4 Best Potted Trees for Patio (Review)

Did you know numerous tree species can grow well in containers? Well, within this post, we will outline some of the best potted trees for patio to grow around your patio. Potted trees for the patio serve as natural focal points while providing shade, adding privacy, and bearing fruits.

Potted trees for patio differ in size and come in the form of natural live plants or fake artificial trees. Live potted trees come in their natural form, while artificial potted trees feature nearly natural fake decorations.

Potted patio trees feature special attributes, including attractive bark, flowers, and vivid fall colors. Certain trees might portray messy features such as dropping leaves, flowers, and seeds.

Thus, it is imperative to recognize tree traits and thriving climatic conditions before amalgamating them in your deck.

Best Potted Trees for Patio

1. Japanese Red Maple Tree

The live Japanese red maple plant is naturally small and makes lovely container plants. It is a common tree specimen in the modern landscape. The maple tree is popular because of its beautiful summer colors and ornamental structure features.

The hardy maple tree comes potted in a 1-2 ft tall gallon container.

The red Japanese maple tree is easy to grow and has fast development. The hardy red maple branches blend red-colored leaves with green leaves on the lower branches.

The more you expose the potted red maple tree to sunlight, the more the leaves turn red quickly. When placed on shaded patio space, the leaves acquire green leaves.


  • Mature height: 10’ – 15’
  • Soil: Widely adaptable
  • Moisture: Well-drained
  • Light requirement: Partial shade
  • Zone: 5-8


  • They require minimum pruning.
  • Promotes a beautiful and lively serenity
  • Fit a wide range of growing zones
  • Color and blooming possibilities


  • Have delicate foliage that shimmers when placed in a bright spot
  • Requires transfer into another container after several months

2. American Plant Exchange King Sago Palm Tree

The American plant exchange king sago palm tree features the exotic Japanese Sago, which was around before the dinosaurs. They are ancient Cycads popular for tough fronds and exotic trunks. The tree is a great outdoor potted plant.

Japanese Sago is a low-maintenance perennial shrub that is like bright indirect light. It complements many plant collections, including ferns, palms, succulent plants, and the Sansevieria plant.

The potted tree has deep green leaves and textures, making them suitable specimens for the patio. The evergreen easy care palm tree is 9-12 inches tall from the bottom of the pot to the tip of the tree.

Brown water draining from patio plant pots


  • 6” pot
  • Real live tree


  • Easy care and low maintenance
  • Aids in air purification and filtration
  • Provides a source of joy and relaxation
  • Complement outdoor mood


  • Requires re-potting every 12-18 months

3. Windmill Palm Tree

The potted American plant exchange windmill palm tree is a hardy-tropical plant that lends an exotic look to your patio areas. They are beautiful, easy to care for, and temperature-resistant plants that exhibit evergreen features.

The drought-resistant windmill palm trees can be placed outdoors in zones 7 to 11. It resists cold climates and can be exposed to either full sun, full shade, or partial sun. Thus, they make excellent cold-tolerant trees for a personal plant sanctuary.

The potted plant comes with a 2-gallon plastic nursery pot that measures 14 – 18” inches tall—the live windmill palm tree measures 2 ft height.

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  • Measures 14-18” inches tall from the bottom of the pot to the top of the fronds.
  • It comes with a 2-gallon plastic pot


  • Aids in air purification
  • Tolerates temperatures down to 10 degrees
  • Easy to care for and low maintenance
  • Wide range of growing zones


  • The container is small with loose soil.

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4. Brussel’s Live Green Mound Juniper Outdoor Bonsai Tree

The Juniper outdoor potted tree features a carefully crafted bonsai tree that is low growing to produce a lush greenery outlook. It is a small, hardy, and firm conifer with silvery blueberries.

The evergreen conifer potted juniper tree adapts well to several creative forms of Bonsai bark manipulation. It performs well in outdoor patio spaces.

The hardy conifer is a non-flowering tree with compact foliage. The potted tree grows slowly, and it has a long life.

The hardy juniper tree comes with a medium 12-inch tall potted tree in an 8” container. Specialized pruning the plant allows you to adjust and shape the trunk without damage or breaking.

It requires special attention, such as watering. With these outstandingly beautiful juniper potted trees, all seasons are green. The potted plant will maintain height, color, and shape all year round without pruning or shaping.

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  • Height: Approximately 12” tall
  • Light requirement: Full sun
  • Water requirement: Moderate


  • Easy to prune
  • Hard and firm trunk
  • Aid in outdoor air purification
  • Occupies minimal space


  • Cannot survive indoors

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Considerations Towards Finding the Right Potted Tree for Patio

1. Existing Climatic Conditions

Select a potted tree variety that will survive in your climate, keeping in mind exposure and moisture.

2. Mature Height and Width

Potted trees should portray a height range of 3 – 8 feet tall for easy portability around the landscape. Dwarf patio tree varieties are suitable for containers.

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3. Roots

Identify whether the tree roots tend to crack or lift up the pavement. Check on the ability to report whenever roots need more space.

4. Pots/ containers

Seek potted trees dressed up with attractive planters or cotta pots to create the perfect patio potted tree for your outdoor serenity.

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potted trees for decks
Terra Cotta Pots

5. Patio Tree Requirements

Different potted patio trees integrate different outdoor requirements for optimized growth and aesthetics. Thus, check on;

  • Water and soil requirements
  • Amount of sun needed
  • Overall growth rate
  • Special attributes like fragrance
  • Special needs like fertilizer, pruning, and additional drainage
  • How messy the tree is, for instance, dropping flowers

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Care Tips for Maintaining Potted Trees for Patio

1. Put the potted tree in the right place:

Potted patio trees are easy to move around the patio. Depending on the climatic conditions in your location, you can move the plant to a different spot to deter deterioration.

2. Start with a large container

It is crucial to report a potted tree into a larger container. Large containers aim for better soil depth.

3. Watering:

Potted trees’ soils dry quicker than planted garden trees. Have a consistent watering schedule or integrate a drip system for your potted tree.

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4. Fertilizing:

Potted trees in the same container for long deplete available nutrients. Thus, when nutrients run out, it’s imperative to regularly fertilize potted trees using a diluted solution of organic fertilizers.

5. Rotating:

Placing potted trees against the wall or a fence may lead to one side receiving less sun than the other. Rotate the potted trees once a month.

6. Repotting:

The care practice is ideal when the potted tree portrays signs of stress. Potted trees in the same container for multiple years are prone to stress. When repotting, choose a wider and deeper pot than the existing one.

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7. Root pruning:

Potted tree roots’ are prone to becoming pot bound. Regularly use pruning shears to cut back all outer roots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Integrate Live Potted Trees in my Patio?

Potted trees make your home more beautiful, purify your air, boost your mood, and relieve dryness as they raise the humidity level in your outdoor space.

2. Can You Keep Trees in Small Pots?

Yes, trees potted in small containers limit the tree’s growth size. This is because small containers have limited space for tree roots to grow. The smaller the pot, the less room for the roots to have to grow.

3. What Small Evergreen Trees Grow Well in Pots?

Evergreen potted trees offer all-year-round aesthetics on patios. Evergreen conifers like cypress trees, pine, juniper, and fir make good container plants. They require full outdoor sunlight and well-draining potting soil.

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While integrating potted trees in your patio, keep them watered.

Too much direct sunlight may lead to poor tree growth. Ideally, cool locations and half shade enhance tree development.

That’s a wrap about the best potted trees for patio and we hope the post was helpful!