3 Best Universal Grass Catcher for Zero Turn Mower

I’m the one person that prefers to mow and bag grass clippings on the go. And since there’s a way to do these two jobs at the same time, I had rather not complete the mowing job first and them collect and dispose the clippings later.

With the best universal grass catcher for zero turn mower, it’s easy to get the two tasks completed fast.

A universal grass catcher isn’t just necessary in the event of an outbreak of turfgrass disease. It’s also a useful tool to give your lawn a beautiful look after mowing inches of unwanted grass.

To be clear, you’re cutting grass because you don’t want them on the lawn, so it wouldn’t make sense to leave them drying and withering on the lawn in the first place.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the top rated universal grass catchers that you can attach to zero turn lawn mowers. The goal is to help you find the right model so you can send your money right the first time.

Are you in a hurry? Below is a list of the grass catchers that you can attach on a zero turn mower to collect grass clippings.

List of the top 3 universal catchers

Grass Catcher Lawn Mower Universal Fit 5011SC
EXMARK FIT PK-EX4 Steel Grass Catcher
CatchPro – Aluminum & Stainless Grass Bagger/Catcher 4.1 Cu Ft -This Model is for: Gravely –...
Grass Catcher Lawn Mower Universal Fit 5011SC
EXMARK FIT PK-EX4 Steel Grass Catcher
CatchPro – Aluminum & Stainless Grass Bagger/Catcher 4.1 Cu Ft -This Model is for: Gravely –...
Grass Catcher Lawn Mower Universal Fit 5011SC
Grass Catcher Lawn Mower Universal Fit 5011SC
EXMARK FIT PK-EX4 Steel Grass Catcher
EXMARK FIT PK-EX4 Steel Grass Catcher
CatchPro – Aluminum & Stainless Grass Bagger/Catcher 4.1 Cu Ft -This Model is for: Gravely –...
CatchPro – Aluminum & Stainless Grass Bagger/Catcher 4.1 Cu Ft -This Model is for: Gravely –...

What is a Grass Catcher?

A grass catcher is an equipment attached onto the back of a zero turn lawn mower to collect grass clippings. These devices are handy in the case where you want to collect the grass as you mow the lawn.

That way, you don’t have to come back to rake the clippings from the lawn after mowing the lawn.

How Does a Grass Catcher Work?

The work of a grass catcher is to collect grass clippings as you mow. During mowing, the airflow from the blade propels the grass clippings into the chute. The grass passes through the mulching door into the collection bag

While there are many grass catchers out there, the universal models are the best options because you can attach them onto the back of any type of a zero turn mower.

Some even include multiple mounting bracket to make it easy for you to attach grass catcher to any type of a zero turn mower.

Best Universal Grass Catcher for Zero Turn Mower Reviews

1. Fit 501SC Grass Catcher

Built to work with a zero turn lawn mower, Fit 501SC grasser doesn’t leave behind any trace of grass clippings on the lawn.

It’s called a universal catcher for a reason: it fits on any type of a zero turn mower. There’s a universal mounting bracket and an internal inlet that makes the mounting possible.

Fit 501SC is a convenient unit to have, particularly because it saves you the time that you would have otherwise have to spend collecting grass from the lawn. All you have to do now is to focus on mowing and emptying the clippings far away from the lawn.

The cylindrical shape of the unit isn’t something you should judge from the face value. At least it prevents the buildup of clippings between the mower and the catcher. So you have no mechanical problem to worry about at the end of the day.

The opening sections are very important part of the design. They ensure efficient airflow when picking up grass clippings as your zero turn mower moves at 7 or 8 miles an hour.

This ensures it fills up with clippings without leavings spaces in between. And it mostly holds up to 4 bushels of grass.

Fit 501SC doesn’t come assembled, so you will have to get your hands dirty a little. However, putting the parts together shouldn’t be difficult at all and shouldn’t exceed an hour if you’re doing the assembly alone.


  • Lightweight and therefore easy to carry (weighs 15 lbs)
  • Airflow ensures clippings pass through well
  • Has a large handle that’s easy to use


  • Small capacity and therefore requires frequent emptying
  • Doesn’t include bolts for attachment to the zero turn mower

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2. PK-EX4 Large Capacity Grass Catcher

It doesn’t matter the type of zero turn mower that you have. The PK-EX4 grass catcher can attach to it and collect your clippings quite well.

Field owners have tried it on mowers such as Ariens Max Zoom, Bob Cat, Bad Boy Elite, and Ariens Icon X 52 and it does attach quite well.

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One thing that makes this grass catcher stand out from the competition is its large capacity. At 4.4 cubic feet, you can collect a huge pile of grass clippings as you mow. And you only have to empty it a few rounds unlike with the Fit 501SC.

The installation of this model is simpler than that of Fit 501SC grass catcher. Thanks to the clearly written instructions, which are easier to follow and implement, it should take you less than half an hour to attach this to a zero turn mower.

During installation, keep the opening stuck out further from the rear wheel, otherwise the catcher won’t fit.

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  • Affordable; good option if you’re on a budget
  • Large capacity that collects a huge  chunk of grass clippings
  • Heavy-duty grass catcher that doesn’t wobble when in use

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  • Doesn’t work with zero turn mowers that have stamped decks
  • Need to buy additional brackets to fit some zero turn mowers

3. CatchPro Grass Catcher

CatchPro grass catcher is another universal model to consider if you had rather mow and collect clippings at the same time.

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It’s compatible with popular zero turn mowers such as Compact Pro, Gravel ZTXL, and Pro Turn.

CatchPro grass catcher is made of an aluminum body and stainless steel opening. These materials are not only strong but also durable. The brand trims the weight down a little without sacrificing the quality of the unit, so it should be lightweight enough to detach from the mower and empty without a helping hand from another person.

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We do think that while the venting is great, some people may wish there were more. In other words, there seems to be lack of sufficient airflow to enhance better feeling, but this is something subject to individual testing and differing opinions.

The quick latch opening at the back of this grass catcher makes emptying easy. And there are also 3 handles at the top that makes the unit easy to carry, empty, and clean.

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  • Made of strong and durable material
  • Easy to detach from the mower and empty
  • 9 mounting brackets included in the package
  • It has a capacity of 4.1 cubic feet, which is a good size for collecting a huge pile of grass clippings
  • Includes all the hardware required for assembly
  • This grass catcher is somewhat expensive
  • For some people, the available venting may not be enough

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FAQs on universal grass catchers

1. Can I collect wet clippings into a grass catcher?

No, we don’t recommend mowing wet grass and collecting the clippings into the catcher.

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That’s because the wet grass will stick in the bag and chute, which can cause serious clogging and make the mowing process more difficult.

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2. Can I use a grass catcher on tall grass? 

You should not use a grass catcher in the areas where there’s tall grass.

That’s because they’ll collect long clippings, which can easily clog the system. 

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3. What capacity should I choose?

It depends on your preference, but something around 4 cubic feet should be good enough.

That’s because it’s big enough to collect a huge chunk of bushels and require less frequent emptying.

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You may opt for a smaller option if you have a smaller yard, but do keep in mind that the cost of the catcher will vary depending on the brad and the overall capacity.

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