4 Best Heater for Covered Patio [2022 Review]

If you are hoping to hold patio parties late into the night, patio heaters are the best option. Patio heaters will warm up the space around them making the outdoor living space comfortable even on chilly evenings and cool fall days.

Patio heaters always come in different styles, the most popular is the mushroom-shaped one frequently seen on restaurant patios.  

There are also pyramid-shaped, wall-mounted patio heaters that are powered by propane, natural gas, and electricity.

Best Heater for Covered Patio Review

If you are looking for the best heater for covered patio, you are in the right place. This review focuses on the best heater appliances.

Here are the best patio heaters you can buy today:

1. Hampton Bay 48000 BTU Patio Heater

Topping our list for the best patio heater is the Hampton BTU Patio heater. It features a 48000 BTU burner that can heat up to 200 square feet.

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Besides this, it runs on a liquid propane cylinder that is tucked inside the cylinder for a sleek modern appearance. 

The Hampton Bay patio heater also has a piezoelectric ignition and an adjustable heat control system that allows you to set the right temperature.

Also, this patio heater is easy to use, powerfully warm, and reasonably priced. It is the perfect heater for a covered patio.


  • Great heat generation. The Hampton Bay patio heater can heat up to 200 square feet
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It has a sleek modern appearance that is enhanced by the tucked liquid propane cylinder


  • The heater may require additional stakes for windy days

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2. Mr. Heater 45000 BTU propane Tank

The Mr. Heater patio heater has liquid propane which is attached right to the top of the tank and can run for 9.5 hours on a 20-pound tank.

Besides this, the model gives off radiant heat that is immediately felt by people sitting around it. It distributes heat in every direction and can warm up spaces up to 950 square feet.

Also, the heater has a built-in shutoff in case it tips over and this ensures your family and home are safe during its operation.


  • It is portable
  • The heater heats up quickly
  • It is affordable


  •   The Mr. heater model is less durable than other models on this review

3. Fire Sense Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater with Wheels

The commercial patio heater is mushroom-shaped and produces up to 46000 BTUs of heat across your outdoor space.

Besides this, the Fire Sense Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater with Wheels features a piezoelectric ignition system and a double-mantle heating grid. It has a wide base that provides stability and an automatic shut-off valve for safety.

Also, the heater runs on a 20-pound liquid propane tank that is stored in the base.  This heater is mounted on wheels which allows you to easily move it around your patio.


  • The front gate heater has a wide base for stability
  • It has wheels that provide portability
  • It has a safety auto shut-off valve


  • The heater is slightly noisier than other models
  • It is expensive

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4. Dr. Infrared Heater 1500W

If you are looking for a mounted heater, the Dr. Infrared wall-mount heater is a great option.  It features three settings that can be adjusted via its remote control.

Besides this, the heater comes with a mounting bracket on either the wall or ceiling and is recommended for sheltered outdoor use.

Also, the Dr infrared has a safety shut-off that powers it off automatically in case it gets too hot. You can use a timer that will automatically switch the heater off after a set amount of time.


  •   It doesn’t take up floor space
  •  The heater has an adjustable heat output.
  •  Dr. infrared patio heater is remotely controllable.


  •  It is not as powerful as other models
  • It is difficult to assemble

Features to Consider in a Patio Heater

1. Power Source

Before buying a patio heater you should look out for power source options. Patio heaters vary according to the type of fuel they use; propane is the most popular power source for most patio heaters. 

There are also electric plugged patio heaters that can be normally plugged into the residential outlets.  When using the electrically powered patio heaters, you should take caution and make sure they are safe from electrical hazards and malfunctions.

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2. Range

If you are looking for a patio heater you should take note of the range. 

If you want more of a personal-sized patio heater that will keep you and a friend warm you should consider getting a patio heater with a small range. If you want a patio heater that will warm up a small crowd you should consider going for a larger unit.

Large patio heaters have a greater range of up to 18 feet plus while small, tabletop models will radiate heat for a distance of a few feet.

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heater for covered porch

3. Heat Output

The effectiveness of a patio heater is also determined by its heat output. Heat output for patio heaters is measured as BTUs for gas-burning patio heaters and watts for electric heaters.  

The average output for most BTUs is 40000. If you want to compare how well two units can heat your patio space, you should compare the watts of each heater and look for the one that will fit your temperature preferences.

4. Price

After making a comparison on factors such as power source, range, and heat output you should also consider the price of the patio heater. 

You should go for a patio heater from a well-established brand, with all the necessary features and a reasonable price.

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Best heater for covered porch :FAQ’s

1. How do I choose the right fuel for the patio heater?

Most patio heaters use three types of fuel; they include liquid propane, natural gas, and electricity. To choose the power source you will be using, go for the one that is readily available, affordable, and convenient.

If you choose to use a liquid propane patio heater; you should be prepared to be taking a trip to the local stores more often to have it refilled. The advantage of using this patio heater is that it is more affordable compared to others.

You may also opt to go for an electrically powered heater. The disadvantage of using an electric patio heater is that it will increase your electric bill. You can also go for a natural gas-powered patio heater but you have to install the natural gas line.

2. What is the meaning of BTUs?

The abbreviation BTUs mostly found on patio heaters stands for British Thermal Units. The unit determines the amount of heat that the patio heater requires to raise one pound of water to one degree Fahrenheit.

Good patio heaters produce a heat range of around 30000-50000 BTU per hour, the higher the number of BTUs the faster the patio heater will warm up an area.

3. How do I clean my patio heater?

You should frequently clean your patio heater using soapy water to remove any dirt or blemishes on the exterior. You can also keep your patio heater clean by covering it every time that it is not in use. 

It is also advisable to be constantly checking on the unit’s pilot tube and thermocouple to see if there are any corrosions or damages.  You can as well check on the fuel regulator and fuel line for any breaks or leaks.

If any part is damaged, you can check out the owner’s manuals to see how the parts can be replaced.

4. Where should the patio heater be placed?

The patio heater should be placed on a flat, solid surface to reduce the chances of tipping. Also, place it close to your preferred seating area for you to get the most heat out of it. 

If the room gets too warm you can simply switch it off and this will help you save up on fuel.

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5. Are patio heaters safe on decks? 

Yes, patio heaters are safe to use on wooden decks as the base of the free-standing heater won’t get hot from the radiated heat. However, you should never leave a working patio heater unattended because it may cause other damages.

Always check the instruction manual to check on the places that the patio heater should be placed.

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If you are going to invite your friends for the night, the best way to keep you warm is by getting yourselves a patio heater.  Hopefully, this review will help you narrow down your options.

 Although these patio heaters are not created equally, you can’t go wrong by picking any from the above list.  You never go wrong by picking the Hampton Bay stainless steel patio heater, It is a powerful heater that is reasonably priced and generates heat up to 200 square feet.

However, if you are working on a budget, the Mr. heater portable heater is a pocket-friendly heater that can be used anywhere.

All the best as you pick the Best heater for covered patio of your choice.