Can You Paint A Patio Umbrella

Can You Paint A Patio Umbrella

Can you paint a patio umbrella to give it a new life after prolonged exposure to the sun? Well, customizing a patio umbrella may be a challenging task at some point.

After prolonged exposure to the sun and other elements, patio umbrellas fade or even tear. At this point, they may never have an appealing look like the earlier days you installed them.

A good patio umbrella can serve you for over five years before it fades. Remember, some regions don’t experience extreme heat even during summer. So, the umbrellas may last even longer.

Unfortunately, if your umbrella is torn, you may need a specialist to repair it. And if it’s torn beyond repair, you will have to invest in a new one.

But can you paint a patio umbrella? Yes, you can paint a patio umbrella if it’s faded. However, you have to inspect the canvas and ensure it’s not torn.

And with that said, this writing will loop you in on how to carry out the simple patio umbrella painting DIY project.

How to Restore Faded Patio Umbrella

In this project, you will require around two days to get your patio umbrellas shining. Ahem! Note that you won’t have to work on it for 48 hours.

You need to clean the canopy and wait for it to dry. Secondly, you will spray several layers of paint at specific intervals while waiting for them to dry.

Without further ado, let’s get into the task;

What Do You Require?

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Step 1: Disassemble the Umbrella

Remove the top cap of the umbrella and undo each arm from the canvas. Typically, the task doesn’t have to be challenging because the arms are attached to the canvas edges with simple mechanisms.

Step 2: Clean the Umbrella

After many years of exposure to elements, the canvas collects dust and grime. As such, you need to clean it for easy spread of the paint.

When it comes to cleaning your patio umbrella, you have two options. You can clean with a washing machine if the canvas is fabric. However, if you aren’t sure of the material, you better wash it with your hands.

On the laundry machine, adjust the settings appropriately and follow instructions. On the other hand, if you decide to wash by hand, use a sponge and laundry detergent to scrub the stains on both the upper and the inner surface.

Afterward, rinse the canvas with water treated with vinegar for mold treatment. Then, hang it in a well-ventilated area but avoid direct sunlight.

Clean the canvas support and the metal base too.

Step 3: Get Into Painting

Choose a well-ventilated homestead area and spread an old tarp or cardboard. Then, spread the canvas and spray starting from the top.

Spray the vents and the vent edges as you also focus on the undersides with neutral paint. I recommend Dupli-color HVP 106 High-Performance Paint.

Also, focus on edges and seams as you give the whole surface a light coat. Ideally, focus on each section at a time.

If you decide to paint each section with a different color, use painter’s tape to mark the sections.

After the first coat, wait for around 6 to 12 hours before spraying the second coat.

On the other hand, paint the metal base with two coats and show the canvas support some love too.

However, give the canvas support plenty of time to dry because raising or lowering the arms may scratch off the paint.

Around 48 hours is good. So, you can start by painting the canvas support to give it ample time to dry.

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Step 4: Reassemble the Umbrella

After an easy umbrella painting and letting all the items dry, assemble them. Attach the canvas to the umbrella using the simple mechanisms at the edges and install the cap.

Set the base on the patio and attach the support.

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Step 5: Give the Umbrella the Final Coat and the Waterproof

Spray the plain paint to give it a shiny look. You can use a ladder to carry out the task.

Plain paint


The next and final task is waterproofing the patio umbrella.

After the plain paint has dried, spray rust oleum Shield H2O Outdoor fabric spray on the umbrella surface and arrange your furniture afterward.

Precautions for Spraying a Patio Umbrella

  1. Have enough spray cans depending on the umbrella size.
  2. Attach a spray paint gun to the cans to have an easy time when pressing with your finger.
  3. Wear a mask and protective glasses because spray paints are aerosol. The fumes can be harmful to your respiratory health.
  4. Carry out the task in a well-ventilated area for your health.
  5. Use cardboard or an old tarp to spread the canvas or lay other items on it when spraying. You don’t need to leave your pavement or grass stuffed with paints.
  6. Always clean the canvas and the other items before spraying because they accumulate dust. The dust and grime may hinder the paint from spreading effectively within the canvas.
  7. Read the instructions on the spray paint cans and follow them when spraying.
  8. Test the paint on a separate surface before spraying the umbrella to confirm its effectiveness.
  9. Carry out the process on a sunny day for the paints to dry quickly.
  10. Always cover your furniture before spraying the plain paint and the waterproofing paint after installing the umbrella.
  11. When spraying the final coats, use a step ladder because the umbrella support may not be strong enough to lean the extension ladder on it.

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FAQs – Can you Paint a Patio Umbrella?

What Paint Do You Use on Umbrellas?

Acrylic paints are the best for the umbrella canvas made of nylon or fabric. They stick well and last for long without fading.

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Can You Recolor a Patio Umbrella?

Can You Spray Paint Fabric Umbrella?

You can spray paint fabric umbrellas and other outdoor fabrics. As such, the answer to “can you paint a patio umbrella?” is yes. If your umbrella is faded, don’t hesitate to give it a new look.


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