Cheap Ideas to Hide Wheelie Bins

Cheap Ideas to Hide Wheelie Bins

I have to admit that wheelie bins have been of such great help in our household. The heaps of trash that we take out every week would have been otherwise ugly and unsightly if we didn’t have these containers.

As helpful as wheelie bins are, they aren’t aesthetically appealing, and leaving them anywhere outdoors can make the surrounding area look rather out of place.

But when you have some cheap yet great ideas to hide wheelie bins, you can have them around your home without worrying about how they look.

Cheap ideas to hide wheelie bins include constructing a wooden cover, building a brick wall, or buying a front loader. You can grow a garden, tuck the wheelie in into a boarder, or screen them in.

You can also get a bill box or even grow a hedge if you think about going eco-friendly.

As you can see, there are different ways to hide wheelie bins so they don’t look unsightly. And these are DIY ideas that don’t require further professional consultation.

6 Cheap Ideas to Hide Wheelie Bins

1. Make a Wooden Cover

The idea here is to create a housing structure that keeps your wheelie bin from attracting everyone’s attention. Besides, it doesn’t have to be something complicated.

A simple wooden structure topped with a painting similar to your house should be good enough.

If you’re going to build this, you’ll need to make sure that the cover makes the bin easy to access. In addition to being visually appealing, make sure there’s enough space inside to make the area easy to clean.

2. You Can Use Louvers for Storage 

A louver is a material that already includes built-in slats. You can make one on your own from shutters collected from a junkyard or buy one from a store.

The louver you make or buy should have an opening at the top and on the side. The top opening allows you to add trash from the house into the wheelie bin.

And the bottom one lets you take the wheelie bin out when it’s that time of the week to empty the trash and clean the bin.

You can get even more creative with this by adding wheels under the louver that you get. Doing so will make it easy for you to roll the unit from spot to spot.

And given that the unit is most likely made of wood, you shouldn’t keep it in an open space because rain can easily reduce its lifespan.

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3. Grow a Garden

One of the cheapest ideas to hide wheelie bins is to grow a garden over them. This doesn’t have to be something complex and should take the shortest time possible to execute.

Here’s the concept:

Wheelie bins hold in the smell of garbage for as long as you keep the lid shut. The odor, which is microscopic in kind, thrashes your way every time you lift the lid because the scent is particulate.

In its very form, the scent from a garbage bin can make a good aerosol compost, which can help to thrive the small garden that you grow.

Even if you haven’t been in gardening for long, you should already know that compost is a composition of decomposing plants, food wastes, and recycled organic materials.

So the resulting mixture of such an aerosol compost is rich in useful organisms and nutrients that plants need to grow.

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4. Grow a Hedge

There’s no magic bullet on the planet to grow a hedge overnight. So if you choose this option, you need to wait at least six months to see the hedge take roots, sprout, and grow healthy.

Keep in mind that this approach requires a lot of work upfront. You need to trim, prune, weed, and water continuously.

And when it’s ready, it becomes the best place to hide a wheelie bin. Not to mention that it’s an economical option for those of us who would like to go the eco-friendly route. 

The benefit of hiding a wheelie bin behind a hedge is that it helps to absorb the smell from the garbage, so you never have to worry so much about the odor in the bin.

And as long as you’ve sealed the bin properly, the air around should be human-friendly all the time.

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5. Use Bin Box Instead of Privacy Screens

If you feel like privacy screens are unnecessarily too large for your liking, consider getting a bin box within which your wheelie bin can easily fit.

A bin box is a custom-made frame that sits around your wheelie bin and shields it from looking unsightly. This unit opens at the top and bottom, so your wheelie bin is easy to take away and push to the emptying and cleaning point.

Speaking of construction, the sides of a bin box is mostly a plastic panel, which covers the bin. Given the overall construction, you should find this idea easy to set up and hide your wheelie box in.

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6. Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are so versatile that you can use them for more than just poolside privacy. You can use them if you want to keep wheelie bins out of people’s sight, especially if you often receive visitors at home. 

Some privacy screens feature decorative hinges. Some come with panels mounted side-by-side. Others, such as trellis, feature whitewashed lattice that might blend well with your décor.

With spiked feet that easily grip the soil, the screens can stay in position even in the event of a strong wind.

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Best Privacy Screens

1. OTWLMEI Privacy Fence Screen

OTWLMEI, a premium outdoor privacy fence screen, is a good example to consider.

Made of premium, high-density polyethylene, this privacy screen is strong enough to stand up to strong wind. And it’s a great option for hiding wheelie bins from humans.

2. Sunnyglade Privacy Screen Fence

You can also try Sunnyglade, a 6 by 50 feet privacy screen, which tends to be a more economical option over a chain link fence.

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As you can see, there’s more than one way to hiding your wheelie bin from sight. From using trellis and buying louvers to growing plants and growing a hedge, you have unlimited options to consider.

So whichever option you consider should work well for you.

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