3 Best Misting System for Patio (Review)

One of the great things about living in your own home is that you have access to many outdoor activities. And while it may tempt to lounge outside in the sun, there are some practicalities to consider. First, ensure that your drinks are cold, which can be a challenge when dealing with the typical summer heat.

The other is keeping cool while you do so. And while fans are great for giving you some breeze, a misting system will do the job with exquisite effectiveness. A step up from a garden hose, a patio misting system has made this job more manageable.

But to get the best one that suits your needs, you have to do a little research beforehand about the best misting system for patio.  Here are some of the best options that you can use to make your task a little easier.

The Best Misting System for Patio

1. MistKing 5th Generation Starter Misting System for Patio

If you choose the MistKing 5th Generation Starter Misting System, you will get real value for money. It is because it uses the latest technology in mind.

You will notice that this product has unique features that are not to be found in other similar devices. For example, it comes with a laser timer that helps to improve the performance of the pump.

The pump included in this device is of the latest technology. It means that the misting system works at maximum efficiency delivering top results.

The pump also comes with a flexible hose that will make it easier to place it in your desired location. The MistKing 5th Generation is the best misting system to use if you are new to this type of technology. It comes with a basic set of instructions that will help you use the device effectively.


  • The device is easy to install, and this should take less than 30 minutes. It has a powerful cooling effect, and this will only use the minimum amount of water.
  • The device can support up to four misting nozzles at the same time.
  • It uses the latest technology, thus making it more efficient than other similar devices.
  • It is durable, and this means that it will last for a long time. The durability comes from the use of the finest materials that help the misting system achieve maximum results.


  • The device does not come with an auto shut-off feature, resulting in water loss problems.
  • The device needs regular maintenance for it to function in the right way. If not, the nozzles may clog, preventing water from spraying.
  • Although it is an excellent product, this kit is expensive compared to other brands in the market.

2. Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan 

Although the Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan device is not for commercial settings, it is made using tried and tested methods.

This means your outdoor business area or home patio will be in good shape when you use the device. This product has gained so much success because it works well in any weather.

The principal component of the device is an in-built fan that works at a top speed. When you combine this with the water flow provided by the mist nozzle, you will get maximum results in cooler ambient air. 

The package comes with high and low flow misting nozzles and a control knob with three refreshing speeds meaning that you get total control over the device.

If you use the product, you must pay attention to the instructions that come with the device. This is because it will help you take full advantage of what the Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan offers.

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  • The device has a powerful motor, and this makes it very efficient when at work. It comes with a control knob that makes it easy to use in different settings.
  • It uses very little water, and this will help you save money.
  • The device comes with three different nozzle setups, and each of these can come in handy when you are using the device.
  • The product makes use of the finest UV and Rust-resistant material, thus making it ideal for commercial or domestic settings.
  • It has an intelligent circuit board that will ensure that it remains cool for a long time. This means that you should be able to maintain your business for a long time.


  • The device is quite expensive, and this means that it will not be ideal for everyone.
  • The device does not come with an auto shut-off feature, thus making it challenging to keep the machine in good condition.

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3. Orbit 20066 Portable 1/4-Inch Outdoor Mist Cooling System

It is essential to pay attention to some of the basic features when looking for the best misting system. It would help to look at how many nozzles come with the cooling system and whether the manufacturer has provided everything necessary for installation.

For example, suppose you want to install the Orbit 20066 Portable 1/4-Inch Outdoor Mist Cooling System. In that case, you must ensure you have all the components that you will require during installation.

The good thing, however, is this product comes when pre-assembled. Therefore, installation can be done without stress, even by people who are new to the business. You only need to attach the kit to your non-spinning patio umbrella and connect the pipes to the garden hose. 

The kit includes six high-quality nozzles that are all sold separately. These are the best misting nozzles for a patio, and you will see that they are well worth the money spent on them. 

This kit comes with PVC tubing, brackets, sprayers, and clips to mount the equipment onto umbrellas. You will also find the parts manual in the package. The Orbit 20066 Portable 1/4-Inch Outdoor Mist Cooling System is the best misting system to use if your main aim is to achieve maximum comfort.

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  • You will get everything that is required to install the products safely.
  • It is straightforward to use, and this is because all you need to do is attach it to your umbrella. It means that you should have a few issues when using the product.
  • Since it is pre-assembled, you will not have to worry about putting it together. Therefore, you can start enjoying its benefits in no time.


  • The nozzles may clog up when using the product. You need to ensure that you are constantly cleaning the product.
  • The device does not come with a control knob, thus making it a little difficult to regulate its performance. 

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Features to Look Out for When Choosing a Patio Misting System

When looking for the best misting system, there are many things that you should take into consideration. These are the very things that will help you choose the product that is perfect for your needs.

You must understand how to use the product, and this will help you maximize its benefits. This means that before buying any misting system, you must research its features on the Internet.

When shopping for a misting system, here are a few features to look out for.

1. The Size of the Misting System

The size is one of the most significant factors for patio misting systems. You need to make sure that you purchase a device that you can connect to your patio with no problems in terms of size and shape.

It means that if you have an oblong-shaped patio, you should be able to find a kit that will fit perfectly on the patio.

It would be best to be mindful of the amount of water the device uses and the time it takes for it to cool your outdoor space.

2. The Device’s Misting Operation

Many systems can be used when looking for a sound misting system. For example, some models use pumps that spray water into fans while others use fans. You should choose a device that can work efficiently.

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3. The Importance of the Nozzles

Most patio misting kits are sold separately. The main reason is that you need to buy different nozzles depending on the space where you need to install the misting system. Buying separate nozzles will help you save money in the long run because they come with different price tags attached to them. 

The more expensive nozzles need to be periodically cleaned, and the cheaper ones will not require a lot of maintenance. You should pick a system that uses a nozzle that will provide you with good results.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Misting Systems for Patio

1. How to Use a Mist Cooler?

Misting coolers are very easy to use. It is, therefore, not something that you need to get an expert to do for you.

All you need to do is install the device using the parts that come with the kit. You should be able to clean your patio easily using this type of system.

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2. Can I Use the Misting System in Cold Weather?

If you are looking for an excellent misting system that will work well with cold weather, you need to ensure that you buy a high-quality product.

It means that before purchasing any device, it is essential to research its features. This way, you will know whether you can use it in cold weather.

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3. Do I Need to Use an Electric Pump with the Misting System?

No, you do not need to use a pump to use a misting system. The only time that you might opt for using an electric pump is when you need to remove the air from the water.

You can use a misting system even with no pump as long as it has nozzles that will spray water on the surface of the patio.

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Best patio misting system review
Installing misting system on patio

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The best patio misting system is the one that will give you the most comfortable experience. If you are looking for the best misting system for patio, then you need to keep in mind the above features.

Ensure that you purchase one that you can use year-round without getting tired of doing chores around it. The best misting system for a patio is not necessarily the most expensive.

If you have a comfortable budget, then you will notice that there are great value products available in the market today.