4 Best Hanging Patio Heater (Review)

Are you seeking to find the best hanging patio heater so you can enjoy the outdoors a bit longer? Well, in the guide below, we will round up a list of the top products on the market today that will keep you warm when the weather decides to change.

Relaxing at the patio is an excellent experience as you enjoy the fresh air, but it comes at that time of the year where climatic conditions cool down. Thus, comes the need to integrate a patio heater that works as per your preference. The best hanging patio heater brings warmth and comfort during colder months.

Pets and animals within the backyard may also enjoy a little bit of extra warmth from the patio heater. Depending on your patio size and individual preferences, finding a hanging patio heater that works best for your outdoor spaces is imperative.

Without further ado, below, we discuss the top-rated hanging patio heater!

Electric 1500 watt Wall mounted Infrared heater with full up and down and side to side motorized...
Outdoor Patio Electric Heater,750W / 1500W, Noiseless, Suitable for Large Room (Black)
Westinghouse Infrared Electric Outdoor Heater, Hanging Patio Heater, Radiant Heat, Heats all year...
Electric 1500 watt Wall mounted Infrared heater with full up and down and side to side motorized...
Outdoor Patio Electric Heater,750W / 1500W, Noiseless, Suitable for Large Room (Black)
Westinghouse Infrared Electric Outdoor Heater, Hanging Patio Heater, Radiant Heat, Heats all year...
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Electric 1500 watt Wall mounted Infrared heater with full up and down and side to side motorized...
Electric 1500 watt Wall mounted Infrared heater with full up and down and side to side motorized...
Outdoor Patio Electric Heater,750W / 1500W, Noiseless, Suitable for Large Room (Black)
Outdoor Patio Electric Heater,750W / 1500W, Noiseless, Suitable for Large Room (Black)
Westinghouse Infrared Electric Outdoor Heater, Hanging Patio Heater, Radiant Heat, Heats all year...
Westinghouse Infrared Electric Outdoor Heater, Hanging Patio Heater, Radiant Heat, Heats all year...
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Best Hanging Patio Heater Reviews

1. La Hacienda Silver Series Hanging Heater Halogen Large electric

The hanging patio heater is a powerful 2100w corded electric device with 3 handy heat settings to refine your usage.

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La Hacienda’s Silver Series is an exceptional hanging patio heater that features innovative halogen heating elements. It emits consistent infrared light with slow warmth to reach all around the living space on chilly evenings.

La Hacienda Silver Series is a top-all round hanging patio heater constructed from durable stainless steel and aluminum. The device doesn’t wastefully spew heat; instead directs heat within the patio. In addition, the La Hacienda patio heater offers value on what you pay as it integrates more than the 5000-hour lifespan of the halogen lamp.

Light emitted by the halogen lamp can be used to provide mood lighting. The patio heater is affordable with an attractive and efficient design.


  • Heat method and output: Halogen, 2.1 kW        
  • Power source: Electricity      
  • Mount: Hanging chain fixing         
  • Height: 35 cm        
  • Diameter: 60 cm        
  • Materials used: Aluminum and brushed stainless steel      
  • Safety features: water resistance, IP 24
  • Electric cord length: 2 meters

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  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Gentle heat
  • All-weather proof


  • Not appropriate for big patios

2. Electric 1500 watt Wall Mounted Infrared Heater.

The hanging patio heater is solar-powered. It is one of the most durable patio heater products on the market. The infrared patio heater offers a compact design with optimal “High” output of 1500 w. It can heat up to 20 sq. ft.

The device comes with medium and low settings to heat smaller patio spaces. Solar-powered patio heater has an IP65 rating plus ETL and UL certifications. It features black color, thus, offering low-glare light output for optimized subtlety.

Due to its small size, the heater can easily be mounted on the wall with adjustable brackets. It features remote control options to ease adjustments.


  • Remote control
  • Low-glare light output
  • 1500 W, 110 v


  • Dustproof/weatherproof
  • It comes with adjustable wall mount brackets


  • Not suited for heating huge patios

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3. Outdoor Patio Electric Heater

The hanging patio heater can cover a large area hence suitable for small gatherings. The outdoor patio heater comes with 2 power modes allowing you to cycle between 1500W and 750W.

The device is durably constructed with a waterproof aluminum casing to protect it against harsh weather.

The device is energy-efficient and operates quietly; hence it doesn’t disturb you while working or studying. The hanging patio heater is mounted to deter swaying with the wind.

The heater is mounted to hang using a durable chain. The mountaineering buckle holds the patio heater firmly. The outdoor patio electric heater uses high-quality copper wire to provide an uninterrupted and stable power supply. More so, you can turn it on and off using a pull wire.


  • Mount: Mountaineering buckle chain
  • Power source: Electricity
  • Heat output: 1500 watts/ 750 watts
  • Weight: 7.09 pounds
  • Water-resistant


  • Its height can be adjusted
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Waterproof thus suitable for use in the open air


  • Has to be kept low if too many people are sitting

4. Westinghouse WES31-1520C Infrared Electric Outdoor Hanging Heater

The device features an attractive design with a maximum output of 1500W. Westinghouse hanging patio heater has an IP24 certification; hence it can withstand the rain.

Its exterior is powder-coated to provide long-lasting protection.

You can switch on and off the heater using a pull cord. Hanging from the ceiling with a chain provides heat for a vast space. It has a corded electric power source.

The bulb can last an average of 5,000 hours.

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  • Heats up to 65 Sq. ft
  • Pull cord power switch
  • Powder-coated
  • IP24 certified
  • Heat output: 1500 W
  • Mounted on the ceiling with chain


  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install
  • Low operating cost


  • Difficult to turn on and off with pull wire if hanged too high

Hanging Patio Heaters vs Wall Infrared Heaters

Different hanging patio heaters have varying styles of installation. The patio heaters have similar heating abilities. In terms of cost, hanging patio heaters are less expensive than wall infrared heaters.

Both patio heaters feature timers, built-in thermostats, and overheating protection. Wall-mounted heaters cover a larger space and are more efficient. Choosing either option from the two heaters depends on the area you wish to cover.

Hanging Patio Heater Reviews
Infratech infrared heaters

Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Hanging Patio Heater

1. Amount of Heat Generated

It is crucial to identify how a heated fixture will provide heat within your patio. Some heat fixtures are more powerful than others. Small patio spaces are suited to feature models with lower heat output to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature.

Some patio heaters feature multiple output levels, while others offer simple heat emission with consistent heat output to one space. Larger patio spaces are better suited to integrate powerful heater fixtures as they emit more heat.

2. Mounting

Hanging patio heaters can be mounted using ceiling mounts, wall mounts, or mounting chains. Choose your preferred hanging patio heater depending on where you want to place it.

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3. Safety Features

Poorly manufactured hanging patio heaters may pose hazards or present dangers, especially when touched; they can leave burns. Patio heaters can sometimes overheat despite being tested.

Consider hanging a patio heater that features an automatic switch-off. This cuts the energy to the heater whenever it exceeds the safe temperature range.

Consider certification safety features from quality-rating agencies such as ETL, UL, and CSA. The third-party experts perform tests to ensure quality design and materials. Hanging a patio heater with maximized safety features the lower risk of harm to your home, family, and guests.

4. Appearance and Style

Hanging patio heaters come in various designs like sleek, eye-catching, subtle, or low-glare style. Some emphasize heat power and emit more light depending on the materials. Select a heat fixture that best suits your outdoor space and needs.

5. Energy Consumption

The hanging patio heater operates on electricity. Thus, it directly impacts electric bills. Energy consumption efficiency depends on materials used and the availability of different settings on the patio heater.

Different heating mechanisms affect energy efficiency. An infrared hanging patio heater uses energy most efficiently since most of the energy that goes into the heater is released as heat into the space rather than running the device.

Ceramic patio heaters and halogen tubes are relatively cheap, but they consume more electricity. Heat output settings allow saving energy when you don’t need maximum output.

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6. Remote control feature

Hanging patio heater with remote control offers convenience; thus, you can place the heater in different spaces. You can easily switch the power on and off by using the remote.

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7. Weatherproof and IP System

It is imperative to consider the degree of the object of protection against intrusion from solids and liquids. Patio heater products mention IP rating and other resistant properties. Highly durable devices are best to leave exposed for long periods.

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1. What are hanging patio heaters?

Hanging patio heaters are a delightful addition to outdoor spaces mounted to attach on the ceiling beam on your patio.

They radiate heat from above to provide an ideal comfort temperature during colder moments.

2. What is the best hanging patio heater?

Hanging patio heaters are designed in different sizes, shapes, and heat types; thus, only one heater can fit your aesthetic, heating, and budgetary needs.

3. How do you anchor a hanging patio heater?

Hanging patio heaters come with an adjustable metal chain that can be hooked onto the ceiling. In addition, some of the hanging patio heaters come with a carabiner or a spring hook.

Hang the heater at least 2-3 meters from the floor/ground and 30 to 50 centimeters below the gazebo/ceiling.

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4. Is it safe to leave a hanging patio heater outdoors?

Not every patio heater can be left out in the open air.

Thus, it is vital to check the IP certification of the patio heater. Ingress protection portrays the degree of protection against intruding elements.

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Integrating a hanging patio heater enhances overall comfort within the outdoor spaces.

Choose a hanging patio heater with convenient safety features and turn it off if left unattended for a long time.

Wrapping up, We hope the guide was helpful and that it addressed the most pressing queries regarding hanging patio heaters.

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