4 Best Wall Mounted Patio Heaters [2022 Review]

If you want to conserve floor space and prevent accidents that may be caused by patio heaters getting the best wall mounted patio heaters should do the trick. A wall-mounted heater will help to avoid the hazard of having anybody trip over them.

Besides this, you can hang a wall-mounted heater at any place you would like and still keep them somehow out of the way.

Unlike other patio heaters that run on gas or propane, wall mounted heaters run on electricity. The wall mounted patio heater uses convection or infrared radiations to transmit heat.

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Best Wall Mounted Patio Heaters Review

Below you will find examples of the best wall-mounted patio heaters in the market.  We have used the following criteria to ensure that you get the best.

  •  Strong heat output
  •  Safety features
  •  Positive consumer feedback
  •  Durability and weather resistance
  •  Easy installation
  •  Straight forward controls

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1. Shadow Ultra Glow Glare Patio Wall Heater

Topping our best wall mounted patio heater is the Shadow Ultra Glare patio heater. The device features an L-bracket for mounting and a hinge for positioning.

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Besides this, it comes in three different colors which are; white, silver, and black meaning you can choose one that aligns with your patio’s color.  It also has a separate, remote-controlled version.

Also, it has a 1500W output that will provide ample warmth for you. The device is 100% waterproof, has a rating of IP65, and is made from anodized aluminum that prevents corrosion resistance.

The majority of the people who have used the device have given positive feedback.  Most of them have said that it is a quality heating unit, easy to install, and produces a pleasant warm glow.

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  • Remote-controlled version available
  • It is made from quality Material
  • The device has a 2-Year warranty
  • Straight forward installation.


  • It is a bit complicated for beginners to mount

2. FireFly Heatlab 1-8KW Wall Heater

The firefly brand is well known for making some of the best wall-mounted heaters with heat-resistant quartz tubes which produce quick, direct, radiant warmth.

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This Firefly patio heater features a 1.8KW outdoor wall that emits orange light, filling your patio with a pleasant ambiance.

Besides this, it comes with three heat settings which include; 600W, 1200W and 1800W

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  • The device is easy to install
  •  It produces a warm, cozy light
  •  The device has a decent heat output


  • It has no remote control
  • The heater seems to have no overheat protection device. Some of the customer’s reviews say that the device tends to overheat when left on for too long.

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3. Kingfisher Wall Mounted Electric Heater

The kingfisher wall-mounted heater features an anti-tilt switch that protects the device from overheating.

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Besides this, the device has a 2000W infrared heater with a heating element that can be adjusted at an up and down angle.

Also, the device is easy to install and remove from the bracket. It also has a splashproof and an incredibly usable cord of about 2.5 meters.


  • Easy to take off the bracket
  • The device has a reasonably long power cord
  • It has a good resistance against the elements
  • It has an adjustable heating element


  •  The device gets too hot to touch

4. Swan Al Fresco Wall Mounted Heater

The Swan Al Fresco Wall Mounted Heater features a simple, industrial and aesthetic structure that will not disturb your patio décor.

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Besides this, it is designed with a highly efficient carbon fiber heating element and an aluminum reflector for optimal heating output.

Also, the device has a remote control that enables you to keep it high enough away from probing fingers and this protects you and others from getting burnt by it.

Most of the reviewers of this device say that the device works well, is easy to assemble, and has a sound heat output.

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  •  The device is easy to mount because it has a remote control that enables you to keep it as high as you want it to be.
  •  It quickly starts to produce heat. The device has an output of 1800W hence the generation of heat is also high.


  • When using the device, there is no way you can adjust the angle.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wall Mounted Heater

1. Safety Features

One important feature that you should look out for in a patio heater is its safety. You should look if it has an anti-tip feature that shuts off the heater if it gets tipped past a certain angle.

Other safety features that you can look out for are the oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) and overfill protection device (OPD).

2. Style and Other Features

Wall-mounted patio heaters come in a variety of styles., they vary from the modern stainless models to the classic brushed copper and Enamel painted options.

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3. Price

After making a comparison on factors such as power source, range, and heat output you should also consider the price of the patio heater.

You should go for a patio heater from a well-established brand, with all the necessary features and a reasonable price.

4. Output Capacity

You should calculate the size of the area you want to heat in square meters before buying a wall-mounted patio heater. If the size of the area is large you should go for a patio heater with a powerful output. 

You should also confirm the flexibility of the wall-mounted heater. The more comfortable the heat settings, the more comfortable adjusting the wall-mounted heaters will be.

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Also, you should look out for the power capacity of the heaters because patios require a more powerful heater than indoor spaces.

5. Effortless Usage

Wall-mounted outdoor heaters should have excellent usage features that will save up on energy and keep you safe. These features are like remote control, bright LED, display, timer options, and overheating auto-shut is crucial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Wall Mounted Patio Heater?

A wall-mounted patio heater is an outdoor heater that is mounted on the wall and typically hangs in a bracket.

Many wall-mounted heaters feature remote controls and a variety of settings that make it easy to adjust their power output and angle.

2. What are the advantages of Wall Mounted Heaters?

1. A wall-mounted heater can be placed at any position you would like. For example, over a patio dining table, on the wall above your bench, between your feet, etc.
2. There is no electric cord to trip over nor a unit to bump to hence it minimizes the chances of accidents.
3. Wall-mounted heaters produce infrared heat which is more cost-efficient and has a lower carbon footprint.
4. Wall-mounted heaters are more discreet as compared to portable and floor-standing heaters.

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3. What are the Disadvantages of Wall Mounted Patio Heaters?

1. Wall-mounted heaters are limited in portability as compared to the freestanding heaters that can be moved in the garden or patio.
2. Wall heaters can also cause a fire outbreak. The fire outbreak may happen if the wall heater is placed close to flammable materials. Also, the fire outbreak may occur as a result of keeping your heater in an area that hampers air and heat flow. Due to this, the heater may produce a spark that may create a fire.
3. Wall-mounted heaters may also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.  As a natural gas or propane heater generates heat the process leads to the production of carbon monoxide. The gas is dangerous when inhaled and may result in death or you may end up with conditions like cerebral hypoxia.

4. Is a Wall mounted Heater Safe?

Yes, a wall-mounted heater is safer than floor-standing heaters because you can’t trip over or bump into them.

They also have safety features that make them safe and reliable, so you can definitely leave this heater unattended.

However, you should be careful not to mount the heater too close to the ceiling or a wooden wall as these actions can pose a fire hazard.

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5. Do wall heaters give off carbon Monoxide?

The production of carbon monoxide depends on the appliance you are using.  Carbon monoxide is mostly produced from the combustion of oils, so if you are using an electric heater, you are not in danger of carbon monoxide production.

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However, if you are using a gas wall heater, you need ample ventilation because gas heaters produce carbon monoxide.

The challenge for creating a vent for gas heaters is the extra cost associated with it. Hence, you should use electric heaters to save on costs.

Wall-mounted heaters will offer you a comfortable and unique way to heat your patio. Hopefully, the list of heaters that have been reviewed will help you narrow down your options.

Although these wall-mounted heaters are not created equally, you cannot go wrong by picking from the above list.

I hope that you will get the most efficient heater that meets your specifications!


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