Best Outdoor Patio Furniture for Heavy Weight (Review 2022)

Finding the best outdoor patio furniture for heavy weight persons might be restraining and hard. If you are looking for good high-weight capacity furniture but you are not sure of where to start. You are all sorted because here we will tell you the things that you should look out for while buying the furniture.

If you are expecting big guys, plus size, or even tall people, there are a couple of items you will need on your patio. For this reason, we have segmented this review into sections according to the weight and height capacity of different furniture categories. 

Be sure to dig through this comprehensive review for all of your outdoor patio furniture information needs. 

Here we have reviewed the best outdoor patio furniture for the heavyweight. We will tell you the type of material to look out for, the weight capacity of different furniture, etc.

We will have a look at: 

  • Overall best outdoor patio furniture for heavyweight
  • Best patio chairs for big guys
  • 400 lb weight capacity patio chairs
  • Plus size patio furniture
  • Patio furniture for tall people

Let’s dive in!


Overall Patio Furniture For Big People Reviews

Zero Gravity Chair Oversized

Timber Ridge Zero gravity chair oversized tops the category of best outdoor furniture for a heavyweight. The chair is most convenient if you are the only heavy-weight person on the patio. It has features that will give you comfort as you continue using it.

It features multiple positions of reclining, both for the back and the legs. Reclining on this chair will give you a back rub all through.

Besides this, the chair has a headrest that supports your head when you sit or lie down. It also has bungee cords that measure 6 inches by 3 inches.

Also, the chair has a 2-year warranty so you should not worry about damages. In addition, the chair weighs over 400 pounds so it can accommodate anyone heavy comfortably.

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  • The chair has a headrest that supports the head and legs
  • The weight of the chair can accommodate anyone heavy
  • It has a -year warranty


  • The chair accommodates only one person

Oakmont Outdoor Furniture Set

If you are having a group of heavyweights, the Oakmont furniture set is a perfect choice. The set contains one two-seater, two single chairs, one glider, and a coffee table.

Important to note is that each seat comes with a metal frame that will be strong enough for a heavy person.

Besides this, the metal frame is made from durable metal, the frames come in different designs. For example, the X-shaped frame located on the back of the seats offers ample support for any body size. 

The gourd design on the frames makes the armrest more comfortable and ergonomic.


  • Can accommodate more people
  • It has a metal frame that accommodates more people


  • None

The Purple Leaf Deluxe Outdoor Patio Swing

The Purple leaf deluxe swing features a canopy design that is resistant to UV and water. The material is also breathable and extremely durable.

It is covered by a polyester fabric which makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

Besides this, the swing has a roof that protects you from the rain and the mighty sun. Since patios do not have roofs the swing will double up as a shelter for you.


  • The swing has a pair of foldable mini-tables on both sides
  • It is made of a metal frame that is heat resistant and powder-coated for a nice finish.
  • It can accommodate three heavyweight people


  • None

PHI Villa 4pcs Outdoor Patio Furniture

If you are looking for furniture that will offer both comfort and reliability, the PHI Villa 4pcs furniture is the absolute best.  It not only looks good but feels like luxury because it comes hand in hand with quality and durable cushions.

Each piece of the cushion is made of olefin fabric of the greatest quality. The 3.9-inch sponge cushions ensure that you are comfortable and handle your weight.

The set features a center table, a lounging loveseat, and two single chairs. Besides this, it is made of heavy-duty steel that is weather and rust-resistant.

Also, the materials used to make the furniture are water-resistant and resist stain fading too.

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  • Can accommodate four people 
  • Has comfortable cushions
  • Material used to make is water and stains resistant


  • Needs to be regularly dusted

Factors to Consider When Selecting best heavy duty patio furniture

Before you select your furniture, you should look out for the following

Metal Frame

You should stick to furniture that is either made of Aluminum or a significant metal frame for example wicker over metal. The reason why Aluminum is the best metal for strong patio chairs is that it does not rust and also it is light.

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However, if you don’t want metal-constructed seats you would go for wood constructions.  Do not go for all-fabric seats as they don’t have a high weight capacity and they are not suitable for sunny places.

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best heavy duty patio furniture
Cast aluminum patio bar stool

Stated weight Capacity from the Manufacturer

Check if the furniture is labeled high capacity. If it is not just know that it is probably not the furniture for you.

Furniture for high capacity is specifically made for that reason and is always labeled at the selling point.

Firm Padding

You should look for chairs that have firm cushions because, after a few months the cushions will soften after a few months of use, and will remain to be comfortable while still retaining their shape. 

Cushions also have removable covers that can be easily cleaned by tossing them in the washing machine. Cushions covers can also be replaced or you may buy different colors of the covers to spice up your patio.

Removing mildew off patio cushions

Choosing fluffy padding may be comfortable at first but the foam will soon break down due to the weight capacity, and won’t serve you for long.

Durable Fabric

You should look for furniture that is water and UV-resistant because it is going to last longer. However, you can look for a cover to prevent the sun and other elements from having their way with the cushions and fabric.

Another way you can make the furniture last longer is by removing the cushions when you are not using them.

Consider Where the Patio Furniture Will Be Stored

If you want your patio furniture to last for long you should store them well when they are not in use. Storing the furniture in a garage, basement, or shed will protect the furniture from the weather elements and will prevent additional wear.

 If your storage space is limited go for furniture that can be folded or taken apart for compact storage. Getting stackable chairs will also help to maximize storage space when the season ends.

Colors of your Outdoor Décor

You should not limit yourself to buying furniture that has neutral colors only. You can look for furniture that blends well with the colors of your landscape, home exterior, and any other outdoor decoration.

You can also reserve the color for the cushions and accent pieces because they are used less and are less expensive to replace.

Quality of the Patio Furniture

As they always say, you get what you pay for. If you go for less expensive furniture like plastic resin chairs they are likely to wear out quicker than an expensive furniture set that is made from quality metal.

Plastic chairs may look good at the beginning but after some time they become brittle and lose their coloring. A metal-framed seat is likely to last longer and most of them are resistant to weather elements and stains.

Number of People the Furniture will Accommodate

You should buy furniture that will probably accommodate more than one person. One way to do this is by buying dual-purpose furniture as it will save up on space and cost.  For example, a simple bench may stand alone or may be used as an alfresco dining table.

A garden tool can also double up as an extra seat for guests.

Choose furniture with function in mind to save up on save and give you more room to do your favorite outdoor activities.

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Few bolts and Screws

The more bolts that a chair has, the more the furniture is likely to fail because bolts break, twist, pull out, etc.

Heavy-duty patio furniture should be one-piece metal furniture without any weak points.

Let’s now have a look at our second category. 

2. Best Patio Chairs for Big Guys 

If you are tall, broad-shouldered, or have long legs, you are at a distinct disadvantage in finding the perfect seat. Luckily there is no need for this anymore.

The following best patio chairs for big guys will comfortably support your size and provide hours of relaxation with no effort at all on your part.

POLYWOOD AD5030AR Classic Folding Adirondack Chair 

The POLYWOOD AD5030AR Classic Folding Adirondack Chair will help you relax in the most stylish way possible.

The chair is available in various colors, including classic black, classic white, and classic brown. All of them are made from high-quality POLYWOOD Lumber that is made from recycled plastic milk jugs.

The chair is both waterproof and UV resistant. It means they will last for years to come with little maintenance needed. Even if you use the chair for a long time each day, it will look good as new with little effort. 

The chair comes with a high-top design, which keeps you propped up and supports your back. If you want to, you can choose to fold it down and let your feet hang over the edge. The chair is perfect for relaxing during hot days and cool evenings when the weather changes rapidly.

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  • The chair is both UV resistant and waterproof. 
  • It can withstand any weather with little to no maintenance 
  • You can choose to fold it down when it is not in use 
  • Even if you are using the chair for a long time each day, it will look good as new with little effort 


  • The chair is not very stylish because it looks cheap. If you want to, you can choose to replace its look with a different color.  

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair will provide you with a comfortable seat on any occasion. The chair is made from a powder-coated steel frame and 600D polyester fabric and can support up to 800 pounds.

Even if you weigh more, this chair will still support you with the comfort that it provides. 

It comes with two cup holders, one on each hand, and a mesh pouch you can use to keep your drinks somewhere out of sight without cooling them down too quickly.

The chair is equipped with a reclining back that supports your entire body. The plush padding means that the chair will stay comfortable for hours on end. 

Even better, it also includes a shoulder carry bag that allows you to carry your chair when going camping or when taking it to the patio from storage. Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor patio chair, the King Kong Chair will meet all of your needs.


  • It is comfortable even if you have been using it for a long time 
  • You can use the chair not only as a patio chair but also as an indoor chair
  • It comes with two cup holders and a mesh pouch–keep your drinks close by and out of sight 
  • The shoulder carry bag works perfectly to store the chair once you are done using it. It also allows you to carry the chair with ease.


  • The chair is not weather-friendly. You need to put it in storage after use. 

KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Director Chair 

The KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Director Chair will provide you with comfort in style. The chair is made from high-quality steel, which makes it durable. The adjustable back means that you can use this chair in any setting, whether on the patio or the campsite.

Even when having to move the chair around frequently, it will remain just as comfortable. It comes equipped with two cup holders and a cooler bag to keep your drinks in reach without warming them up too much. The chair can hold up to 396 pounds, so even if you are a bigger guy, you will use this chair comfortably. 

The chair is also designed to be both UV resistant and weather resistant. Even if you keep the chair outside in the elements, it will continue to work just as well as when kept indoors. You can save space when not in use by folding it and storing it indoors.


  • The chair is both weather and UV resistant 
  • It can hold up to 396 pounds 
  • You can fold it up when not in use to save space 
  • The adjustable back ensures that you can use this chair in any setting 
  • It comes equipped with two cup holders and a cooler bag–keep your drinks close by 
  • It is comfortable even if you have been using it for a long time.


  • It is not very durable.

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TIMBER RIDGE Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

The TIMBER RIDGE Oversized Zero Gravity Chair will provide you with hours of comfort and relaxation. It is not just made for big guys, though. The stylish design and quality construction mean that you can share the chair with your friends or family members of any size.

The back can recline to provide you with a full-body relaxation experience. The cushioned seat will keep you comfortable throughout the entire experience. It also comes with an adjustable headrest for extra comfort while reclining. The seat is also customizable.

You can fold up the chair to save space when not in use. The chair comes with a table and cup holder that will help you keep your drinks or anything you want to hold within reach. Whether you want to relax or play games, the TIMBER RIDGE Oversized Zero Gravity Chair will meet all of your needs on any occasion.

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  • The chair folds up to save space when not in use. 
  • It is very easy to set up since it does not need any setup
  • It comes with a table and cup holder you can use to place important items
  • It can support up to 350 pounds


  • The chair is not weatherproof.
  • The cup holder might not be large enough if you use a large cup or mug. You can replace it with a larger one or hold your drink by hand. It is a minor issue and has nothing to do with the quality of the chair.

Features to Lookout for when Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Plus Size

If you want to buy a patio chair for big guys, there are a few features you need to keep in mind. Keep in mind that the styles of the chairs are usually the same for both men and women, so most are suitable for any size. Here are some things you need to consider.

Construction and Frame 

While it may seem like a very basic feature, the construction and frame of your chair are quite important. If you want to use your chair regularly, this will be something that you will want to keep in mind.

A steel frame chair or aluminum frame chair is usually the best option for anyone looking for a patio chair to use regularly. If you want to leave your chair outside during harsh weather, look for one that uses stainless steel as its material.


A comfortable patio chair is one that you will want to use, even after using it for a long time. Look for a chair that comes with arm and back padding so that you can lean back and relax.

You will also want to keep in mind how thick the padding is, as this will determine how well the chair will hold up during your use. Thicker padding means more comfort and durability.


Just because somebody is big does not mean that they can sit on anything that seems sturdy. Many of the most popular brands offer durable chairs enough to support even the biggest of men.

Know your brand and do a little online research on them before making a final choice. 

Editor’s Note

If you are looking for the best chairs for big guys, consider making sure that your chair is sturdy and easily supports your weight. 

The most important thing to consider is the size of the chair so that it will fit right with your comfort level. The other thing is how durable the cushioning is. You want a chair that will hold up through years of your usage.

3. 400 lbs Weight Capacity Patio Chairs 

Integrate some of the elegantly designed 400lbs weight capacity patio chairs for overall outdoor comfort. The heavy-weight patio chairs are made with more robust frames and are more comprehensive in order to provide ample relaxation.

It’s imperative to choose attractive and good value patio chairs that can withstand elements. Heavy-duty patio chairs are recognized for their ability to support over 400lbs weight capacity.

Let’s peruse through intriguing heavy-weight patio chair options.

AbocoFur Patio Wicker Adjustable Recliner Chair

The AbocoFur Patio chair holds up to 500lbs. It is a perfect recliner for all seasons featuring smooth reclining mechanisms and additional leg rest cushioning. The chair blends three angles of adjustable comfort.

AbacoFur recliner patio chair is well-crafted with sturdy and comfortable materials. It is constructed with reinforced sturdy powder-coated steel frames and 0.35” diameter high-quality weather-resistant PE wicker.

The reclining chair can hold up to 500lbs of weight capacity. Even if you’re taller, the seat should work for you. The AbacoFur recliner patio chair is suitable for your back and lumbar.

The deep recliner chair comes with a soft foam cushion filled with 3.15” thickness fiber for optimized comfort. The soft sponge is covered with waterproof cushioning for easy cleaning. The cushions are held by Velcro hence easily removable for storage.


  • Material: Rattan
  • Dimensions: 22.5” W x 30”D x 39.5”H
  • Maximum weight capacity: 500 pounds


  • Reliable for long term use
  • Offers supreme relaxation
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible and portable
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant materials


  • Tedious to assemble

Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

The 24-inch wide reclining patio lounger chair can support 500 lbs. at ease. The oversized Zero gravity chair features a thick steel tube frame and durable polyester fabric. The chair is sturdily constructed with solid materials integrating waterproof and sun resistant properties.

The ergonomically designed patio chair is 77 inches long and 24 inches wide. Thus, providing enough space for outdoor relaxation. In addition, it comes with an ergonomic armrest, reclining backrest, detachable headrest pillow, and adjustable footrest.

The zero-gravity patio chair is sturdy enough for everyday use. This outdoor reclining patio chair integrates a ring-pull knob that you can easily use to adjust and lock preferred sitting positions ranging from upright to entirely laid-back.

The Zero gravity chair offers a detachable warm and soft cushion. The reclining elements provide support for both the lumbar and head.

Users can fold this outdoor chair in a matter of seconds; thus, suitable for patio relaxation.


  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Portable
  • Water roof and sun resistant


  • The patio chair is not suitable for tall heavy-weight users.

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Highwild Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing

The Highwild Hammock chair is a fun, elegant, and comfortable seat that allows you to swing more stable. The fantastic outdoor chair is suited for persons weighing a maximum of 500 pounds. You will be thrilled to own the themed chair for outdoor needs.

The patio chair comes with 2 cushions and a steel spreader bar with anti-slip rings. Hammock chairs are made of soft polyester cotton ropes and canvas fabric material; hence, perfect for relaxing in your patio space.

You can easily mount the chair above the ground and sway in the breeze. The best height for a hanging chair is approximately 30 to 40 centimeters off the ground. The stylish hammock hangs anywhere, and it’s easy to relocate. It integrates a deep metal groove design that prevents the rope from sliding.

It’s as wide and deep as you need it to be. The fabric material has tremendous elasticity, softness, and breathable properties. It’s an ideal patio chair for a perfect outdoor experience.


  • Chair dimensions: 16 x 10 x 8 inches
  • Chair weight: 7.19 pounds
  • Material: Canvas and cotton fabric
  • Maximum supported weight: 500 pounds


  • Safe and comfortable
  • Reliable and durable
  • Easy to hang and relocate


  • The pieces are cumbersome to handle

Heavy Duty Durable Adjustable Reclining Folding Chair

This TechCare heavy-duty reclining chair features reasonably simple but comfortable mesh folding properties. It provides an outdoor seating solution for persons weighing up to 400 pounds.

It is an affordable patio folding chair that entails a minimalist design aesthetic. The folding chair is designed to support a generous amount of weight. More so, they are to be used as occasional seating for relatively short periods.

The chair has adjustable features that allow you to select a variety of recline angles ranging from 100 degrees to 136 degrees. These chairs integrate breathable mesh upholstered in durable attributes.

These well-built chairs do not slide on deck. Given their modest price, TechCare Company sells single chairs and in packs of two or four. If you are a fan of mesh chairs, get the reclining chair and enjoy the day outdoors.


  • Seat dimensions: 41” x 23” x 19”
  • Maximum weight limit: 400 pounds
  • Materials: Steel and mesh
  • Reclining angles: 100, 106, 112, 118, 124, 139, and 136 degrees.


  • Adjustable to seven different reclining angles
  • Inexpensive
  • Highly breathable
  • Foldable for easy portability and storage


  • Mesh quality is somewhat lower.
  • Height is a bit underwhelming

What to Consider when Selecting 400lbs Weight Capacity Patio Chairs


400lbs weight capacity patio chairs should entail a backrest on the seat for lumbar support. Adjustable headrest and leg rest features provide extra relaxation.

The seats should be fitted with a wide seating area and a sturdy base. Crack-proof and rot resistance attributes offer sturdiness.

outdoor lounge chair for heavy person

Aesthetic flexibility

The criteria focus on how easily a given design would fit into an array of patio décor schemes. Aesthetic preferences vary but choosing ergonomic designs that fit your needs while matching your décor is imperative. Spacious seats with high backrests offer more relaxation space.


Heavy-weight outdoor patio chairs should be designed from sturdy materials like PE rattan wicker or steel. The materials need to have the ability to withstand weather elements. On the other hand, aluminum and plastic materials are lightweight and flexible but are not sturdy enough to hold massive weight.

Waterproof cushioning boosts the overall outdoor experience. Strong heavy-duty frames hold maximum weight capacity comfortably. Evaluate how you plan on using your furniture and how much time you want to spend maintaining it.

Seating space

Different 400lbs weight patio chairs vary in style. Select an ideal setting that can accommodate the desired number of people within the patio space. Patio chair designs affect the seating arrangements. Patio chairs with reclining elements occupy a bigger space.

Maximum weight limit

Patio chairs with reinforced frame support and wide seating positions exhibit rigid support and durability. Heavy-duty patio chairs indicate the maximum weight capacity upon testing standards. Patio chairs specifically made for plus-size users integrate adjustable elements to allow weight distribution and optimized relaxation.


Reclining, foldable, and adjustable attributes in patio chairs enhance flexibility and convenience. Seats that allow either upright sitting or thoroughly laid-back promote ultimate relaxation as they extend. Collapsible patio chairs allow easy portability when arranging the outdoor space.

3. Plus Size Patio Furniture 

Plus size patio furniture might be difficult to find, but fortunately, we’ve already researched several sets to come up with a reliable list. Most plus-size patio furniture comes with ottoman sets and a dining table. A single plus size chair can comfortably hold over 300lbs. They include;

  • Chairs and ottoman sets
  • Benches
  • Rockers
  • Dining sets

Under $500 deck dining sets

Unlike average-size patio furniture, plus-size pieces are constructed larger and more durable. They are made with extra inches of seating, high-quality materials, and added reinforcements for sturdiness.

In addition, the plus-size furniture pieces typically cost more than average size patio furniture.

Criteria to Help Find a Friendly Plus Size Patio Furniture


It is always great to find the desired furniture without spending thousands of dollars on a set.


Seats with nice cushions enhance overall patio seating comfort

Heavy duty

Sturdy seats with the ability to hold high weight ensures guests are safe and comfortable


Select plus size furniture sets that match patio décor to create a beautiful backyard oasis


Get plus size patio furniture sets that can be used for different outdoor activities such as dining and lounging.

Without further ado, below is a handful of choices of plus-size patio furniture that would support big height/weight capacity at ease.

Timber Ridge XXL Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

The single-seater patio chair is perfect if you are the only heavyweight around. Ideally, you can also gift a friend who is on the plus size side. The Zero Gravity patio chair is loaded with comfort features that increase as you sit on it.

You don’t have to worry about defects and damages as the seat is large enough to hold a 6.2” who weighs approximately 500 pounds comfortably. It is made from a steel frame with powder coating.

The seat integrates multiple positions of reclining, both for the legs and the back. It comes with a headrest that supports the head as you lie down.

The adjustable padded seat, ergonomic armrest, and back pillow support lumbar, providing a comfortable experience during leisure. What’s more, you can adjust to recline the position from upright to fully laid-back as desired.

The wide steel chair is suitable for patio occasions as it gives a weightless feel.


  • Dimensions: 43.31” H x 33.06”D x28.5”W
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Maximum weight: Supports 500lbs
  • It comes with a side cup holder
  • Ergonomic plastic armrests.


  • Fully padded to enhance comfort
  • Easy to fold, transport and store


  • Comes with a hard headrest that may be a bit uncomfortable

Prohicker 3 pcs Patio Rattan Conversation Chair Set

The modern 3 set plus size seat set is best for an outdoor conversation. The beautiful sets are not only functional but also typically amalgamate a high weight capacity. They are great sets for plus-size people as they are crafted from steel tube frames covered by PE rattan.

Prohicker chair set comes with firm cushions made from durable 250 polyester fabric and sponge padded. In addition, they are resistant to rain and sun. The stylish single chair can hold up to 330lbs weight, thus, perfect for the majority plus size users.

The ergonomic rattan chairs are balanced with backs for optimized lumbar support. The patio furniture set is equipped with non-slip feet pads for stability. Enjoy the comfortable life, and you sit comfortably on the thick but soft cushions.

The furniture set has a long life and does not easily deform or rust when put in the sunshine. In addition, you can place your beverage on the table as you relax within the patio area.


  • Weight capacity: 330 pounds
  • Materials: Steel
  • Armchair dimension: 23 inch W x 28 inch H x 23 inch W
  • Fabric: Premium PE rattan wicker material
  • Cushion material: Sponge padded polyester fabric


  • Easy to keep clean
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Crack, split, and fade-proof
  • Excellent stability and durability
  • Comfortable seating experience
  • Water and sun resistant


  • The back seat is very low

Greesum GS-4RCS8BG Patio Outdoor Pieces

The 4 pieces plus size patio outdoor furniture blend in 2 single soft chairs, one comfortable, spacious loveseat, and a large coffee table. Greesum GS-4RCS8BG patio set is durably made to support plus-size users. They adopt the cross structure to strengthen chair capacity.

Greesum patio furniture set integrates soft cushions for overall comfort. They are made with anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment for long service life. The patio furniture adopts antiskid rubber feet to help boost stability and safety, especially during rainy days.

How do you remove rust from deck furniture

Rattan material used in the Greesum outdoor patio furniture owes waterproof and all-weather resistance features. The loveseat is large enough to accommodate two people.

The armchair is constructed to hold over 300 pounds weight. They are sturdily made from rattan wicker material to support the massive weight. In addition, the padded cushions offer a perfect backrest and comfortable sitting support.

Greesum patio furniture sets can be widely used in different scenarios. You get enough seats for 4-plus size people.


  • Material: Rattan wicker and glass
  • Dimension: 37.5” L x 11.3” W x 25.8” H


  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Long-time exposure to rain damages the cushion fabric.

Outdoor Garden Bench

The wrought iron patio furniture is ideal for plus-size users as it can support over 530lbs. It features a cast iron steel frame chair that is strong and sturdy.

No products found.

The elegant bench seat is a finely crafted structure with a rounded, polished, and smooth surface for use. Its exquisite grids evenly distributed on it makes the entire bench attractive. It provides a safe relaxation as you can add cushions or pillows.

The ergonomic design is built with a backrest and a hand rest to provide optimal comfort. It features no raw cuts or drips to catch on clothing. The plus-size patio bench adds style and convenience to your deck.


  • Material: Iron metal
  • Dimension: 47” L x 24” W x 32” H
  • Frame material: cast Iron


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean with a wet or dry cloth


  • It doesn’t offer ample comfort while lying down

Considerations to Make When Choosing Plus Size Patio Furniture Set

Stated Weight Capacity from the Manufacturer

Manufacturers state whether their outdoor furniture has a high weight capacity. If they fail to mention the capacity held at the selling point, probably the furniture is not ideal for plus-size patio seating. Patio furniture for plus size persons should indicate the potential weight to be held comfortably per chair, loveseat, or ottoman seat.

Metal Frame

Patio furniture made from one solid piece of aluminum exhibits a strong and sturdy finish. More so, the metal frame integrates a modern feel, is lightweight, and doesn’t rust easily. Consider patio furniture frames made from materials such as aluminum metal or wicker.

Avoid plus-size patio furniture with an all-fabric back or seat as they don’t have a high weight capacity. Metal frames are suitable for all-weather outdoor conditions, especially the sun.

High-pricing of aluminum lawn chairs

Patio furniture that withstands desert sun

Few bolts or screws

Plus size patio furniture with fewer connections minimizes failure points. Patio furniture with a high number of connections is prone to bolt pull out, screw break, and twist. Patio furniture made from one-piece metal eliminates any weak points; thus ideal for plus size.

Durable fabric or wicker

Water-resistant and UV-resistant cushions last longer when exposed to outdoor elements. Cover your plus size furniture if exposed to strong sun. Ideally, you can remove the cushions when not using them. Such practices promote the longevity of the fabric.

17829669186 984c5fe012 o 1
Covered patio furniture

Firm padding

Plus size patio furniture should integrate firm cushions that typically soften within a few months of use. The cushions should maintain their shape and integrity while increasing overall comfort.

New squishy fluffy padding showcases comfort features initially, but when exposed to outdoor seating elements, they break down the foam. Firm padded cushions are more durable than squishy fluffy cushions.

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4. Patio Furniture for Tall People

Finding the best patio furniture for tall people can be tricky. If you’re just over six feet tall, it may be hard to find something that will fit your needs.

Here are some patio furniture pieces to consider.

Christopher Knight Home 309123 Dean Outdoor Wooden Club Chair

The Dean Outdoor Wooden Club Chair is a patio furniture item that fits people taller than six feet. This chair has a waterfall seat design to ensure that you have plenty of legroom. One of the essential features that the teak finish brings to this chair is UV resistance. It means that the sun won’t damage your furniture.

The company makes its seat cushions with a synthetic material, which means they’re more durable than conventional cotton or wool materials. The seat cushions can be easily cleaned and disinfected for a long life span. 

The Dean Outdoor Wooden Club Chair is a durable wooden furniture piece whose making is with the finest materials. It’s strong enough to withstand the elements for many years of enjoyment. If you want patio furniture that will make lounging or hanging out comfortable, this is a good choice.

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  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Durable wood construction. 
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • It has a gorgeous curved backrest that is comfortable for the user.


  • Expensive.
  • It doesn’t come in more than one color combination.

Crestlive Products Outdoor Wicker Bar Stools Patio Rattan Chairs

If you are looking for patio chairs for tall people, the Crestlive Products Outdoor Wicker Bar Stools are a good choice. The materials in use are lightweight, so you can easily move the chairs around when needed.

The company makes these patio furniture items out of wicker. A wicker material is not as durable as solid wood, but it’s also less expensive. 

They designed the two pieces of the set to fit together so that you’ll have extra seating if you need it. Their weight limit for these patio furniture items is 270 pounds, so these patio furniture should hold up well even in the strongest winds. Both pieces come with an antique brown finish and a comfortable curved backrest, so they’ll look attractive in any setting. 

The chair frames are of high-quality aluminum, meaning that they won’t rust. You can place these patio furniture items outside in almost any weather condition so that you can enjoy them all year round.


  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum frame.
  • They have comfortable curved backrests that are beautiful to look at.
  • They are sturdy and durable
  • They’re easy to move around.
  • It comes in an attractive brown color that will look good anywhere you place it.


  • Not very comfortable without cushions on the seats. 

CleverMade Tamarack Folding Wooden Outdoor Chair

The CleverMade Tamarack Folding Chairs are a brilliant choice for tall people. This set comes with two chairs so that you can get double the use out of them.

CleverMade makes the chairs from acacia wood, which means they’re both lightweight and durable. These chairs come in a design that can fit an adult who’s up to six feet seven inches in height. 

The backrests of the chairs are curved to look attractive in any setting. They also provide comfortable support for your body while you’re seated in the chair. When folded, you can stack the chairs one on top of the other, making them easy to store away when they’re not in use. 

The chairs are lightweight enough to move around as you need them. You can place them outside in almost any condition because they are weather-resistant.


  • Lightweight wood design that’s easy to move around.
  • Durable acacia wood construction.
  • Easily stackable when folded to save space.
  • You can use these chairs for either indoor or outdoor use.
  • They look great in any setting because of their attractive design.


  • The chairs don’t come in more than one color option, so you’re limited to brown. 

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TIMBER RIDGE Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

If you’re looking for the best patio furniture for tall people, the TIMBER RIDGE Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is a good choice. Along with providing extra seating, it comes with a 350-pound weight limit.

The chair is made from the finest materials and designed to support even the heaviest of bodies comfortably. However, it’s also lightweight enough to be easily portable when you need it moved around.

The chair has an adjustable padded headrest, which is comfortable to lie on when you recline it. It also features a tea and cup holder for storing your drink while you relax.

Its full reclining length is 72 inches. Therefore, it is a good choice for anyone tall, hence making it into this list. You can lock the chair in place so that it doesn’t topple over when you recline the backrest, and it will stay put in any weather condition. You’ll be able to enjoy many years of relaxation by using this patio furniture item.

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  • Solid, durable allow steel construction.
  • It accommodates up to 350 pounds.
  • It has a locking mechanism that will keep the chair steady when you recline.
  • It has an adjustable padded headrest for extra comfort when reclining.
  • Drop armrests so you can comfortably drink with your friends while relaxing in the chair.
  • Easily portable when you need it moved around. 
  • You can place it outside in almost any weather condition.
  • Lightweight design is easily portable when needed.


  • The finish on the wooden arms may not be top-quality. 

Features to Look Out For When Choosing Patio Furniture for Tall People

If you are tall, it’s challenging to find the right furniture pieces for your patio. Many of the most popular patio furniture creators make the furniture pieces with the average height person in mind.

However, some features can help make finding pieces of furniture easier! Below are some things to look out for when choosing patio furniture for tall people. 


The first thing you should look for is whether your furniture pieces are suitable for tall people. If they are not, you should probably buy another patio furniture set that tall people can use.

Seat Height and Depth

Take into consideration the depth and seat height of the piece of furniture when buying tall patio furniture. For example, if you need to slide your feet up high when you relax in a chair, then you’ll need to choose a tall armchair instead of a traditional sofa.

Size/Shape of the Furniture Piece

Since most people do not want to spend too much money on patio furniture, you must consider their space constraints when choosing pieces for your patio. Also, if the patio furniture item you are looking at is too big, it will be difficult for you to store it away.


Whether you need patio furniture pieces to provide shade, storage, or sit on, it should fulfill these functions. Don’t choose furniture that is just pretty to look at but doesn’t suit your needs.


Depending on how tall you are, the patio furniture should remain stable even when you lean back into the furniture. If you can move your foot up towards your knee when relaxing in the chair, then the piece of furniture is not sturdy enough for tall people. 

Size of the Foot Board

Also, consider the size of the footboard when buying tall patio furniture. If the size is too small, it will be difficult for you to lie across your patio furniture to make yourself comfortable.

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Does the weight limit on the furniture matter?

Yes, the weight limit determines the strength of the frame, If you weigh more than the stated limit it would be unsafe for you to use the furniture.

What material is best for a patio Furniture frame?

Although patio frames are made from materials like steel, iron, wood, cast, etc. Aluminum remains to be the best material because it is both durable and lightweight.

What type of Patio Furniture has the strongest Frame?

Furniture made from wrought iron is the heaviest and most durable

What should I look for when buying outdoor furniture online?

The first thing you need to consider is what you’re going to use it for. You wouldn’t use cheap furniture inside because it would end up breaking quickly. The same goes for patio furniture items.

You need to make sure you can use the chairs outside all year round, which means looking out for things like wood or aluminum frames. Heavy-duty fabrics are also important since they’ll be less prone to rot if the weather gets wet.

What is the most important thing to consider when choosing a patio chair for tall people?

One of the most important things to look out for when choosing patio furniture online is the weight capacity. It would be best to look for furniture that can support at least three times the amount of weight you expect it to hold. That’s because even very sturdy items can break down if they’re overburdened with too much weight.

What is the best material for outdoor furniture?

The best material for outdoor furniture is aluminum. It is solid and durable, which means it will continue to look new for many years.

However, it’s important to note that aluminum isn’t designed to be out in extreme winter weather. It means you may need to store it away during the cold months if you live in an area where low temperatures are typical.

What are the best patio chairs for big guys? 

It will depend on your personal preferences, but most people choose patio chairs made with steel frames. They are usually more comfortable and durable.

Should I buy an indoor or outdoor patio chair? 

It depends on what kind of chair you want and how often you plan on using it. If you want a chair that you can use both inside and outside, an indoor/outdoor chair should work just fine for you. If you want to use it outside, look for a weather-resistant patio chair.

What kind of material should my patio chair be made with? 

Most people choose chairs made of aluminum or steel because they are both durable and comfortable. They will hold up for years even if you plan to use them frequently or keep them outside during better weather.

What is the best 400lbs weight capacity patio chair?

That depends on personal tastes and preferences. There are different types, materials, and color options on the market today; thus, one person’s fit could vary from another. It is imperative to select a patio chat that supports your weight comfortably whenever reclining, leaning, or adjusting.

How much weight can a heavy-duty patio hold?

Unlike standard patio chairs, heavy-duty patio chairs are designed to support weight capacity ranging from 300lbs to 800lbs. The maximum weight capacity depends on the materials used in constructing the patio chair.

How much weight can a resin wicker patio chair hold?

The wicker material is unique in crafting durable patio chairs. Its chair product is suitable for people weighing around 350lbs to 500lb. The resin wicker chairs hold weights higher than the average size person.

How strict are weight limits on outdoor chairs?

Most folding chairs, patio chairs, or outdoor chairs can support a weight of 300 to 800 pounds. Quality of materials used impacts the sturdiness of the end product. Metal and fabric materials produce patio chairs with a more substantial weight capacity. Plastic and mesh chairs have a lower weight capacity.

How much weight can a plastic patio chair support?

Most plastic patio chairs are rated to hold a weight capacity of 800 pounds. But, they are prone to collapsing when anything close to that weight loads on it due to elements. The best weight capacity that can be held without worrying is relatively 350 pounds to 500lbs.

What are plus size patio furniture sets?

These are big, wide enough, strong, and comfortable seats made with quality materials in order to support massive height and weight capacity. They are made differently from average size patio furniture, which has a weight capacity of 200-250 pounds.

How much weight do plus-size patio chairs hold?

Depending on the materials used by the manufacturers, most plus-size patio chairs can support a weight of 300 to 800 pounds. Metal chairs have a higher weight capacity than mesh or plastic chairs.

Is rattan-made furniture ideal for plus size?

High-quality PE rattan frame patio furniture can hold a weight capacity of up to 350lbs. The materials feature durability and stability properties. They offer an ample comfortable sitting experience for plus-size users.

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You can have the best-looking patio but the type of furniture you place in it determines the experience you will get.  Hopefully, the furniture reviewed will add comfort, aesthetics, value to your patio regardless of your weight.

The furniture reviewed will help you to narrow down your options and you won’t go wrong by considering buying a set of furniture from the above list.

We hope that you will get the best furniture that meets your specifications!

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