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There’s more to lawn care than just mowing, weeding, and watering the grass. You also have to deal with compacted soil and bare patches on areas that receive constant foot traffic. That means you need to have a well-laid out lawn maintenance schedule, which must include regular aeration.

When your lawn has compacted soil, it means that air, water, and essential nutrients can no longer penetrate and reach the grass roots. That can hinder grass growth and leave your lawn looking unhealthy and insanely disappointing.

The best solution to manage compacted soil is to use an aerator. And if you have a large lawn, you should consider investing in the best stand-on aerator.

The best stand-on lawn aerators are pricier than pull behind and walk behind aerators. But they can help you to aerate a larger lawn in the shortest time possible.

In this guide, you’ll learn about how stand-on lawn aerators work as well as the best models to consider.

Best Stand-On Aerator Reviews

1. Toro Stand On Aerator

Toro stand-on aerator has a working width of 30-inches. Combined with a higher speed of 7.5 miles an hour, this unit can cover quite a larger area in a very short time. The controls are easily within reach and the wheels have a lower rolling resistance for a more consistent motion.

On the area where you stand is a foot pedal control that lets you raise or lower the steel tines depending on the depth of the core you wish to create. Since the design of the platform is anti-vibration, you get a smoother ride as you aerate your lawn in preparation for overseeding.


  • The engines are easy to access for maintenance
  • The controls are easy to use once you master them
  • The cushioning on the platform ensures  you get a comfortable ride


  • May take time to figure out the controls


2. Lawnaire ZTS Stand-on Aerator

Lawnaire ZTS is the best stand-on lawn aerator for those who need an efficient machine that aerates a large area in a short time.

Its ability to aerate up to two and a quarter acre in 60 minutes at a speed of 7 miles an hour makes it one of the most innovative models in the market.

Lawnaire includes a tine depth controller, which lets you vary the depth of the hollow tines between 1 and 5 inches. The shock absorbent platform ensures proper dampening of energy so you experience less vibration as you work.

Thanks to the model’s zero-turn operation, you can easily maneuver through obstacles and tougher conditions even at higher speeds.

You can reduce the footprint of the machine for trailer transport, especially if you just want to work on a smaller section of the lawn.

Best aerator shoes


  • Includes a chain tension system to maintain proper tension when in use
  • Controls are easy to access
  • Guarantees high speed of up to 7 miles an hour
  • Has strong hollow tines that penetrate even the most stubborn compacted soil
  • Jack stand included to help with ease maintenance   


  • This stand-on lawn aerator is expensive

How Do Stand-On Aerators Work?

It’s important to know exactly how a stand-on lawn aerator works before buying one.

By definition, a stand-on aerator is a basic operation machine that’s relatively easy to use. Even if you’re not a technical person, you should find the control of the equipment easy to use.

Now, a stand-on aerator features park brakes, which you must engage to start the engine. Because they include electric start engines, they should start quickly to start the aeration job.

These machines have throttle control on the panel. These are devices that catch signals between the aerators’ accelerator and the engine management.

The throttle ensures that the engine responds well, and therefore you can expect better performance as you work on your lawn.

Furthermore, the throttle control ensures that the machine doesn’t throttle delay that may otherwise affect performance.

The stand-on aerator features a hydraulic tine force adjuster, which allows you to adjust the depth of the tines depending on the condition of the turf.

To set the core depth of the tines, all you have to do is to press the pedal and then adjust the hydraulic lever on the control panel.

Once the stand-on aerator feels stable in position, step on the pedal to engage the tines. When you press the pedal farther down, the tines dig deep into the soil. Realizing the pedal will cause the tines to go back to their initial position.

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What are the Benefits of Stand-on Lawn Aerator?

If you have a larger lawn and the money to invest in a stand-on aerator, it’s best not to hesitate to get one.

Here’s why:

1. Stand-on Aerators are Well Built

We put more force on lawn aerators than we’re willing to admit. And it’s that pressure that actually makes the biggest difference. However, when you think about design, the last thing you want is equipment that will break soon.

Made of the strongest materials, stand-on aerators are a one-of-a-kind model that simply doesn’t bend even when subjected to the tough aerating job.

Not only are their frames made of tough steel, but even the tines are also made of heat-treated or galvanized steel and sharp enough to dig deep even into the toughest soil.

The tines of these aerators are also sharp, no question. As such, they can stand up to rough terrains and rocks quite well. Plus, the power-coated finishes make the element resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion.

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2. Stand-on Aerators are Good for Large Yards

Manual aerators, such as the step-on designs and shoe spikes, are useful, but they can only be ideal for small jobs in small-sized yards. If you were to use them in large lawns, you would more than likely never get the aerating job completed in time. That’s why a stand-on aerator is such a big deal.

With a stand-on aerator, you can cover a large area of your yard in just a few minutes. Their easy-to-use controls allow you to adjust the plug tines, start the engine, and start aerating. Thanks to their throttle and choke control technology, these machines have better engine management to ensure efficient performance.

Walk behind core aerators

3. Stand-on Aerators Move Fast

If you’ve tried push-behind and manual aerators, you know how frustrating they can get when you no longer have the energy to apply force. Your working session becomes crippled. Which means you have to wait a little longer to get the job done.

It’s not so with a stand-on lawn aerator.

Powered by powerful engines that have better throttle control, these machines can move at a consistent speed of up to 7 miles an hour. That’s fast for an aerating machine, and so you can expect to cover a larger area in just a short time.

So if you need to move and get the job done fast, this is the right aerator to choose.

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2. Stand-on Aerators are Good for Large Yards

1. Are stand-on aerators good for large lawns?

Stand-on aerators are the best machines for those who have large yards.

They use evenly spaced tine to remove cores from the soil, making it possible for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots.

The result is improved air exchange, proper utilization of fertilizer, and enhanced water flow.

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2. What kind of lawn aerator works best for a larger lawn?

Some people opt to go for tow-behind spike aerators to save on cost. Others invest in models with spikes, particularly those that allow the addition of extra weight to the equipment.

Stand-on models are good because of their automation. And given that they move at a speed of up to 7 miles an hour, they are the best deal if you have a large lawn.

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3. Stand-on vs manual: which one should I choose?

It depends on the size of your yard. If yours is just a small lawn, you should go with a manual model such as shoe spikes or handheld aerators.

Just keep in mind that they need some effort to create holes in the ground and they take time to get the job done.

Stand-on aerators, on the other hand, are great for large projects and tend to work a lot faster, easily getting the work done within a short time.

Best Plug aerator

The best stand-on aerator may be an expensive alternative to any other type of aerating tool, but it’s the most effective equipment to consider if you own a large yard.

With this model, you can quickly open up the soil by creating evenly spaced holes and gaps that allow air, water, and nutrients into the soil.

The result is the better movement of the right elements that grass requires to grow. Grass roots stretch out, grow well, and become vigorous and dense.

The aerated field is even less subject to diseases. And water runoff is something you will not have to worry about at all.

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