4 Best Do It Yourself Shed Kits

Although you may have a big garage, you store items and later discover you have run out of space with time. At this point, it’s good to put up a shed for additional storage. However, pieces of timber and metal sheets from the roofing can mess up the yard after completing the shed.

As a result, most homeowners opt for the best do it yourself shed kits that require less labor. On the other hand, the majority have less knowledge of building a shed from scratch. Additionally, sourcing the material from different stores can be time-consuming.

Do it yourself shed kits range in sizes, styles, and materials. In most online stores, you will find plastic, metal, or wooden materials. And with that said, it’s upon you to choose the kit depending on your budget.

Moreover, I would advise you to research well on these kits to find the exact type that will serve you best. So, which are the best do-it-yourself shed kits you can choose? Read to the end!

Understanding Garden Shed Kits

Garden do-it-yourself shed kits have everything in one place. You purchase the whole shed that is disassembled to assemble it by yourself.

It contains roofing materials, siding pieces, boards, screws, and brackets. To assemble the shed, you will read the instruction manual.

However, you will have to use your tools like screwdrivers and hammers.

Luckily, all the materials are cut into the exact size and marked where necessary, making the job easier and less time-consuming.

Major Benefits of Choosing Shed Kits

  • Everything is packed in one kit, reducing the stress of different sourcing materials.
  • Less expense on labor because you will do it yourself.
  • Good for people who love the challenge of building their home structures.
4 Best Do It Yourself Shed Kits

Best Do It Yourself Shed Kits

Below is a list of best do-it-yourself shed kits we have compiled for you. Read on and choose wisely based on what you need.

1. Lifetime 10 Ft. × 8 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime outdoor storage is the best option for homeowners looking forward to storing gardening tools and machines.

It has a dual high-density polyethylene wall which is UV protected. It’s a low-maintenance, designed kit that has a slip-resistant floor.

On the other hand, it has heavy-duty steel trusses that offer great roof support. Additionally, there are lockable steel-reinforced doors for better security.

For ventilation and light, it’s designed with two large skylights and four small skylights. Also, it has one rear shatterproof polycarbonate window and two side windows.

                     Pros and cons of Lifetime 10 Ft. × 8 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed
Features a slip-resistant floor that resists oil, solvents, and stains.It has a soft floor that requires a strong foundation.
Low maintenance design.Reading the complete manual is time-consuming.
Enough ventilation and light 
Lockable steel doors offer maximum security. 
Steel trusses offer good roof strength. 
Roomy and good look 
Easy to assemble 

2. 2x4basics 90192MI Custom Shed Kit with Peak Roof

This shed kit is your best option if you love working with wood. It’s well designed but lacks lumber. Therefore, you can work with wood and have the other parts of the shed supplied to you.

No products found.

The shed is average-sized with 2×4 basics but lets you customize its size within certain dimensions. You can give your shed a cute peaked roof in all ways you customize.

That aside, it has brackets and hinges made of rust-resistant galvanized steel. In general, it’s meant to ease the building.

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                             Pros and Cons of Custom Shed Kits With Peak Roof
Rust-resistant hinges and bracketsThe kit has no lumber. You will have to purchase it separately.
Easily combined with a second kit to double the size. 
All angled cuts are designed at 90° 
It has a natural wooden material. 
Appealing peaked roof. 

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3. EZBUILDER 70188 Barn Style Shed

The barn style is a large shed with a little old-fashioned design since the manufacturer wanted to give it a look like a barn we see on an old farm.

However, it has some fresh designs with a modern look. Luckily, you can combine two kits of 7×8 if you have several items to store. But if you decide to use a single kit, the assembling is also easy.

On the other hand, the kit has galvanized steel brackets and steel plates. With these items, you will easily build the structure frame by working with 90° cuts.

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                      Pros and Cons of EZBUILDER 70188 Barn Style Shed
You can easily combine two kits to get a bigger shed.The kit lacks lumber, which you may have to purchase separately.
Old-fashioned barn design gives an aesthetic look.Some buyers reported missing items in the kit.
It features rust-resistant brackets and steel plates. 
Easy to work with 90 degrees angles. 

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4. 50% Structurally Stronger Truss Design Storage Barn Shed Garage Playhouse

This shed kit doesn’t require you to hire a contractor. It’s just an easy do-it-yourself weekend project.

With this option, you can build whatever size you want. With one kit, you can build a 7×8 size shed, two kits can build an 8×10 size shed, and three kits can build a 10×22 size shed.

One kit contains 24 angles, 12 steel base plates, 4 door brackets, and easy-to-follow instructions.

The brackets are made of galvanized steel which is rustproof. It has multiple screw points and a reinforced truss design, which offers great support to the roofing.

The kit is fully customizable with a finish that can help match your house paint. Additionally, you can easily combine kits to have a bigger structure or opt for a small shed to stall small items.

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                              Pros and Cons of Storage Barn Shed Garage Playhouse
Reinforced trusses for a stronger roof.Some customers reported there are missing instructions for specific sizes.
Multiple screw points to offer maximum support.The steel brackets are flimsy.
You can combine multiple kits to form a bigger structure. 
Galvanized steel parts don’t easily rust. 
Easy to work with. 

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FAQs About Do It Yourself Shed Kits

Is it Worth Making Your Shed?

Making your shed is costly and time-consuming compared to purchasing a kit. You will have to source the material from different stores, which can take more of your time.

Secondly, transporting different materials can be costly because most hardware stores don’t offer free transport for a few items.

And finally, you may spend more on labor and use more materials due to cutting and estimations.

I recommend purchasing a kit that is readily designed hence easy assembling.

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How Do I Make a Shed Base Without Concrete?

There are many ways you can make a shed base without concrete.

Take a look;
You can prepare the ground and use some wooden bars as raisers. Else, you can use some stones on the corners and later spread gravel on the floor.

Another option is using sand as the flooring material. However, you will have to drive strong pegs on the shed corners to offer stronger support.

Gravel is the best shed base if you decide to build a portable shed. And shed kits are most preferred because they are portable.

However, find the best do it yourself shed kits that are easy to install on readily designed foundations.


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