Are Zero Turn Mowers Good on Hills

Mowing a lawn is a weekly chore for many people. The process can be tedious, but the results are always satisfying. However, when your yard has hills, the job becomes more difficult.

Traditional mowers can be tough to maneuver on inclines, leading to disappointment and frustration. So, is there a better way to take care of those steep slopes?

Many people wonder are zero turn mowers good on hills? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Zero Turn Mower?

A zero turn mower is a lawn machine that makes quick turns, which then helps the driver to maneuver across large lawns easily. Weighing in around 600 pounds, these machines need at least ten horsepower to operate at optimum speeds.

The operator sits atop the machine’s seat and operates it like they would any other tractor or car, with two levers (for acceleration and deceleration) and shifting gears.

The blades can be adjusted depending on how long you want your grass cut; if you want it short, the blade only goes up to one inch, but if you prefer it long—up to three inches—you can make adjustments for this too.

What Are Zero Turn Mowers Good For?

Are Zero Turn Mowers Good on Hills?

If you live on a hilly property, zero turn mowers are not suitable for you. When the front wheels are spinning to try and climb a hill, the mower will only dig deeper into the dirt.

If you want to tackle steep hills and need a new mower, consider a tractor or a lawn tractor with power climbing ability, or consider changing your yard to something more suitable for zero turn mowers.

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What Are Zero Turn Mowers Good For?

Zero turn mowers are good for flat lawns with little incline because they can quickly and efficiently cover a large area without getting stuck, bogged down, or requiring multiple passes.

If you have a large yard with only slight inclines here and there, consider investing in one of these machines.

Here are some other things zero turn mowers are good for:

1. Avoiding Obstacles

Zero turn mowers are also great for avoiding obstacles. If you have trees, flower beds, or other features in your yard that you don’t want to run over, a zero turn mower is the perfect option.

With a traditional lawn mower, you have to go back and forth to get the entire yard done; but you can simply make a few turns and maneuver around anything in your way with a zero turn mower.

2. Minimizing Turn Time

Another benefit of zero turn lawn mowers is that they force you to concentrate on making shorter, faster turns. This allows you to finish mowing your lawn in half the time, especially when compared to traditional machines.

However, not all zero turn lawn mowers are the same; for example, some models are equipped with Z-turn fronts or Turf Trac back tires, making it easier to make tighter turns.

The more advanced models are also made with a reduced turning radius, which allows you to make turns in a very small area. But if you have extremely tight turns around trees or flower beds, you may still have some trouble.

3. Easy Maneuverability

Another benefit of zero turn mowers is maneuverability, making it easier to get around obstacles and finish the job more quickly.

Just like traditional lawn mowers, zero turn mowers come in many different sizes and styles; some can fit through a 36-inch gate, while others are designed to mow down long rows of thick grass.

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4. Optimum Cutting Heights

Most zero turn mowers are equipped with rear wheels that are slightly larger than the front ones, which provide optimum cutting height. For example, the front wheels may be 20 inches wide and the rear ones 24 inches wide.

Most zero turn mowers also feature grass bagging or mulching capabilities, which can help you bag all your grass clippings for easy disposal.

Tips for Using a Zero Turn Mower on Hills

If you’re interested in buying a zero turn mower to take care of your hills, consider the following tips:

  • Buy Bigger Tires: If your zero turn mower has smaller tires, consider buying bigger ones that can better grip the terrain.
  • Shorten the Turning Radius on Your Zero Turn Mower: If you have an advanced zero turn mower model, consider buying a more affordable one with a shorter turning radius.
  • Prepare Your Yard Ahead of Time: If you have a large yard with hills that are difficult to mow, consider buying your zero turn mower before your yard looks like a jungle.
  • Beware of the Blades: If you have hills in your yard, there’s a chance that your blades can become damaged or broken. Always be aware of the terrain, and slow your mower down if you feel like something is wrong.
  • Use Your Mower to Assist You: If you feel like something is wrong with your mower, consider using it to assist you. For example, if you’re having trouble starting the mower engine, consider using the blades to tighten it up while you pull the cord.
  • Avoid Bogs and Muddy Areas: If possible, avoid mowing on wet, muddy areas because it could damage your lawn mower’s engine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Steep of a Hill Can You Mow With a Zero Turn Mower?

This will depend on the model of zero turn mower that you have. In general, most zero turn mowers can handle hills up to 15 degrees without any problems.

However, if your yard has extremely steep hills, you may want to reconsider using a zero turn mower.

How Do You Drive a Zero Turn Mower on a Hill?

To drive a zero turn mower on a hill, you have to set it at an angle so that the tire can grip the surface. However, if the angle is too steep, you may damage your lawn mower.

What is the Best Way to Cut a Hill on My Yard With a Zero Turn Mower?

Prepare your yard ahead of time by clearing away any obstacles such as tree stumps or rocks. Use a riding mower to flatten out a small area, and then use a zero turn mower to finish the job.

If you have a hilly property, zero turn mowers are not the best choice.

While they may be great for flat properties, the front wheels spinning to try and climb a hill will only cause the mower to dig itself deeper into the dirt.

So what is the best option if you have a hilly yard? A riding lawn tractor!

Riding lawn tractors have enough power to pull themselves up hills, so they are perfect for those with an incline on their property.

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