4 Best Outdoor Standing Fan for Patio in 2022

A good fan provides a comfortable and refreshing environment in the backyard. However, when you are looking for the best outdoor standing fan for patio use, you will have more to consider other than just oscillation and speed. The fan comes in both tower and pedestal style. 

The best patio standing fans are meant for outdoor use and come with features you require, be it the high-velocity power, misting abilities, or styles that can fit the patio décor.

Also, you need to consider elements such as water-resistant blades, UV protective cover, and wet rating.

Our Best Outdoor Standing Fan for Patio

Since the market is saturated with many types and varieties of pedestal fans, it could get tricky and complicated to shop for the right one. Below is the list of some of the best outdoor fans.

1. Lasko’s outdoor tower fan

Lasko’s outdoor tower fan is UV and weather-resistant, which makes it more durable, and you can use it outside for a long time.

The fan has an internal oscillating blade that circulates the air around the living space, while the outer casing stays stationary; hence it’s not distractive. The gadget comes with a four-speed setting that includes quiet night breeze mode. 

The straightforward control panel in this fan makes it easy for you to adjust speed and oscillation, even though it provides a little less powerful airflow than a pedestal fan.

In addition, the fan comes with an inline GFCI three pro grounded plug, making it a favorite fan for outdoor use. 

This fan is manufactured with premium materials, including durable steel coated with rust-resistant powder. The blade is heavy-duty and is easy to assemble and maintain.

The fan is easy to transport since it weighs around 16 pounds and has an inbuilt handle on the back. Besides, you can move the fan indoors where it can do a great job as well.


  • It has rubber pads on the stand which protect the floor and other surfaces
  • It is easy to operate and to install and you don’t require tools to install
  • The manual control allows you to adjust the speed to your specification


  • It can get noisy at maximum speed

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2. OEMTOOLS High-Velocity Misting Fan

OEMTOOLS High-Velocity Misting Fan is an industrial outdoor standing fan that is both water and dust-resistant. The fan housing, blades, and motor are made to stand in all weather.

This fan comes with a GFCI plug which can stand rain, snow, and sleet condition, meaning you don’t bother yourself self-moving the fan inside due to unexpected weather changes. 

The fan has a three-speed motor and has industrial strength that provides powerful airflow that gives adequate coverage for large areas. It can be used in worksites, patios, and other outdoor areas during hot and dry weather.


  • Easy to install
  • The fan is powerful and large
  • Has excellent air circulations and cooling capacity
  • Sturdy and durable


  • It has a weak oscillating nob

3. Deco BREEZE Oscillating Outdoor Pedestal Fan

Deco BREEZE Oscillating Outdoor Pedestal Fan is not only stylish but water-rated for use in a humid climate. The fan boasts a GFCI plug and is made of cast metal coated with UV protective paint to prevent fading and rusting. 

The fan comes with an 18-inch fan head that oscillates, and you can tilt the angle you prefer. This feature is good when you don’t like to blow the breeze at you directly. The fan has a three-speed setting to allow adjusting the speed for your comfort. 

Besides, it can provide a soft breeze or a powerful wind using its 3 watts outdoor-rated motor. The height of the fan is adjustable, and you can adjust the height to your comfort even during windy conditions since its weighted base helps to stabilize it.

The gadget weighs 18 pounds hence is easy to carry, and comes in a variety of styles that match different decors, even the sophisticated one. This gadget is very sturdy, and you can even use it indoors. 

This fan can complement your outdoor home décor and keep you cool. 

In addition, it comes with choices of raging color and design, ensuring you get a product that suits your needs, your space, as well as complements your outdoor decor.


  • Quiet and operate without vibrating
  • It comes with a pivoting feature that enables targeted cooling
  • It has a good weight and extra-wide base, making it stable even in high wind
  • Its UV resistant coat finish avoiding fading over time
  • Easy to assemble

The tube is adjustable, helping keep it out of reach of the kids


The power cord is not very long

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4. Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan Black 

Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan will give the best solution when it comes to outdoor cooling. The fan provides powerful whole room cooling by delivering 15 percent more air volume.

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The gadget comes with a double blade which provides broader cooling power and a 3-speed setting to allow adjustment to your comfort.

It has easy-to-use features and electronic controls. This fan is among the most potent pedestal fans. 

The gadget oscillates widely, making it unnecessary to reposition repeatedly. At the same time, wide oscillation projects the air to different angles.

This makes the fan ideal for both outdoor and indoor purposes. The gadget has a customizable cooling system that offers a cooling experience with three breeze power settings and a three breeze option.

The fan has a remote control that enables you to operate from across the room. It comes with an auto-off timer that enables you to decide the duration the fan will remain active.

It is possible to set 1 and 8 hours, and the timer will switch the gadget off immediately after the time lapses. 

Cleaning the fan is very easy since it has a removable grille, while its heavy-duty base helps to stabilize and keep the fan firmly on the ground.

However, the fan does not come in many colors; hence you may not get the match of your patio.

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  • Easy to clean since it has a removable grille
  • It has a heavy-duty base that keeps it firmly on the ground
  • It has electronic LED controls


  • It doesn’t come with many colors you can choose from

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Features to Consider when Choosing an Outdoor Fan

Once you have decided to buy a standing fan for the patio, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind depending on requirements. Below are the features you should consider.

best outdoor standing fans

1. Maneuverability

One of the most critical aspects of a pedestal fan is portability. The device has to be light such that you can move it with ease. This makes the fan perfect to be used in different rooms in the house and outdoor areas.

So when buying a fan, look for the light one such that any member of your family can maneuver it without difficulty.

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2. Fan modes

As you buy a pedestal fan for the patio, choose one that comes in different modes.

Most fans have low, medium, and high modes, which allow you to set different speeds. This enables you to adjust your fan to the temperature you are comfortable with.

When buying a pedestal fan, ensure you test all the different speeds available to make sure they match what you need.

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3. Stylish design

Other than functionality, a pedestal fan can also add a dash of style to your patio. You can choose from different ranges of colors and finishes such as metallic, plastic, and others that match your outdoor décor.

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4. Affordability

When buying a pedestal fan, go for the one that keeps you cool and gives comfort, and that one matches your budget. However, don’t compromise on quality.

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5. Size

Standing fans come in different sizes. You get confused when choosing the right size for your patio.

When buying a fan, consider the size of the patio. If you have a big patio go for a big fan which will make the breeze reach the entire patio with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the fan deliver to my expectation?

The power and the air delivery of a fan are measured in CMM or cubic meter per minute.

This means the volume of air pushed out in a minute.

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2. Which fan has the best speed?

Fans come with different speeds. Speed determines the cooling a fan delivers. A Pedestal fan with 1300 revolutions per minute has a normal speed.

A fan with around 2100 RPM is a high speed, while the average speed is between 1300 to 1400 RPM.

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The outdoor pedestal fan keeps you cool and comfortable during hot weather.

Whining buying a fan, go for fans that are portable, very easy to use, and maintain.

While your budget might determine the type of standing fan you will purchase for your patio, you also need to consider prominent features, and that is affordable without compromising the quality.


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