Can a Lawn Mower Explode?

Although it seems like a mundane task, using a lawn mower can be dangerous. There have been cases in which lawn mowers have exploded. If you’re not careful, you could end up with serious injuries.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why lawn mowers explode and what you can do to avoid this happening to you.

Can a Lawn Mower Explode?

There are a few things that can cause a lawn mower to explode. Here are a few of the most common causes:

1. The Grass Clippings

One of the most common causes of a lawn mower explosion is grass clippings. When you’re mowing your lawn, be sure to keep the grass catcher on your mower.

This will help to prevent the clippings from getting into the engine. If there are any clippings in the engine, they can start a fire.

2. Be Careful with Gasoline

Another common cause of lawn mower explosions is gasoline. When you’re filling up your mower, be sure to do so in a well-ventilated area.

Never fill up your mower while it’s running. And be sure to replace the gas cap securely after refueling.

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3. Keep Your Mower in Good Repair

It’s essential to keep your mower in good repair. Be sure to check the blades and replace them frequently if necessary.

Also, do an overall inspection of your mower before you begin to mow each time. Make sure everything is tight so nothing can fall off as you’re cutting the grass.

3. The Fuel & Oil Mix

Another common cause of a lawn mower explosion is the fuel and oil mix. If oil gets onto the muffler or exhaust, it can catch fire when you’re cutting grass. Make sure to keep your engine free from any excess oil.

Also, never allow gasoline near an open flame, such as a pilot light. If your lawn mower starts to smoke, immediately turn it off and allow the engine to cool. Never remove a hot muffler or pull a grass fire apart with your hands.

Let the fire burn out completely before you try to put it out. If you suspect any type of leak in your lawn mower, don’t attempt to refill it with gasoline. Have your mower checked by a professional.

4. Weather Conditions

In addition to the things that can cause a lawn mower to explode, some weather conditions can increase the risk. For example, if it’s very windy, be sure to keep the mower close to you, so it doesn’t blow away.

Also, avoid using your mower during a lightning storm. If you have to mow your lawn during bad weather, be especially careful and take your time.

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What Can You Do to Avoid a lawn Mower Explosion?

Although a lawn mower explosion doesn’t appear dangerous, it can be severe. Here are a few ways that you can prevent an explosion from happening:

1. Do Not Mow in the Hot Sun

For starters, you should never mow your lawn when it’s hot outside. The heat can cause the engine to overheat and catch fire. If you plan to mow your lawn in the evening or early morning, this will help a lot.

lawn mower explosion

2. Use the Right Gasoline

It’s also essential to use the right gasoline. Never use a higher octane than your engine requires. And if you’re using ethanol in your fuel, be sure that it matches what your manual recommends.

Gasoline mixed with ethanol can also cause a fire to start.

3. Repair your Mower if it’s Broken

Be sure to keep up with any lawn mower repairs that are necessary. Many people mistake continuing to use a broken mower, which increases the risk of it exploding.

Always be sure your engine is in good condition before you start to mow. And never try to use a lawn mower that has a broken blade.

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4. Be Careful with the Exhaust

Be careful with your lawn mower’s exhaust. Keep your mower at least three feet from any structures or people when you’re using it.

Never pull or push a mower with hot exhaust. And avoid using your mower under low-hanging branches or power lines.

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5. Avoid Mowing if the Grass is Wet

If you’re mowing wet grass, be sure that it’s not over four inches high. Longer grass will help prevent any clippings from getting into your gas tank and causing a fire.

When you’re done mowing and ready to put away your lawn mower, remove the spark plug wire to prevent accidental starts.

6. Mow Slower than Usual

Also, if you notice anything out of the ordinary when mowing your lawn, mow slower than usual. Never attempt to catch up on your yard work by mowing faster than usual.

If something feels off or looks different about your lawn mower, turn it off and have it inspected.

What to Do if Your Mower Explodes

If your mower does explode because of one of the causes listed above, there are a few things you can do. First of all, get yourself away from the mower and into an open area.

Once you’re protected, call for help and allow the fire to burn out. If you have a fire extinguisher, you can put the fire out yourself.

FAQs- Can a Lawn Mower Explode

How Can a Lawn Mower Explode?

A lawn mower can explode if oil gets on the muffler or other hot parts. If gasoline leaks near a pilot light, it can catch fire.

A lawn mower can also explode if a blade breaks and throws a piece of metal into the muffler.

How Common are Lawn Mower Explosions?

Lawn mower explosions are very rare events. Most can be prevented by following proper safety procedures when using a lawn mower, including not using a lawn mower in wet conditions.

How to Handle a Lawn Mower Explosion?

If a lawn mower explodes, turn it off and allow the engine to cool. If the explosion happens while the lawn mower runs, move away from the machine as quickly as possible.

Do not try to put out the fire with your hands – let it burn out completely before trying to extinguish it.

Lawn mower explosions are rare, but they can happen.

By understanding what can cause a lawn mower to explode and being proactive in avoiding these causes, you can help keep yourself safe when using your lawn mower.

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