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About We Mow Dallas

Would you like to transform your lawn from an ugly space full of dead grass, braches, leaves, and sticks into a green, lush environment but have no idea where to start? Maybe you have questions about planning, seeding, and maintaining your lawn but you feel like you don’t have enough information to get you started?

You’ve come to the right place.

At We Mow Dallas, we share DIY how-to guides, tips, and product recommendations that you can use to take your landscaping and lawn care approach to the next level. Whether you own a large yard or you have a small to medium-sized lawn, We Mow Dallas will teach you exactly how to create an environment that not only reflects your taste but also amplifies your creativity and personality.

With our DIY guides, in-depth answers to lawn, gardening, and landscaping answers to questions, and product recommendations, you can forget about hiring a professional and do the work yourself instead.

What’s We Mow Dallas’ Goal?

Our goal is to share our DIY knowledge with you so you don’t have to invest a lot of money in hiring the service of expensive landscaping, lawn, or gardening experts.

Our comprehensive guides, how-to instructions, and product recommendation will equip you with the toolset and the information necessary in helping with landscaping, gardening, and lawn care.

Our Review Process

We spend a lot of time at We Mow Dallas researching, testing, and reviewing everything gardening and outdoors to provide you with up-to-date information, unbiased product reviews, and easy-to-implement do-it-yourself tutorials.

At We Mow Dallas, we have an established editorial team that makes our content production process a lot more dynamic. With the team investing time in testing, research, and content creation, our content production process is a lot more streamlined now than we first started.

We even have a four-step product review process that allows us to create amazing landscaping, lawn care, and gardening content just for you.

Step 1: Testing

Where possible, we purchase products with our own money, test them over a given period, and then review them based on our testing results. In the case where we can’t afford to foot the bill for the extremely expensive equipment, we rely on data collected from interviews and recommendations.

Step 2: Research

In this step, our team spends a lot of time researching for more information about the products we intend to recommend. The process applies to the products we’ve bought and tested ourselves as well as those whose information we’ve collected from third parties.

Step 3: Writing

We create high quality, valuable content based on the testing that we’ve done and the extensive research.

Why You Should Trust Us

At We Mow Dallas, we aren’t just another landscaping and lawn care blog on the block. We’re made of a community who shares similar interest. Not to mention we have years of experience in gardening and outdoors.

Our core focus is on planning and creating evergreen content that not only helps our audience fix gardening problems but also to enable them create an environment they will love.

our experience and interest in original research, thorough hands on testing, and content development, we can use We Mow Dallas with confidence and assurance that you will get value out of it.


  • Ricky

    Hi, I’m Ricky. I’ve been involved in lawn care and landscaping from when I was 15. To be honest, I didn’t like the idea of pushing mowers, collecting grass clippings, and maintaining flowerbeds at the time. But having seem the passion my parents had for gardening and outdoors and the effort they put in maintaining the health and beauty of our landscape, I couldn’t help but not only admire their hard work but also I became a part of it. As someone who loves to spend time with nature’s best, I find myself learning a lot more about gardening and outdoors on a daily basis. Not to mention I love to share the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years with my readers at We Mow Dallas. To be clear, I don’t have a Master’s degree in gardening or anything like that. Everything I’ve learned about gardening, landscaping, and lawn care spring from passion and engagement with my parents. And with a ton of free information out there, plus the ability to run tests and determine what works best for lawn care and landscaping, every day is an opportunity to learn and implement something new. My goal with We Mow Dallas is to teach you exactly how to maintain your lawn and landscape. And since I walk the talk in reality, you shouldn’t hesitate to join me in this wonderful world of landscaping and lawn care.

    bwambugi@gmail.com K Beatrice