4 Best Gravel Rakes for Lawn Tractor

Traditional hand rakes are good and bad at the same time. While they’re cheap, costing only a couple of dollars, they can only be perfect for small lawns. They fall short when it comes to collecting debris and trash on large farms. So if you want to level gravel in a large field, you have better go for the best gravel rakes for lawn tractors.

Gravel rakes are must-have tools for clearing roots and rocks, dispersing base materials, and leveling grounds. With their multiple curved tines, these can easily scrape any surface and easily pull out dirt, spread soul, grade the area, and even mulch.

Because manufacturers build these rakes differently, some will be for light duties and others will be suitable for heavy-duty raking.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best gravel rakes for lawn tractor. Whether you need one for rock removal, driveway grading, or full landscape maintenance, the models reviewed in this guide are worth trying.

Best Gravel Rakes for Lawn Tractor Reviews 

1. Brinly DT-48BH Tow Behind

Brinly doesn’t take chances with either quality or performance. And when it comes to rake, they give you the best for a value that doesn’t break the bank.

Built to last and performance even under heavy duty, Brinly DT-48BH makes a gravel rake for ATV that gets small and big tasks completed fast.


Brinly DT-48BH is a well-made landscape rake for ATV, which is why it does more than just lift thatch. To be very precise, the unit is made of steel for strength and durability. There’s a safety rod attached to keep the tines in possible and bar their contact with the mowing blades.

The wheels aren’t big, but they have a good tread profile that delivers superior traction and stability particularly on uneven sections of the yard. Because they’re in line with the tray, the no flat wheels ensure easy movements while minimizing footprints and facilitating better leveling.  

Wide Working Width

It’s hard to find a rake this big at a cheaper price point. So you just might feel like you’ve won a jackpot on this one. The 48-inch working width is a strong selling point because it covers a wider section of the yard, making this rake suitable for large yards. By covering more ground, you spend less time on the raking job and get quicker results.

Strong Tines

From a distance, the 2 rows of tines look too thin you might think they’ll break down easily. It’s only until you put them to work that you realize just how strong they are. Made of strong spring steel coated with a black finish, the tines easily comb through lawn and level graveled pathways quite well.


  • 48 inches of raking width makes it an ideal option for large landscapes
  • Made of steel for strength and durability and coated for protection from elements
  • No flat wheels help with easy leveling of the gravel
  • Strong, long lasting tines dig and comb the ground well


  • This gravel rake for ATV takes up to 2 hours to assemble
  • We wish the assembly instructions were clear and easy to understand
  • The bolts and nuts can easily strip
  • You need additional weight to keep Brinly DT-48BH in contact with the ground

2. Titan Attachment Feet Landscape Rake

Titan Attachment is a well-built pull-behind landscape rake that you can use for landscaping, gardening, or as an arena drag.

Its price point is a little on the higher end, but you will love it because it’s more efficient than hand rakes. It can attach and tow behind any lawn tractor without the need for additional attachments.

Although Titan Attachment can plow down anything, it’s particularly good at loosening up soil and leveling gravel.


This pull behind landscape rake is made of steel for strength and durability. So you can expect it to last for years with proper maintenance.

Since the tines are heat-treated, they hardly bend or break. When at work, these tines comb the ground so well and level up gravel in a way hand rakes can’t. While the tines aren’t easy to break, some will wear out from regular use and you’ll need to replace them.

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Fortunately, replacements are readily available and you can find them for cheap on Amazon.

Raking Width 

Titan Attachment features a raking width of 48 inches, making it an ideal option to consider if you have a large landscape to rework from time to time. The tines are 15.75 inches long and about 1.8 inches apart.

You will need to add weight of at least 180 pounds to get the tines to dig into the ground, and leveling the ground becomes easy after that.

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360-Degree Swivel

Although hand rakes can do reverse setting, they’re inefficient for large projects, not to mention they tend to be time consuming. This landscape rake for lawn tractor solves that problem by implementing 360-degrees swivel mechanism, which makes reverse setting of your yard very easy.


  • Unit is made of steel for strength and durability
  • Titan Attachment is multifunctional, good for area drag, gardening, and landscaping


  • Titan Attachment may be expensive for some landscape owners
  • Need multiple passes if gravel is attached to hard clay soil

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3. VEVOR Driveway Drag for Tractor

If you’re in the market for an effective drive harrow for gravel driveway, then you might want to consider VEVOR. Weighing only 33.6 ponds, VEVOR is a lightweight build that doesn’t consume a lot of gas.

At the same time, it’s heavy enough to drag and level gravel with one pass. You can also hitch it on an ATV as well as a UTV.

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VEVOR uses tough premium-grade steel to build to build this unit. That means you get a tough and durable drag harrow for gravel driveway, one that can last for years with sufficient maintenance.

To ensure it stands out to weather and related elements, the brand adds a rustproof powder coating, making this unit one of the most durable harrow drags out there.

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You will love VEVO driveway drag because it’s versatile. It features a 35-inch connecting road that can attach to garden tractors, UTVs, as well as ATVs. You can even attach it to offloading vehicles. Also, it has a weight of 40 lbs, so you don’t necessarily need additional weight on it to drag gravel.

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Excellent Dragging & Leveling Effect

On its own, VEVOR provides a unique dragging effect that level up gravel quite well. At 40 lbs, you may need at least two or three passes to achieve the kind of leveling that you want. You also have the option to add extra weight on the 16-inch bar.

You can add an extra 50 pounds of firebricks to deeper dragging. In total, you’d get up to 90 pounds of weight on the ground, which is enough to achieve a good state of leveling with just one pass.

We love the ability to adjust the width of this drag harrow for a gravel driveway. By expanding it up to 29 inches wide, you can cover a larger area and get the leveling job completed fast.

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  • This driveway gravel grader include all the mounting fittings and it’s easy to assemble
  • You can adjust the width to cover a wider area and get the job done quicker
  • Easy to attach to a garden tractor, ATV, UTV, and utility tractors
  • It’s affordable, good for driveway owners on a tight budget 
  • You can use it to level just about any area in your home and its surrounding


  • VEVOR driveway gravel grader needs additional weight to work well in some cases
  • Doesn’t include lock nuts
  • The bolts may fall because the lock nuts are missing

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4. YINTATECH 3 Point Attach Landscape Rock Rake Tractor

YINTATECH is one of the well-built rock rake for lawn tractor. It’s a heavy-duty unit that you can use in industrial and construction setups.

It’s also multifunctional, good at cleaning hay, leveling gravel, trimming lawn, and landscaping areas with rocks. It’s good that it can do multiple jobs, because at its price point, it would be unfair to expect less.

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The yellow-black color combination makes this rock rake for lawn tractor attractive, but that’s not why it’s a premium pick. It’s the sturdy construction that makes it a powerful rock removal attachment for your tractor.

To be very precise, YINTATECH’s frame is made of solid, heat-treated steel for strength and durability. The 30 tines, an inch wide and 0.24-inch thick, are also made of the same materials. The end tips aren’t sharp, but they easily tear through the gravel for better driveway grading.

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Strong Tines

The tines have the same special heat treatment as the frame build. For what it’s worth, these tines are strong enough to note only make their way into the gravel but also help with proper driveway grading on the go.

While these C-shaped tines are strong, hard to bend, hard to break, and overall durable, they’re still subject to wear and tear from rigorous and frequent use.

There will come a time when you have to replace them. Replacement tines are readily available on Amazon and other online shops. Not to mention they don’t cost a lot of money at all.

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3D Connector

If there’s one thing that makes YINTATECH unique from the many models in the market is the three-dimensional connector. The attachment is sizeable enough to fit all tractor. Once you have the three-point attachment in place, all you have to do is to tighten it well.

YINTATECH tested the 3-point attachment for safety and stability. And given that it doesn’t wobble once attached to the rear of a tractor means you can tow it behind without worrying about damaging your gravel field.

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360 Degree Adjustment

We’ve also included this in our list of the best rake for gravel because of its 360-degree adjustment. What this means is that you can use the equipment at different angles. You can also use it in reverse direction for proper grading and leveling of the gravel.

One problem with the adjustment is that it’s not an automated enhancement. So you will have to get your hands dirty if you wish to use it at different angles. Thankfully, you don’t have to do any adjustments if you intend to use it only in forward and reverse direction.


  • Three-point attachment makes it easy to secure in place on a tractor
  • The best rake for gravel with strong tines
  • Made of heat-treated steel for strength and durability


  • Doesn’t come assembled, so you have to spend some time putting it together
  • The tines eventually wear out, particularly from regular use, and will need extra cash to replace
  • This model is somewhat expensive and not ideal for someone one a tight budget

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Gravel Rakes for Lawn Tractor

Up until this point, we’ve reviewed the top 5 gravel rakes that you can attach to your tractor. We’ve told you why they’re important as well as what could use some improvements. But if none of the products we’ve suggested pleases you, it’s important that we have a guide to help you choose the right rake to attach to your lawn tractor.

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When it comes to choosing the best gravel rake for lawn tractor, we strongly recommend that you consider the following:  


You’re going to drag the rake quite a lot as you level graveled paths. Continuous drag puts the rake to abuse as it passes through thick roots and small rocks. That means the rake you choose should be sturdy and built to last. Pick a model made of steel or aluminum, with a powered coating finish for maximum protection against weather elements.

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At least make sure it’s rated for heavy-duty as such options are always tough enough to stand up to even the most difficult jobs. It can be hard to determine if a model is indeed made of heavy-duty materials unless you do first hand inspection and testing. But at least you can check verified reviews online to determine if indeed a model is built to last.

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Width of the Rake

There are 4 feet and 6 feet wide rakes. However, it’s important to point out that one isn’t better than the other is. Not to mention that the model you choose depends on the size of the field that you would like to rake, level, and grade.

If you have a large field that needs an overhaul, the 6ft rake will do. If you have a small or medium-sized field, consider the 4ft model. One advantage of the 4 feet wide rake over the 6 feet is it can easily reach tight space.

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Wheels or No Wheels: Which One’s Better?

We put this as the last consideration to make when choosing a gravel rake for lawn tractor because it may not be of a huge significance. You will be towing the rake behind a tractor anyways. So whether you pick a rake with wheels or one without is a decision that comes down to personal preference.

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Models with wheels tend to provide additional point of contact with the ground while having a consistent level of depth. For what it’s worth, a rake with wheel seems to level out the topsoil faster, but they aren’t the best to use if you want to clear debris and soften topsoil.

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Gravel Rakes for Lawn Tractor: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a landscape rake pickup rocks?

A landscape rake such as the YINTATECH is strong enough to pick up rocks. But a model such as Brinly DT-48BH may not be strong enough to do the job.

It’s best to read manufacturers’ guideline to know whether the rake can easily pick up rocks before actually buying one.

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2. What are 3-point landscape rake used for?

You can use a 3-point landscape rake for lawn tractor in different ways. Not only does it work as the best rake for gravel, but it’s also a good option for trimming lawns, smoothing land, and cleaning hay.

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Because of its solid construction, a 3-point landscape rake is suitable for different working environments, including construction sites, industrial areas, and agricultural filed.

YINTATECH is the best example of a York rake for garden tractor that has 3 connecting points. Although it’s a little expensive, it does its job quite well.

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3.  What kind of rake is best for gravel?  

The kind of rake that’s best for gravel is the one whose frame is made of heat-treated stainless steel for strength and durability.

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Also, the tines should be made of the same material and be strong enough to comb through the gravel and level them as needed.

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As you can see, the best gravel rake for lawn tractor is the one that’s built to last, can level gravels with ease, and even pick up rocks should there be the need to do so.