the fence cheaper and more durable, but you can also add a gate for convenience.

Although the fence may not be as beautiful, you can plant safe, fast-growing climbing vines around the fence, such as chocolate vine.

Chain Link Fence for Yard
Dog fence kits from

Invisible Wireless Dog Fences

Invisible wireless fences are less expensive, more adaptable, and less intrusive to your neighbors. You can change the configuration of a wireless fence on the fly with no mess to create an infinite number of dog training areas

They do not use any physical barrier; therefore, you can easily install them on the ground or on top of concrete surfaces with no need for excavation.

The electric signal is sent through wires underground to create this safe and secure boundary that will keep your dog out of unwanted areas while still giving them room to roam around their territory.

Dog Fence Ideas for Backyard

There are many different ways to install dog fences in your backyard, depending on what will work best for you. Here are some ideas for good fences that will keep your pet safe.

Welded Wire mesh for Dogs

Welded wire mesh is an excellent option for backyard fences. It’s easy to install and cheap and has a minimal footprint. Welded wire mesh fences use high tensile fencing material welded to create a sturdy and reliable fence.

The mesh welding is also durable as the welding holds it together properly. For dogs that are known chewers, I recommend finding a wire mesh fence coated or treated with anti-chew protection.

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Lattice Dog Fences

A lattice dog fence is an aesthetically pleasing way to display a backyard. This type of fence will look similar to traditional wood fencing but with straighter vertical and horizontal lines at 90 degrees that create smaller square spaces in between.

In addition, it allows for more visibility throughout the backyard because they have thinner boards instead of solid boards with closed sides. The square space will enable you to monitor your dog’s behavior.

Lastly, you can customize the size for your needs. There are many options for choosing what size, length, or height you want to get the perfect one that fits your yard needs.

Cheap way to cover chain link fence

Traditional Wood Dog Fences

Traditional wood fences are a great way to keep your dog in the backyard. The material is inexpensive, making wooden fencing a perfect choice for budget-conscious homeowners

Traditional wood fences also provide a sturdy barrier for dogs that are trying to dig or climb out. The fence uses durable, heavy, and naturally rot-resistant materials that will keep your dog in the backyard without worrying about them breaking through the wood.

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Picket Dog Fences (Palisade)

Palisade fences fall among the cheapest ways to fence a yard for dogs. People often use them for dog enclosures and fenced areas meant to keep animals out of the yard or garden.

Such fences allow for visibility, which is excellent if you need to watch your little doggy from work or want to keep an eye on them when they go outside.

It also does not interfere with the natural landscape and pet life; animals can still wander freely on either side while never leaving your property.

Vinyl Dog Fence

Vinyl dog fences provide a modern, clean look for your yard. They have solid panels between posts that improve the aesthetics of the yard.

It is possible to install the fence in many different configurations with various heights. Most dogs cannot climb the fence unless they are climbers like Labradors or black labs.

The great advantage with these fences is that they refuse to rot, warp, split or splinter like traditional wood paneling and can last just about forever on your premises without any need for refinishing or repainting.

Check out this Semi-Permanent Vinyl Fence for Dogs

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Cheap Fencing to Keep Dogs out of Garden

Pallet fences

Pallet fencing is the ultimate way to show off your style and personality. It’s easy to install through DIY and can match any garden arrangement you may have in place.

Pallet fencing offers one of the cheapest ways to fence a yard for dogs without having a fancy, complicated, expensive fence that ends up being little more than aesthetic.

If you’re stuck on ideas for dog fence styles, think about how much safety you want for your dog and property. Do you want a romantic garden or a lively playground? Either way, pallets have got you covered!

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Plastic Garden Netting

Plastic garden netting is usually lightweight, cheap, and easy to install. It unravels quickly and easily, so you can actually adjust the size of the net to fit your garden’s shape or re-install it in a different spot after the dogs have moved on.

In the short term, you can use this to keep your dog out of your garden. But I would caution you that it’s a temporary solution and may not be the best investment for long-term protection.

Poultry Netting (Great for small dogs)

Poultry netting fences are inexpensive, lightweight, durable, and extremely easy to install. They come in different sizes for you to find the perfect fit for your garden.

They also have tapered eyeholes on either end, so getting it up is as simple as throwing it over the fence and anchoring one side to the ground with a sturdy stake or brick.

Install these for an effective way to keep dogs out of your garden without expending a great deal of energy or money.

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Do wireless dog fences really work?

Wireless fences offer peace of mind and safety for your pets. If you are an active pet owner with unpredictable hours, these are the fencing solutions for you!

They will provide a safe area in your yard where your dog can explore off-leash without risking injury or running away

What is the easiest fence to install?

If you’re looking for an easy fence to install, you should go with a vinyl type.

This will help cut down your installation time and cost since these fences are much cheaper than aluminum or wood.

Is it cheaper to build a fence horizontal or vertical?

Horizontal is cheaper. This is because horizontal fences require less material, in addition to being easier to install and maintain.

A horizontal fence installation requires only one post for every three feet of fencing height. Vertical fences require posts for each foot of height.

Fencing your yard is an essential step to establishing a safe environment for your pets and property.

Your dog deserves a friendly environment where it can roam around freely without wandering off or damaging your garden.

Although fencing a yard is often expensive, this article illustrates some of the cheapest ways to fence a yard for dogs. Check them out and let us know which one you think is the best.


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