Best Rakes for Sticks

Trees in a yard increase up the value of your property. But branches will fall from them every now and then, particularly when strong wind blows. But falling leaves and sticks can make your yard look out of place.

Not to mention they can be potentially dangerous if they fall in areas subject to a lot of foot traffic. That’s why you need the best rake for sticks to fix the problem.

Hand rakes are good for sticks in a small yard. But if we’re talking about sticks spread across a large field, you had better get a model that can rake huge chunks of branches in a short time.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best rakes that you can use to clear sticks from a large field in the shortest time possible. Whether you need a rake for a ride on mower or you’re looking for an option that you can pull behind a tractor, we have the right recommendation for you.

In a hurry? Below is a quick list of the rakes that you can use to collect sticks from your yard:

Brinly DT-48BH Tow Behind Dethatcher, 48-Inch
Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle and 16 Steel Tines, 58-Inch...
Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake - LSR60, Black
Yard Tuff 60 Inch Landscape ATV Rake Tow Behind Durable Steel with 12 Inch Pneumatic Tires and Lift...
Brinly DT-48BH Tow Behind Dethatcher, 48-Inch
Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle and 16 Steel Tines, 58-Inch...
Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake - LSR60, Black
Yard Tuff 60 Inch Landscape ATV Rake Tow Behind Durable Steel with 12 Inch Pneumatic Tires and Lift...
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Brinly DT-48BH Tow Behind Dethatcher, 48-Inch
Brinly DT-48BH Tow Behind Dethatcher, 48-Inch
Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle and 16 Steel Tines, 58-Inch...
Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle and 16 Steel Tines, 58-Inch...
Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake - LSR60, Black
Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake - LSR60, Black
Amazon Prime
Yard Tuff 60 Inch Landscape ATV Rake Tow Behind Durable Steel with 12 Inch Pneumatic Tires and Lift...
Yard Tuff 60 Inch Landscape ATV Rake Tow Behind Durable Steel with 12 Inch Pneumatic Tires and Lift...

Best Rakes for Sticks Reviews 

1. Brinly DT-48BH Stick Rake for Ride on Mower

Brinly has been in the gardening equipment business for well over three decades. Like Agri-Fab and Yard Turf, the brand designs some of the best power tools that make gardening and landscaping work easier.

Brinly DT-48BH is a well-made equipment for those looking for the best rake for ride on mower. Going for under $150, DT-48BH is a heavy-duty tool to consider if you’re on tight budget.


Brinly uses the right combination of materials to make the DT-48BH good enough for raking stick and lifting thatch. The body is made of high-grade steel for strength and durability.

The 12-inch, no-flat wheels ensures better traction and stability even on uneven bumpy terrain. Designed to be in line with the rake’s tray, the wheels promote easy maneuverability while facilitating better leveling.

The wheels also minimize the footprint width.

Wide Raking Width

The wide working width of this stick rake for lawn mower is one of its strongest selling points. With the 48 inches wide working area, DT-48BH is the kind of rake to buy if you want to remove sticks out of a large yard.

The ability to cover more grounds with just a few passes means you spend less time on the job and get quick results.

Durable Steel Tines

DT-48BH has two rows of heat-treated spring steel tines, which are strong and difficult to bend or break. They also feature a black powder finish, which ensures maximum protection against corrosion and rust.

These tines can easily comb through the ground and clear unwanted sticks from the yard. DT-48BH also has a safety rod, which keeps the tines in position so that they don’t come into contact with the mowing blades.

One noticeable feature of the tines is the triple-coil strength springs. These springs ensure maximum performance efficiency. Not to mention enhance the durability of the tines so you don’t to start worrying about replacements.


Brinly DT-48BH isn’t just for raking grass from the yard. The adjustable bar settings also allow you roughen up surfaces in preparation for overseeding.


  • Wide raking with allows you to collect sticks from a large area
  • Large wheels help with easy maneuverability even on bumpy terrains
  • Made of steel and coated with black powder finish for durability and element resistance


  • Takes too much time to assemble
  • You may need additional weight to get it to work better

2. Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake

Bully Tools brand is one of the businesses that design high quality rakes for light and heavy-duty jobs.

Apparently, Bully Tools 92309 is one of the best models in their product line, and you will love it particularly because of its well thought out construction.


Bully Tools use the right material for construction and that’s mostly what makes this rake wroth the consideration.

Not only is it made of steel for strength and durability. It also has a coating that protects it from weather elements responsible for rust and corrosion.

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Strong Steel Tines

Bully Tools 92309 rake features 16 tines made of heat-treated steel. They are strong enough to pull and drag sticks from the yard all the way to the dumping point.

The handle is rubberized at the far end, so you can rake sticks without your hands sliding. Since the head of the rake is easy to adjust, Bully Tools 92309 makes it easy for you to pull sticks from areas that would have otherwise been difficult to reach.

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Long Handle

The combination of strong tines and sizable handle with the rubberized end delivers the highest level of performance possible.

Whether you want to pull sticks from wet grass or you need a stick rake that you can use to collect wet grass clippings, this one can make a big difference.

Thanks to the 54-inch long handle, even raking stick around tight corners should be easy.

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Multipurpose Tool

Bully Tools 92309 is not just ideal for raking dead leaves, braches, and sticks from the yard, it’s also a heavy-duty tool that you can use to rake soil. And don’t worry about the tines braking or bending because they are thick.

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As much as it’s well built and substantial Bully Tools 92309 rake is not a lightweight build. So if you are an elderly person who is looking for a more lightweight hand rake for sticks, you should consider another model from the same or different brand.

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  • Strong steel tines can rake sticks, branches, and even wet grass clippings
  • High quality, 54-inch handle made of strong steel for strength and durability 
  • The handle of the rake is easy to replace


  • More expensive than many standard rakes for sticks
  • Some people may find it a little too heavy to pull for an extended period

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3. Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake

Clear large branches and stick from your yard with the Kolpin 60-inch landscape stick rake for the tractor.

You can even extend its use to maintaining a gravel driveway, clearing trails, and grooming large horse corrals. Going for under $300, the Kolpin is a mid-priced landscape rake to consider if you’re on a tight budget.

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For starters, the Kolpin landscape rake is made of heavy-duty steel. The additional black powder finish adds a layer of protection against possible corrosion.

Not to mention that the construction can stand up to difficult jobs and continue to perform well for months.

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5-Position Angling

Kolpin is superior to some pull-behind yard rakes for sticks because of its 5-position angling.

These options allow you to customize your raking job for better results. So feel free to adjust these positions accordingly until you find a spot that work better for you.

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12 Steel Tines

Kolpin landscape rake’s tines are made of high quality, heat-treated steel. 12 in total, these tines are thick, tough, and rigid.

Combined with the 5-position angling, these tines give you the flexibility you need to rake sticks from flat lawn as well as from elevated spots.

Although the tines are replaceable, with the replacement parts readily available, their strong and durable construction means you don’t even have to think about replacements.

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3-Point Hitch System

Once attached to the tractor or ride on lawn mower with the 3-point hitch system, Kolpin rake stays in position. It won’t wobble and it remains stable even when you ride on bumpy areas of the landscape.

Note that the 3-point hitch system and the 60-inch accessory toolbar required for assembly doesn’t come included in the package. You have to buy them separately.

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  • Heavy-duty rake that can tackle even the most difficult taking jobs
  • Made of strong steel for strength and durability
  • Works with a 3-point hitch system for secure connection to the lawn tractor
  • Easy to setup although it takes a long time to complete the assembly job
  • Fairly priced


  • This pull behind yard rake for sticks doesn’t come assembled
  • Takes times to assemble 
  • Not effective in raking small pine needles
  • It  won’t work well for raking sticks because of the large gap between the tines
  • Requires a 60-inch accessory toolbar and 3-point hitch system, which are NOT included in the package

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4. Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR Pine Straw Rake

The Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR pine stray rake for lawn mower may not be ideal for grass because the tines are too far apart. But it’s functional enough to rake sticks, pines, and branches.

Behind the steel frame are 24, 5-inch, tines made of heat-treated steel. In addition to collecting branches and sticks, Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR straw rake can help you level and dethatch your lawn.

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The design of the Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR pine straw rake is up to the expected quality standard. And it’s just as good as the models built by brands such as Agri-Fab and Brinly.

Every metallic part of the straw rake is made of high-grade steel. So what you get for the price is a raking tool that’s not only strong but also durable.

Yard Turf coats this straw rake with a black powder finish to make it corrosion and rust-proof. The standard hitch pin makes it more flexible, so you can attach it to not just a lawnmower but also to an ATV, UTV, and utility tractor.

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Heat Treated Tines

The heat-treated tines are so strong and sturdy that they won’t break or bend even when dragging a large, heavy chunk of sticks.

The tines have a black powder coating for protection against corrosion and rusting. Replacement tines are readily available for cheap online at stores such as Walmart and Amazon, and replacing them is easy. 

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A Sizeable Raking Width

One of the best things about Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR is the raking width. At 60 inches, the model is wide enough and therefore makes a good option for those who would like a lawnmower rake for large yards.

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12-inch Pneumatic Tires

Moreover, Yard Turf YTF-60PSR features 12-inch, no-flat pneumatic tires, which provide better maneuverability as you rake sticks and branches.

Also, they ensure the rake moves well as you tow it behind even on bumpy terrains.

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Easy Attachment

Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR pine straw rake for lawn mower also features a standard pin hitch. That means you can also attach it to an ATV, UTV, or utility tractor.


  • Includes 12-inch pneumatic wheels for enhanced durability
  • The black powder coating prevents rust and corrosion 
  • Has a larger raking width of 60 inches
  • Made of high-grade steel for strength and durability
  • Multipurpose: good for raking straws, pines, large braches, and sticks


  • Additional weights required for bigger jobs
  • It doesn’t come assembled and can take up to 2 hours to setup
  • The tines are so far apart that Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR is suitable for collecting grass clippings

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Rakes for Sticks : Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the safest way to pick up sticks in a yard?

The safest way to pick up stick in a yard is to use a lawn sweeper, a tow-behind dethatcher, a ride on lawn mower rake, or a hand rake.

The tool you choose depends on your preference, your budget, and the size of the yard.

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2. Will a cyclone rake pick up sticks?

Yes, a cyclone rake can pick up sticks. Moreover, it easily shreds and mulches debris such as pine needles, leaves, and makes their disposal easier.

The result is a much smaller composite and you are more likely to get healthy top soil in your yard faster.

Now that you know what the best rakes for sticks are, it should be easy for you to figure out which model meets your raking needs.